First NameLast NameHeightPositionHigh SchoolGrassroots TeamEvaluation
KippAdams5'11PGRed WingSelect LeafbladQuick and compact guard that gave Red Wing a change of pace off the bench this year. Quick handles, a potential ball pressure guy because of his lateral quicks and fast hands. Also a guy that is always getting to events to play.
RayAdams6'4SGRochester JMRay has shown signs of being a consistent option for JM to go with Walden, Chan, and of course Hurt because Ray has the agility to be a good defender and slasher. Gave solid minutes last year and should give better minutes this winter
CortezAdams5'11PGMpls WashburnMN SunsCortez is the leader of his team verbally on and off the floor and he thrives when he is attacking and creating for others. Can hit the double figure mark for his team but is at his best when he is attacking and moving the ball getting all involved
BrandonAlt6'2SGPark-Cottage GroveBrandon will have the chance to be a 20 plus per game scorer this winter after scoring 14 a game as a junior. Park doesn't get much exposure because of their struggles but Brandon is a sleeper worth checking in on
BlaiseAndries6'7CMarshallA major conference football talent that has great footwork, great hands, and a huge frame that gets where it wants. Plays deep for Marshall coming off the bench to board, battle, and score when in space
OakleyBaker6'5SFNRHEGFury ZurnA big guard that has some of the best shooting range in the state plsu the size to get looks over the top. Baker has also improved as a ball handler and a working defender
WestonBaker Magrath6'7PFMarshallFury ZurnAn explosive back to the basket player with quick bounce to explosive finishes, boards, and blocks. Weston is one of the toughest players to beat off the floor.
GavinBaumgartner6'4SFWayzataComets LewisHis downhill attack in transition can be finished with a pull-up or well placed finish at the rim. Gavin is also a high percentage three-point shooter and an efficent producer who is well educated in the Trojan program.
JesseBergh6'9CLake Park-AudubonBergh arrived on the Minnesota basketball scene out of nowhere leading his team to state and was one of the state's leading rebounders and shot blockers plus went for 20 plus. Excellent length and good agility so opponents aren't able to turn on him as he forces them over the top.
TraeBerhow6'5SGWatertown-MayerPower MNOne of the toughest guards in the state Trae rebounds with any player, has an offensive game that expands daily, and he's come up with as many clutch performances as any player in the state.
JohnBezdicek6'3SFOsseoHeat BuiGrabbed the attention of Minnesota this winter coming off the Osseo bench and playing a defensive role stopping some quality forwards from getting good looks and offensively getting 8-9 a game by hitting open shots and moving actively off the ball to score
MattBezedicek6'4SFOsseoHeat BuiMatt was a guy Osseo counted on to step off the bench, bring the type of effort that made opponents feel as if nothing changed despite a line-up switch, he hit open shots, moved without the ball to finish, made the right pass, good screener and then came off the screen ready to make the right play
MichaelBieganek6'4PFBrainerdComets KA four man with a good frame who guards bigger players because of his strength but is very active so his rebounding totals are high quality
BradyBirch6'5PFMelroseComets DLRType of big that simply gets results. Not much flash but his box score always looks the same because he is tough, consistent, and dependable. A big that will go into college and can be trusted for four years.
DominicBledsoe6'1SGDeLaSalleHeat VangGrabbed everybody's attention with his ability defending everybody for DeLaSalle. Switched off to guard multiple positions and had the look in his eye like he was going to eat up the next player he was defending. Deep stance, always in a player's face and dependable on offense as well.
ZachBloemaker5'11PGMarshallSW MN StarsA tough lead guard that will fight his way to spots turning the corner. Zach is the type of guy that will get the edge on a guy with similar agility because of the worker he is. Same can be said for what he does on defense.
SamBoehne6'5PFHoly AngelsA compact big that brings his game right to your face with either a downhill rolling thunder to finish approach or a shoulder turn in the post that backs guys off their spot and allows Sam to touch the ball in with success.
