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Bruce Williams

A lifetime lover of the game, Bruce has served in a variety of roles throughout the game of basketball, including as a player, coach, scout, and trainer. In 2015 -16 he served as Coach and General Manager of the 7outzbbasketball club leading the club to a 4-2 record in the prestigious TBT 2 million dollar basketball tournament. Before coming to prep hoops he operated the 7outz basketball club which helped place basketball professionals with overseas opportunities. A self-described Gym rat Bruce is known for staying in the gym for long hours, traveling to events consistently and providing maximum exposure to potential prospects. For PrepHoops Bruce serves as a content writer, senior exposure scout and rankings analyst for the state of Nevada. Testimonials "PrepHoops.com is a tremendous resource and asset to my coaching efforts with Nevada Ballers Club. With his abundant basketball knowledge and his keen eye, Bruce Williams provides detailed analysis of a player’s performance, strengths and weaknesses. His objective feedback provides insight that l, like all coaches, need in order to be more effective in my role and responsibility of developing young players and best preparing them to meet their goals in basketball. The kids are inspired by Bruce’s commentary and motivated by PrepHoops.com’s player rankings. I appreciate all that Bruce and PrepHoops.com do for the kids in our program and for all the young players in Nevada" - Coach Youngblood, Head Coach Nevada Ballers Club

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