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Maurice Jones

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Grandview Christian School (MO)

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On the Court

Year Level Record PPG RPG APG SPG BPG Captain?
2015-2016 Varsity 21-5 2.1 0.4 1.0 0.7 0.4 No
2016-2017 Varsity 13-7 7.1 1.3 1.8 0.7 Yes
2017-2018 Varsity 20-10 No
Athletic Accomplishments:

2015-2016 Scholar Athlete
2015-2016 Newcomer of the Year
2016 Everyday Process All-Star
2016-2017 Most Improved
2017 Midwest Small School Boy’s All-Star
2017-18 All-League Christian Character
2017-2018 Christian Character

Team Accomplishments:

MCSAA 2017 Class 2A Boy’s Basketball Champions
MCSAA 2018 Class 2A Boy’s Basketball Champions

Grassroots (AAU) Team Name:

KC Magic

Grassroots (AAU) Team Accomplishments:


In the Classroom

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Personal Statement

I would like to receive a education at a good school who’s main focus is improving my education and making me a better person. I would also like to play basketball for the college I go to, that is my main priority, that and getting an education in business. I would like to be a business man if my goal of playing basketball doesn’t go through, but with my work ethic and God on my side I am determined to make that happen. I love to do everything on the basketball court, I love scoring, getting my teammates involved, rebounding, defending, I also enjoy doing the little things it takes to win such as diving on the floor for a loose ball or getting in front of a defender 3 times my size to draw a charge. I also love winning, winning is my main priority on the basketball court, stats and personal achievements come second and third to winning. The thing I love most about basketball is when you’re in the gym by yourself, your working on either your mid-range jump-shot or defensive slides and you can see yourself getting better, no one else but you, you can hear all the negative comments that’s been thrown at you and you feel yourself overcoming all the adversity and getting to the goal you set for yourself and achieving what you’ve dreamed since you were a little kid. My ultimate goal to be truly honest is to be make the NBA and be the greatest basketball player of all time, that’s my goal, I know my goal is along ways away but with a lot of hard work, determination, and God anything in this world is possible and the sky is not the limit when there’s a heaven above.

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