RyanBredensteiner6'4SFMaple GroveCame off the bench and did all the dirty work for the Crimson. A guy that mixed it up and defended hard. Played with a lot of toughness
JamesonBryan5'11PGEastviewMN WarriorsJust about every decision Jameson makes as lead guard grades out as the right one. Wastes no time in moving the ball to the right destination and he is a big shot maker later in games.
JoshBryant6'4SFBloomington KennedyBryant moves well so he can be a three in ways but he is strong and active so he can play up front as well. Has the look of a football prospect but is a very productive basketball player in many ways.
MattCarik6'0PGRogersComets DLRWhat is to love about Matt? First thing I would say is his drive to beat opponents up the floor and his aggressive attack off a rotation to get to a spot and then make a play. Less turnovers, more transition creation, better halfcourt decisions, looking like a quality D3 PG option
CodyCarlson6'9CDuluth EastStands 6-foot-9 with length and more agility than most posts Cody has become a prosecpt that many at the smaller college level hope goes unnoticed because this is ahard working frontcourt player that has big potential to be a double-double worker
CadeCarlson5'11SGLakeville SouthWOTN NicolsCade has grown into a more matured athlete so he's a better defender and he's doing a better job of getting open for one of the state's best jumpshots. Has range to his touch as well as consistency.
NoahCarlson6'2SGRushford-PetersonBig time track athlete that plays a nice role as a basketball player because of his agility, frame, and education in the quality program. Can score double figures with good rebounding numbers on sheer physical ability
MasonCarptener6'4SGEastviewMN WarriorsIs tough enough to play a couple forward spots if needed but skilled enough to play both wing spots. Plays within his role for Eastview and the Warriors but you get the sense that he is about to go off and show his creation of shots on offense
MichaelCarter6'1SGWoodburyCarter has shown games of explosive three point shooting this spring and games of phsically attacking the cup for point production. Was able to score on the Howard Pulley Panthers and not many can say that.
ZekeCarver-Bagley6'2SGMinnetonkaSelect EllisWe've seen Zeke play both guards spots and do both very well. Nice player when he is beating his guy off the drive and touching in shots over the rotation but he also is a vocal player that can handle and run an offense
NicCayler6'5CDelanoHas a nice touch facing the basket that will catch people by surprise because Nic's strength and battle inside on both ends is what he is known for. He knows leverage and is known for his low post battle
DedochChan6'7PFRochester JMD1 MN ProspectsSpent his young high school life scoring in just about every way for Albert Lea but has progressed to also being a good role player making the right plays with or without the ball at JM. Long at about 6-6 or 6-ft-7 and more agilie than most fours
GriffinChase6'3SGNevisComets DLRScores his baskets for his high school team in every way. Uses his size to score around the basket but also attacks opponents off the dribble and can hit at the arc.
OwenChose6'2SGEden PrairieFury ZurnChose has quickly risen to being one of the best shooters in the state of Minnesota both with feet set and off of one bounce. A confident scorer who can handle some too.
NickChristenson6'1SGEast RidgeHeat VangScored in double figures for East Ridge this winter because he has a touch that has to be respected. Players have to move with him off screens because he will get to space and make you pay. Handled the ball well too.
JacobChristopher5'11SGJCCSW MN StarsWas a game changer at times this winter with his jumper behind the arc. Was also a tough defender and Jacob knows how to play but it's his jumper at the arc that is a game changer
RauchChuol6'2SGSt. Cloud TechA distributing lead guard that can also play some two. A player the coach can plug in off the bench and bring the ball up or play off the ball and do a bit of playmaking.
JeremiahCoddon6'1PGWoodburyHoward PulleyPut up big numbers playing off the ball for Woodbury hitting at a high percentage off a one dribble right pull-up or at the arc plus he is playing back-up PG for the Pulley Panthers and doing it well
ElijahColbeck5'11PGFergus FallsHit some big shots this year for Fergus Falls and was also a key ball handler for the team. Played big in many ways this year as a key member to the state runner-up.
