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Westin Reynolds

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Powell High School

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Year Level Record PPG RPG APG SPG BPG Captain?
2016-2017 Varsity 28-11 11.7 8.4 4.3 1.2 2.4 No
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TN Fury

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Personal Statement

Ever since I walked into the doors of Powell High School, beginning my freshman year, I had no other goal but to be a very successful and involved student. I quickly learned how to not let my peers distractions’ affect my quality of work as the courses started to become more challenging. I was always helping fellow classmates out with things they did not understand; and becoming close with the teachers was something I found most important. Throughout my four years of high school I have played two varsity sports, attend Young Life for religious practices, participate in community service opportunities, and also still maintain an above average GPA and ACT scores.

Dating back to when I was much younger, sports have always been a priority to me. I have been playing baseball and basketball since the age of 5. Beginning my freshman year, sports became even more essential to me. As a player on the varsity level for two sports, I pushed myself to maintain academic excellence along with athletic excellence; and that’s exactly what I did. Coming up on my fourth year as a varsity player for both sports, I have juggled extracurricular activities with school work to keep my GPA and ACT Scores at acceptable levels. With a 26 Composite Score on my ACT and a 3.75 Weighted GPA I feel as if I have accomplished my goal with ample room to improve in both areas.

Young Life has always been a top priority to me throughout my years as a high school student due to the religious background and environment within it. Every week, I still look forward to going to Young Life every Thursday night to learn more about God and spread the word to my friends. It has not only taught me to be a better person, but also to do all things in life for the Glory of God. Every fall and Summer I go on Young Life trips to places such as Windy Gap, Sharp Top, and Carolina Point. This summer, Sharp Top, was a camp that changed my life in the blink of an eye. I gave my life to God and accepted him as my lord and savior.

Giving back to the community has always had a special place in my heart. Every time I would see an athlete, celebrity, public figure, etc. giving back to their community it inspired me to do things that are bigger than myself. After seeing LeBron James coaching his son’s basketball team on TV, it inspired me to mirror his ideas, to help out kids in my community excel in their sport. This gave me the idea to coach a youth basketball team in the Powell Recreational League. I decided to coach 12 years after thinking about my childhood about which coach had the most lasting effect on me. My 12 year old coach truly formed me from an average player, into a player who is excelling at his sport. All of the kids from my team still have a special place in my heart after I watched them mature as not only athletes but also young men. Their hard work and perseverance really made it more fun for me than it was for them.

Academic excellence combined with athletic priority never came as an option to me. Ever since day one, I was committed to be the best I could be in everything I did. Extracurricular activities have always been a special thing to me in order to get my full high school experience. Things such as Baseball, Basketball, Young Life, and last but not least, academics, will continuously be my priorities. No matter how hard it may seem or what the circumstances could be, I will continue on this path with everything I’ve got. With my high school career coming to an end soon, I expect myself to do continue growing and maturing in all extracurricular activities.

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