First NameLast NameHigh SchoolHeightPositionEvals
JadenSpringer6'3SGRocky RiverAt 6-foot-5, he is the combo guard that plays both ends of the floor at a high level,is a slashing scorer, has great court-vision, can score from all three layers on the floor, can finish through contact, has the ability to create off the dribble, at at a young age possesses a high basketball IQ
JalenCone5'10PGWalkertown HSCone is naturally a point guard he is an elite level athlete, he can facilitate the fast break, rebound, take over a game at will and has a very high basketball IQ for his age. He can play all three perimeter positions and is a defensive hound that has a great frame that allows him to guard all three positions
CarsonMcCorkle6'3WGreensboro DayOne of the most athletic kids in the class, McCorkle at 6-foot-3, has good size for the shooting guard position and has the confidence to compete at the varsity level. He has a textbook jump-shot that he can use all the way past the 3-point line and make shots consistently. He runs the floor well and has great court vision and has a tight handle with the basketball.
SilasMason6'6FGreensboro SmithA high flying wing player that can be as good as he wants to be, can handle the ball, creates for himself and others and plays the game with supreme confidence. Strong player for such a young age, when he makes him mind up of attacking the basket, few can stop him.
TristanMaxwell6'2GNorth Mecklenburg Son of  former Houston Rocket Vernon Maxwell, Tristan is a scorer with the basketball in his hands. He can score all the way out to the three-point line and has a smooth all-around game with a high basketball IQ.
JusticeAjogbor6'9CChrist SchoolAjogbor is a 6-foot-9 power forward who has long arms and can disrupt shots and passing lanes.  He has the ability to knock down a mid range shot Ajogbor has continues to adapt to the American pace of the game and his footwork is starting to catch up with his body. He has a soft touch around the basket and is skilled for a big man at this age
EvanJohnson6'1GWord of GodOne of the best shooters in the state regardless of class, he's been logging major mins on the varsity level for the past two years and has been very productive. Understands how to get his shot of quickly and over taller opponets.
JoshBanks6'4WOlympicLong wing with a smooth game, can handle the ball and score very well. Also brings it on the defensive end of the floor with steals, blocks and altered shots, has a nice natural feel for the game.
CamrenHayes6'1PGGreensboro SmithOne of the up and coming stars in the state, he's quick and explosive and really excelis in transition. Does a good job of finding temmates and getting others involved.
CallinRandolph5'11PGMountain Heritageis one of the most skilled guards that I have cam across at his age. He has off-the-charts basketball IQ, lets the game come to him and has a deadly shot from three-point range. He can get hot in a hurry from beyond the three-point line
JacksonThreadgill6'4SGConcord HSD1 talent without a doubt, a very smart player that can knock down shots from deep. Has nice height and length for a wing at the next level, understands good shots vs bad shots already.
LukeStankavage5'10PGProvidence DayThe Charlotte product Stankavage is a shooter. He possesses a great feel from the 3-point line and is polished at coming off a screen for a shot. He has great court vision and ability to make a great pass or get into the lane with his handle.
ChristianBailey6'4WStatesville ChristianHas been playing varsity basketbll since the eight grade, has a very high ceiling of potential that is not even being close to being reached at this point. Brings the same energy on both ends of the floor.
TylerAlexander6'1GCannon SchoolLogging major minutes for his high school team already, he is a beast inside and out. Gets his hanfs on every rebound possible and blocks shots at a very high rate.
Day'RonSharpe6'7FSouth CentralHe is a solid, long armed freshman currently manning the post and anchoring one of the better defensive teams in the state. Like most freshman, he’s susceptible at times to bite on head fakes and pick up cheap fouls, but when he stays put he’s a solid defender and does a good job rebounding the ball as well.
DedrickGivens6'5WOlympicGivens played this summer with Team Charlotte and is a athletic wing, can score off the dribble or can make the mid-range jumper, he is a tough defender with a good handle on the basketball.
MehkiTownes6'6FGarnerStrong bodied big man that can play inside but also has the skillset to make plays from the wing spot. Will continue to improve as he has  good work ethic and is coachable.
MauriceBrown6'0PGBerry AcademyA multisport athelete that brings toughness to any team he plays on, does a good job of getting his team into its sets early but can also create his own offernse wiithout overdribbling.
JadunMichael6'4FThe Burlington School A skilled forward that loves to compete, has nice athletic ability as well a nice wingspan to go with his height. Does an excelent job of communicating with teammates on both ends of the floor constantly.