AmitriCollins-Westlund5'11PGSt. Paul Highland ParkScored and distributed for his 17 points and several assists a contest and will enter his senior year as a guy that big numbers are expected from throughout the year. A consistent senior year will get him on the radar of several programs.
NickCuddigan6'4PFLakeville NorthOne of the traditional North Panther frontcourt tough guys that play with IQ, good positioning, and toughness.
SimeonDavis6'2SGHill-MurrayWisconsin UnitedStrong guard who can run his team when needed and score with feet set or muscling his way to an angle for attempts. A good playmaker on the move with quality vision.
ChrisDavis6'6PFChamplin ParkD1 MN ProspectsDavis has a length edge on just about anybody and he uses it well to deflect balls, block shots, distract guards from attacking and he gets up and downt he floor well. Has potential and many are waiting for him to turn the corner.
BradDavison6'3PGMaple GroveHoward PulleyStong combo guard who ranks with the best leaders we've seen in Minnesota. Brad has put up incredible shooting numbers this year plus has great vision at lead guard.
CameronDecker6'0PGHLWWComets LilequistA multi-sport guy that can put up some big numbers if needed or handle the ball and run things. Expected to be one of the biggest scoring prodcuers in the outstate next year
RyanDomres6'4PFSt. Louis ParkFury KallmanUndersized but makes up for it at the forward spots with his intelligence in leverage, skill, and work ethic. Had a really nice junior season putting up good numbers and is now becoming better facing up and playing further away from the cup
DerekDrees6'5SGBenilde-St. Margaret'sA long guard with range on his shot but the type of frame that will mix it up as well. Tough to contest a shot from Derek because he always gets a clean look at the rim to release. Double figure scorer for BSM who also gets baskets in worker fashion
TravisDreyer6'5PFMontevideoA quick 6-foot-5 player who is a decent athlete that is able to get double-double numbers for his team playing in the frontcourt
EmersonEgly6'2SGSt. Paul AcademyWith Emerson you can check off the categories of good defender, good shooter, does what he is asked in his role, and is a good secondary scorer. Has played with a lot of good players and this winter will be his chance to lead
IshmaelEl-Amin6'3SGHopkinsD1 MinnesotaIshmael is one of the best transition players in Minnesota because he can lead a break, finish on the move on the break, and hit from the corner. Can play both guard spots.
LukeEngen6'5SFRed Rock CentralLuke is actually a wing despite his ever growing long frame. Has the touch to stretch the defense consistently but can take bigger players off the bounce. A guy we expect to move up the rankings
JohnnyErickson6'0PGHope AcademyCrossfire WeegeA number producer at his level every night. Speedy with the ball and has shown this spring that he is very good in making that first entry and excellent in transition. Of course he can also score as we have seen that happen in many ways at the high school level
KellenErpenbach6'0PGNorwood-Young AmericaComets DLRKellen is a crafty ball handler that often has defenders skating around so keeping him in front is tough. Acrobatic finisher on the move, has shown the ability to take and make big shots, plus Kellen is quality at the arc too.
AlexFacon6'4SFCentennialExtremely explosive leaper that slashes for production as defensives have a hard time rotating to defend him. Alex plays more of a down hill forwards game attacking hard or finishing actively off the ball. Potential to be an awesome defender
DerekFeltmann6'2SGWaconiaFeltmann is a skilled wing with some good agility who should break into a big role for the Cats this winter if he can be as consistent on both ends as needed. Seems to have a nice touch with feet set and squared to the basket
BrocFinstuen6'4SFPine IslandFury ZurnHas to play around the basket in high school a lot so he is an outstanding rebounder and can finish inside but has become a consistent three man hitting from the arc and attacking wings with a strong first dribble attack
GavinFolkert6'2SGPEMSE MN LightningFolkert was able to score in a few ways this year but his biggest role is the way he catches and knocks out jumpshots. One of Southeastern Minnesota's best shooters
DenzelFondungallah6'1SGCretin-Derham HallA fantastic athlete who may have a better career in another sport but is a very solid basketball prospect because he can move laterally, get up the floor quick, beat guys with his first step, and outbounce guys to different plays.
