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Why Does Prep Hoops Have a Paywall?

Great coverage comes at a price

Everyone covers the top 1% of prospects – future pros and 5-star recruits. While those players drive the most clicks, they are not representative of the majority of high school players in America. We’re here to fill that void — established in 2012, Prep Hoops is the first resource dedicated to covering college prospects at all levels, from Division I to Division III and everywhere in between.

Your subscription powers recruiting for families across the country

Your subscription directly impacts our ability to find the next hidden gem in your area or in a neighboring state by allowing us to recruit and retain a respected network of scouts. Without contributors that are compensated, our coverage doesn’t exist. The long, slow decline of newspaper circulation due to loss of ad revenue has been well documented. But thorough, well-written coverage comes from great contributors, and great contributors require compensation

Your experience on our website matters

In addition to presenting high-quality content on the players you know, we’ve removed all outside distractions by becoming 100% AD-FREE and are investing in talented website developers who make our content easy-to-find.

Quality is of the utmost importance to us - something worth paying for.


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