QuincySmith6'1GEast SurryLefty with a long wingspan that excels when the game is in transition. Can get to the basket with ease and cause problems for opponets when he's defending guards due to his long wingspan.
DavisAmos6'5FHickory HSPlayed a solid role for his team this past season, skilled player that has a nice IQ for the game. Contiues to improve on the defensive end of the ball.
DeMarAnderson6'1SGNorth MecklenburgTeammed up with Tristan Maxwell at North Mecklenburg HS to create a tough tandem. Anderson is a scoring threat from anywhere on the floor and create his own shot off the dribble.
MilesEvans6'8PFRavenscroftNice potential for the young big man, bangs inside, can knock down the elbow shot consistently. Battles hard on the board, provides alot of extra possesions for his team with offensive rebounding.
RashodSmith5'4"PGNorthside-PinetownDespite his size, this kid could develop into an elite point guard prospect. His basketball IQ is far ahead of it’s time. Arguably the best passing freshman guard that I’ve seen. Had it not been for an early season injury, he could very well be the leader in assists per game nationally for the freshman class.
JordanMcNiell6'0PGLumberton HSHas the ability to play the PG and SG spot, he has solid ball handling skills to go along with a silky smooth but quick shooting stroke that allows him to get his shot off without issue. He has a natural ability to score the ball but understands most importantly how to make the right play and is a very gifted passer
DylanBlake5'9PGFirst FlightDylan Blake is an excellent point guard prospect to keep an eye out for in the future. What stands out immediately about Dylan is his shooting ability. Whether it’s mid-range or from downtown, he’s exceptional shooting the ball.
JacolbeCowen6'5SFProvidence DayIs a gifted basketball player who is seeing big time recruitment from top football progams in the country. Loves to play a physical brand of basketball on the court, has an old school toughness about him.
JustusShelton6'8CMountain HeritageJustus brings length and a post presence. He can alter shots at the rim, and be a great rebounder and scorer in the paint. He is a very smart player with a great basketball pedigree.
JadenSeymore6'5FNorthside ChristianHas a nice amount of upside, brings maximum effort every day when he comes to practice. Will be a very special player down the line if he continues to work and add muscle. Has a gift to score the ball
ElishaHaynes6'8CCleveland HSThis young man has been showing his athletic ability since middle school when he first began putting down dunks, now he has grown to 6'8 and is turning into a very special propsect.
JakeLedbetter6'1SGLedfordWas one of the top middle school players in the state, can score the ball from inside , mid and deep. Still developing his body but once it all comes together he can be a special prospect.
FordCooper5'10GCarmel ChristianCooper has a high basketball IQ, and plays with a high motor. He attacks the paint and the rim at will.  He likes to get his teammates involved and always makes the right pass
JustinWright6'0PGFarmville CentralJustin is very tricky and has a nice repertoire of fakes, hesitations, spin moves and step-back combinations that enable him to get his shots. When his feet are set, he’s a must contest type of shooter that will bury several jumpers in succession if you don’t keep a body on him. Defensively, he has some potential due to a solid frame that has plenty of potential to gain muscle over the course of his high school career.
JeffersonBoaz6'6FEast SurryAnother young prospect that you have to keep a close eye on over the next few years. He's fundamentally sound and is working on becoming more of a strecth forward player. Can get it done inside already.
DemarcusMcLaurin6'4SFLaney HSStanding about 6’4”, he moves extremely well, doesn’t waste movements offensively before getting elevation to rise up for a jump-shot and he finishes very well around the rim. Does a solid job earning his position and rebounding over bigger players and sprints hard in transition
LawrenceFrost6'0PGAthens DriveStrong guard with a nice ability to score, would be what we would define as a slasher at this point but is knocking down the outside trey ball more each time we see him.
WesleyCase5'10PGEastern WayneSlended build but a very impressive player, loves to have the ball in his hands during clutch moments. Very hard worker, always looking for ways to get better.
DjimonBailey6'0PGGreenfieldNext up in the long line of impressive guards from Greenfield, has a nice game at such a young age and will only get better with more time and experience on the court. Smooth ballhandler , gifted passer and defender.
CollinGuilford5'10GPope John Paul IISmooth player , can score the ball at a very high level already. solid ballhandler and can finish inside against bigger defenders. One to keep an eye on closely as he has a chance to be special.
SamageTeel6'0"GPope John Paul IIAnother gifted guard from PJPIII , bring high intensity on both ends of the floor, gets into the paint to make plays at a high rate. Excels at playing in an uptempo style of game.