ParkerFox6'6SFMahtomediHeat VangAn explosive guard with great length Parker is more comfortable facing up to the basket and making plays with his one dribble attack into a pull-up or finishing above the rim. Too long for most high school wings to defend
JacobFredrickson6'3SFPrior LakeWOTN NicolsJacob came on this winter as a hard working wing willing to do whatever his team needed. Burst out of the gates as a solid scoring option but faded some Jacob is now playing well for WOTN and should be a more consistent scorer along with his regular worker role next winter
ShanyeFrost6'1PGMahtomediHeat VangFirey lead guard with an explosive scoring touch at times but also a jet quickness with each dribble. Shayne is vocal player that guys get behind who has been recently set back by injury.
GriffinGamble6'1SGCretin-Derham HallHeat BuiGamble is mainly a guy that is expected to come off the bench, make the right choices, hit jumpers from the arc, and handle some too.
PeterGathje6'7PFBloomington JeffersonMN WarriorsGathje steps on the floor and plays all the worker mintues. Doesn't need the ball to contribute but he will finish what looks he gets plus he is an active defender and player all around
McKinleyGehlhausen6'7CWatertown-MayerCrossfire SinghA low post player with good feet and a nice touch who is developing by the day. With some weight room work and added core strength he will be a low post player that will turn some heads. Finishes at a high rate.
SamGerrity6'0PGBlaineA fiesty lead guard for Blaine that competes with an edge. Good experience after playing a lot of mintues as a sophomore and junior
NoahGindorff6'6PFCrosby-IrontonAthletically one of the state's best in the frontcourt. A smart big who is skilled and he would be an NSIC or higher recruit if it wasn't for his high level football ability which takes time from him getting big frontcourt numbers.
DamienGordon6'4SFRobbinsdale CooperA slashing wing that has a nice pull-up but also gets to the rim and consistently collects fouls on his man. Damien had a nice season scoring off the Newbern brothers because when the ball moved to him he used his length and quickness to make a play before the rotation could occur. Always at the foul line
MaliqueGoulet6'7PFDuluth EastGuolet seems to grow every change of the calendar. Turns over the shoulder well in the post, has improved facing up to hit over the top, and has a couple moves he uses with back to the basket. A prospect to watch close
ChaseGrinde6'3SGSpring GroveHeat VangOne of the most consistent mid-range shooters Chase has to be defended by a guard because of his range and ball handling skill but Grinde is so strong at his size that guards have a hard time with his strength even if they beat him to a spot.
JacksonGrussing6'3SGMACCRAYComets KGrussing has stepped into the role as go to scorer moving up the Wolverine scoring records. Decent size at the two and is coming off an excellent junior year).
JakeGuse6'8CWasecaSelect OhnstadFirst caught our eye with his disciplined low post work defending behind a guy or rotating over to make the right defensive play. Hard working and consistent defender who has become more consistent finishing around the cup.
JoeHaggard6'6CStillwaterOne of those players that came off the JV, earned a role as a junior, put up quality numbers, grew a bit and is now a player that many haven't seen but need to see as he looks like he should have a fantastic senior year
DillonHaider6'1PGMelroseComets LewisFits the mold of an Instant Offense type of guy who is a threat to hit shots the second he steps on the floor and isn't bashful about taking shots from big range. Good handles and vision too
MitchHall6'3SFLake Park-AudubonHall is decently agile who is good putting the ball on the deck and better working off his post. Scored 20 plus several times this year and has a chance to work in space for big numbers with Bergh inside.
DevonHannah6'0SGMpls RooseveltWOTN NicolsHas shown that he's an under the radar and underanked player with his role on WOTN. Devon has a deamonor that a could likes and does whatever is asked in whatever role.
