1WACGEYBLW.A.C.G. picked up 5 impressive wins at Nike E15.1
2Team ThadUASuper 60 Champions.2
3Bluff City LegendsEYBLLegends finished 2-2 at Nike EYBL Boo Williams event.3
4EAB-The 15u team managed three wins outside Atlanta, but narrowly fell to Atlanta Celtics.4
5RSD-A star 2022 joins three rankable 2021's.6
6Upward Stars-TNadidas Silver15u finished 3-2 last weekend. They fought Team Thad until the final 5 minutes in Brentwood last month.5
7BMazeUABMaze 15u have been invited to UA Challenge in July.8
8Memphis BullsPlayed 16u at Bama Jam.--
9Hoop City Eliteadidas GoldMemorial Day Showcase Champions.9
10Knoxville Free Agents-Fundamental unit.11
11Club 51GatoradeFour wins in Terre Haute.10
12TN Edge-Coach Tony assembled some unheralded talents.12
13Team WestGatoradeDefeated Chattanooga Elite Navy head-to-head.--
14Chattanooga Elite NavyGatoradeLost once in Gatorade Association over Memorial Day weekend.13
15CBGWon five minor tournaments already.--