DesmondEvans6'7FLee CountyHighly touted football recruit that gets it done on the field and on the court as well. Has nice height and strength for a post player but is still becoming more comfortable with the game as time goes on.
OmarionJay6'7PFNorthern DurhamOne of the few back to the basket big men in this class, he does a good job creating a target for his guards to get the ball inside to him without much of an issue.
LucasJenkins6'1GMountain HeritageStepped up big time this season when one of the teams more highly touted players went down with injury. Has the ability to score in transition and in half court , doesnt allow himself to be sped up at all.
AuldonEdwards6'4FCummingsHad a very successfull season averaging over 15 PPG and 5 RPG this season in his first year, potential to be a very special player. Can bang inside and step outside, a difficult opponet to guard.
JujuanCarr6'1GTraskVery athletic guard that has played very well during the spring live periods. He was named to the All-Conference team as a fresman and will be a player that will only get better over the upcoming years.
LukeRobinson6'3FLake Normanextremely versatile player that can play 4 spots on the floor effectively. Deceptive quickness and strength gets him downhill and to the cup. His range on his jumper makes him a tough check. Plays with a high motor and high IQ.
JordanWilliams6'4FGreensboro SmithAnother strong forward in this young class of talented players, he is what we call a defensive specialist , he brings major focus on the defensive end of the floor to lock down opponets.
CreightonLebo6'1PGJ.H. RoseThe son of a college coach, we are not surpised as to how well he's performed at such a early age. As more time goes on we can fully expect for him to continue to get better, he understands what it takes to win games.
TraymondWillis-Shaw6'6FWestoverLong and lany forward that can be special if he locks in and applies himself, still getting all of his coordination back together after a growth spurt but once in all comes together he has a chance to be good. Really excels at this point on the defensive end of the floor blocking and altering shots at a very high rate.
De'MarcusElliot5'10PGHolly SpringsA solid PG that already has decent size and a nice mixture of skill and flair to his game. It's always refreshing to see a player this young that is so comfortable going to his off hand.
KalebScott6'5FFuquay-VarinaThe Forward/Center is the perfect new school type of big, has a nice mixture of strength, speed and quickness. Fits in well with a team that likes to play an uptempo style of game.
KeimonteRaynor6'6FEdenton HSPotential is all over this kid. Has the skills, size and youth to develop into a highly productive player in the near future at Edenton Holmes. What stands out first and foremost about Raynor is his length and fluidity. Extremely long, grabs some rebounds out of position and finishes quickly inside when the ball comes to him.
ChristianHampton6'2GNorthwest GuilfordA wing that made major progress this season playing along side some players that are college bound. Is more of a shooter than slasher but can do a bit of both
ChristianBullock6'1GGoldsboroOne to be on the lookout for as we all know that Goldsboro HS produces special guards. Very competitive young man that doesnt back down from any type of challenge.
BobbyCorbitt6'0PGGreene CentralClearly evident of his ability to play the guard spot at a high level, Will be a dangerous combination of guard play and big man play when he teams up with Imajae Dodd in the upcoming seasons.
CasonPierce6'5FGreensboro DayPlayed spariingly during his freshman year but he will have his chance to shine in due time, one thing you can see from him even though he is not getting much playing time is that he truly understands the game.
NickFarror6'5FHolly SpringsOne of the more physical players in his young class, he has a good IQ for the game and rebounds the ball with both hands while keeping it high before he finds a guard.
JaredPorter6'4FCarrboroOne of the more well known players in the 2020 class, has a special talent to score and pass the ball. Has good size already for a player at the wing position even though he is only a freshman.
DavidBrewer5'9PGSouthern WayneHe’s a great student and has potential to bea college level lead guard, knocks down shots from mid and deep. The type of player that you dont have to run plays for due to the fact that he moves well without the ball.
MekaiCollins5'9PGCedar RidgeOne of the leaders in the state for steals per game at almost 3 a night, he creates havoc on the defensive end of the floor. However he still is productive on offense as well.
ChrisMitchell6'3GNorth Lenoir HSWhen you think of length and athleticism, Mitchell should come to mind. This wing possesses some extreme length, even at 6’3” and top shelf athleticism for a freshman guard. Offensively, he’s a solid dribbler when it comes to scoring the ball. Has decent court
JordanHigh5'11GFirst FlightIt’s no secret that Jordan is yet another promising freshman guard at First Flight HS. He is one of 7 total freshmen competing at the varsity level for the First Flight varsity basketball program. What stands out immediately is his shooting ability and how quickly he gets his jumpshot off