MylesHanson6'5SFChaskaFury ZurnAn explosive three man with a much better motor than people expect and a better touch than people expect plus Hanson is consistently productive. Makes plays above the rim on the glass, finishing, and protecting the rim.
ZachHanson6'5PFNew PragueWOTN NicolsHanson is a consistent four man who has a bag of tricks with his back to the basket plus he is willing to battle any opponent. The face-up game is also solid so bigger fours and five have a hard time stepping out to him because when they did he can attack them off balance. Tough four man.
KadeHart6'8PFFaribaultFury ZurnLow post defensive force with agility that allows him to cut off guards defending on the perimeter but also a quick bounce to defend the paint as the last line of defense. Better touch than people know too.
BrennanHawkins6'4PFMinneapolis SWA long, agile four man that has a good frame. Seems more like a football prospect but has the build and athletic ability to be a double double guy on the court too
LoganHedrick6'8CChisago LakesBig guy with length, agility,and who runs the floor very well. His a load of potential but has dealt with injuries his entire career to the point that he has barely played in his high school years.
BurtHedstrom6'4SFMinnetonkaComets LewisBurt is one of the state's top role players because he has a high basketball IQ and work ethic in a good frame for a wing. Pesky on defense because he is always looked in and offensively he's very good off the ball to get to worker buckets or get his feet set for a trey
ThunderHeyer6'0PGZimmermanComets KThunder is always coming down hill at guys. He seems to fight to the corner and then tucks the ball to spaces defenders can't get to and then finishes. Really like the way he is running the team for Comets K as both a distributor and a scorer. Thunder is the name and it describes his approach
MarcusHill6'3SGChamplin ParkPower MNMarcus has given Champlin Park another scoring option on the move and a guy that can defend. The brother of Marty Hill, many are waiting for Marcus to take some big steps just like his brother did as a senior and first year D1 junior college player. The potential is there.
JoeHird6'3SGBloomington JeffersonMN WarriorsA dependable player when it comes to hitting with feet set, making the right pass, making the right defensive rotation, beating guys to loose balls and long boards. Does everything he is asked to do
SpencerHockert6'1SGAlexandriaComets KA scrappy shooter for Alexandria who made some huge shots at state and is a pain to guard because he never stops moving so a player who ball watches is in trouble. Another smart kid from Alexandria.
JaylonHolmes6'0PGMt Iron-BuhlHolmes loves to push the pace and get his team transition opportunity. Plays with great speed which he also uses to harrass opposing defenders. Has put up some big numbers in his career.
JordanHorn6'2PGTartanFury ZurnJordan has had an injury setback this season but he is still a guy that can handle a team and score with his dribble separation and quality touch. Horn can play both backcourt spots.
MykalHoward6'1SGSt. Louis ParkFury KallmanThere is a smooth, crafty part to Mykal that people love to watch. He has range with his quick releasing jumper on the wing and a pull-up after a quick dribble attack into the shot that people have a tough time staying in front of.
EmmanuelHumphrey6'5PFRichfieldHe's become a power four man using his strength and size to muscle the ball over opponents. Emmanuel will be stronger than most of his opponents and has had good coaches teaching him so a good senior year is expected
TJHunt6'2PGFaribaultA bigger lead guard that handles so well that smaller ball pressure guards don't bother him. Hunt sees the floor well and balances it well in his distribution. Does a good job using his size to turn corners as well as muscle other guards.
DJHunter6'3SFChamplin ParkHoward PulleyStrong wing that has shown this spring that he is willing to fill whatever role that's asked of him. The Pulley 5th starter is rebounding, defending hard, taking advatnage of limited shots, and hitting some at the arc.
JackHutchison6'1SGMaple GroveD1 MinnesotaA three point weapon who has been scoring in double figures for Maple Grove for the last two years. Also a hard working defender with a good frame.
EthanIgbanugo6'1PGLakeville NorthWOTN NicolsFirst impression of Ethan is the way he can pressure the ball, defend top scorers, and force guys into either turnovers, pressuring situations, or both. Strong, long, and laterally agile Ethan is a top defender and offensively he handled the PG spot for one of the state's best as a junior.
BryceIrsfeld6'0PGBrowervilleComets LewisMuscular lead guard with a quicker first step than people realize and one of the best pull-up jumpers in the state. A pretty touch and a competitive streak that ranks with the best. Players love Bryce as their leader.
TerrellJames6'0PGRosevilleWas the leading scorer for Roseville last year doing a lot of thigns as the two guard shooting very well from the arc. Quick hands, good lateral movement, jumps passing lanes. Has played a lot of twos recently, next is taking care of the ball handling more next year
AlexJensen6'6PFWayzataFury KallmanAfter reading all about the Wayzata senior size Jensen stepped in and took some minutes as his motor and work ethic in a 6-ft-6 frame bought him mintues for a good team. The next thing will be, how does he handle being the big at Wayzata who is expected to handle the main role up front?
ReeseJensen5'11PGEden Valley-WatkinsCrossfire SinghA lead guard with a very good first step into gaps. Reese has also become a quality shooter so he's filling the job of a combo guard at times. Does a great job starting the offense and then coming back around to make plays
TheoJohn6'9CChamplin ParkHoward PulleyAn agile low post player with a great frame and the agility to run with the pack. His low post touch, hands, and footwork are very good and his timing is getting better.
IsaacJohnson6'4SFMpls NorthHoward PulleyThe North Polar wing is an agile playmaker that can make plays on the move plus Isaac has become one of the state's best defenders. Has touch to the arc at times and is getting more consistent with it.
JamarisJohnson6'6PFSt. Croix LutheranSelect OhnstadA 6-foot-5, 6-foot-6 forward that runs well, is quite long, and gets off the floor well so he has the potential to be a nice forward both scoring off the ball offensively and defending both forward spots with that length and quality lateral ability
WyattJohnson6'6PFMaple RiverLow post player with a big frame but a soft touch. Maple River uses him as a screener very well and when he gets the ball Wyatt can be trusted to shoot or make the right read. Maple Grove teaches players well and Wyatt is a guy with skill and intelligences
LukeJohnson6'5PFCambridgeA strong big with range out to the arc Luke does his damage battling for position and then touching shots in. A touch match-up if a guy doesn't have the length or the build to guard him.
AndrewKallman6'3SGChaskaFury KallmanA coach's son with the ability to handle and move the ball correctly at the one but the shooting touch and the size to play the two. Well versed in all backcourrt responsibilities and has the size to play either position.
LosiniKamara6'3SGPark CenterStill somewhat of an uknown in Minnesota after his move from New York but Kamara led Park Center to a nice year often creating himself or for others. Explosive off the bounce with the body control to get shots off agaisnt well contesting defenders.
AloungKang6'6PFApple ValleyGrassroots MNA well traveled forward in a long frame that moves well laterally and is comfortable with back to the basket or facing up to make plays. Has the potential to do a lot of things and Apple Valley needs him to reach that potential next year because Aloung has the potential to help in many ways on both ends
CooperKanthak6'4SFPipestoneSW MN StarsA steady wing that is able to work his way to baskets near the rim, he is comfortable with the ball and trusted with it, and wants to be better so has put in a lot of work to improve
NikKeller6'5SFCoon RapidsNik has spent his life doing a lot of the working items as a forward and is now taking a step as a scorer. Coon Rapids counted on him for regular points and they will count on him next year for even more points.
TrevorKoenig6'10CSt. Cloud TechComets DLRLefty big with a really nice touch, great length, and is agile as most paleyrs his size getting up and down. Type of guy that will be really good facing up deep especially when he adds some muscle to the frame.
HunterKoep6'3SFNorthfieldHunter seemed ready to battle everybody on the floor during the three games we saw this year. Type of guy that is skilled to beat most forwards with his first move and then can touch the ball in, power it in, or a combo of both. He was the motor and the fight of the Raiders this past winter.
JackKorte6'3SGHenry SibleySelect LeafbladJack is a guy we have been waiting on to take a step and at times last year he was right there against Simley with a couple mid-season strong games and now he has to become more consistent showings
TylerKranz6'5PFSauk Rapids-RiceComets DLRKranz first grabbed our attention as a nice face-up four man either hitting the ten footer or using a dribble to the one hander or power finish but in recent viewings he is also playing the active four man role that should get him near double-double numbers as a senior
NoahKreger5'11PGLitchfieldComets KNoah is the western Minnesota version of Amar Miller not just in looks but in style of play. He has a running back body instead of a corner back body so not as quick but he's strong, loves to push the ball, and has him some big shots this spring
RockyKreuser6'6PFTotino-GraceFury KallmanRocky has people talking because there is a toughness to him that most other players don't have plus the ability to take bigs from the basket and use a dribble and creative way to get to space to touch the ball in .
JakeKutina6'3SFShakopeeFits the mold of a Shakopee educated worker that increases skill and knowledge to the point that he has a big senior year after a quality junior year. Has grown a couple inches to about 6-foot-4 or 6-foot-5 and does great work on both sides of the rim.
RhysLangums6'4SFSt. AnthonyD1 MN ProspectsRhys has a game of a combo forward because he is strong enough to finish around the basket and can use his combo of size and skill to score over many fours but is agile and skilled enough to also play the three position
JakeLarson5'10PGForest LakeHeat BuiA steady, heady, dependable lead guard that earned his way into the Forest Lake line-up and then after drawing trust he became the second scoring option for the Rangers at a dozen a contest. One of the biggest surprises in the metro last winter
TimLeo6'7CBlaineHeat VangA five man with a strong core that locks guys down in position to receive and make moves. A high percentage finisher when on balance and receives or collects the ball in position to finish.
JeffLewis6'1SGMaple RiverExcellent game manager who can control pace. Does a great job of making the right pass and teams get frustrated with him because he is tough and doesn't make many mistakes.
RyanLindberg6'2SGWayzataComets LewisRyan is one of the best shooters in the state of Minnesota and a guy that both the Comets and the Wayzata Trojans can count on for good decisions, made shots in space, and defensive reliability
AlecLoehr6'6SFRosemountMN WarriorsRange to the arc in a 6-foot-7 frame that seems to grow every year. Alec has face-up skill to attack both directions and a work ethic that will allow him to play either forward spot.
LukeLoehr6'7SFRosemountMN WarriorsLuke has space up skill and range but he led Rosemount in scoring because he also has an extra gear as a worker who boards out of his area and gets to offensive caroms quicker than others.
ElliottLyden6'1PGCentennialWOTN EwingElliott has some crafty to his game meaning he handles pretty well and can dribble separate to get into looks. There is potentia there and now the corner needs to get turned to realize his potential next year
JordanLynn6'2PGMpls HenryD1 MN ProspectsAn up and coming playmaker who is driven to beat just about eveyrbody put in front of him. Jordan is highly confident and is willing to attack any player he faces. One of the top spring stock raisers.
AntonioMaddox6'2SGRichfieldMN SunsMaddox attacked the cup for 11 points a game and was one of the leaders in both his actions and his words that helped Richfield win double figure games when they were expected to win less than half of that. A very good defender on and off the ball
GoanarMar6'7SFDeLaSalleD1 MinnesotaLaterally explosive with a high work rate and defensive knowledge Goanar is one of the elite defenders who can guard a few positions, rebounds well, and has shown the skill to lead championship teams.
MarMar Hughes5'10PGOsseoPower MNLooks like a college running back as he is always the strongest guy on the floor. That strength allows him to beat guys on 50-50 plays because Hughes always wins the leverage battle on the attack. A better shooter at mid-range then he is given credit for as well.
MitchMarien5'8PGLake CitySE MN LightningA true lead guard that is very good pressuring the ball but has also improved finishing his attack and hitting at the arc. Lake City loses Brady which will hurt but the ability of Mitch to play make will cushion some of the graduation blow
EricMarkman6'3SGSartellComets KEric surprised many going from a guy with a small role as a sophomore to leading his team in scoring at 13 a game. Was able to rise above expectations and score 13-14 a contest and a couple inch growth sport really helped the way he scored over the top of others
JonathanMattern6'6PFChanhassenWOTN NicolsMattern is a 6-foot-6 long armed frontcourt player that has really become a better face-up big and a better perimeter threat. Big enough to guard fours and most fives but has the skill to take them away from the cup.
DarylMayfield6'1SGHopkinsA second unit and JV player for Hopkins that was able to get time because of his toughness and willingness to compete on the defensive end. Has a chance to play some decent minutes next year.
HunterMcCalla6'4SFBeckerComets DLRAgile wing that has the ball handling skills to play the lead guard spot. Hunter is too big to defend with a guard but has the guard skills to beat bigger players. The potential is there and he moves well too so he is the type of guy that colleges will keep on a list and see if he turns the corner
RobMcClain6'4SFRed LakeComets KA number producer in every category who played PG for a state tournament team but is an explosive finisher for his MN Comets team. Really good athlete with excellent length. Raw still but a load of potential.
JoshMcGreal6'5PFCentennialSelect OhnstadOne of the most explosive leapers in the state Josh rebounds and finishes above the rim and has also become more comfortable facing up forwards and using a dribble to get an edge
LiamMcGreal6'3SFCentennialSelect EllisShowed a few flashes of production on varsity but was mostly a JV guy last year. The brother of Josh, Liam takes some of that agility and combines it with perimeter game.
WaltMcGrory6'2PGEdinaD1 MN ProspectsWalt has been one of the grade's best lead guards for years but now he's got the build of a linebacker so he can play both guard spots plus he has the finishing touch to rank with the state's best scorers
NickMcMillan6'1SGMounds ViewHeat BuiA three point weapon that caught fire this year and complimented the other scores but stretching the defense. A guy that teams must gameplan for as he stretches away the help defenders.
MaxMcNellis6'8CMaple GroveHeat BuiIs every bit of 6-foot-8 if not bigger Max has the frame and is fairly agile too so the potential is there. Has played behind Reed Nikko all his life but next year will have a chance to make an impact as Maple Grove's size and there is potential to be worked with here.
JacksonMertens6'1PGBurnsvilleJackson improved as a shooter and is one of the better defenders that the senior class will have. Good lead guard too and because of him (another others) the Blaze should be tough next year
MattMonke6'5SFFergus FallsComets LewisMatt had a nice March, April, and May being in the right spot with his activity and finishing plays. It was common to see him back-cut to score, runt he floor to score, putback to score and he plays within his role so he doesn't make a load of mistakes but will defend
KingstonMyles6'1SGTartanPower MNKing has a good frame and has a feel for the dramatic as he's made some huge shots in his career. The potential is there because he has some skill and physical gifts, with consistency in all areas he could fly up this lists
TrevinNelson5'11PGChisago LakesSelect LeafbladTrevin has spent time at both guard spots in his life and really stepped in and had a nice year at Chisago. Is able to handle it but has the touch that you want running off screens to catch and produce.
KalebNelson6'3SGWasecaSelect EllisA long guard that is a decent athlete so he's able to score in transition getting to the rim or moving to the corner to hit shots at the arc. Has skills to play three spots if needed for Waseca
DerrikOgechi6'2SGPark CenterDerrik is a shooter that had a really nice year catching and hit off the wing of the creators that Park Center has. Will always be a guy that coaches put a good defender on and often ask to deny the catch because he can hit at a quality rate.
ZachOlije6'0SGSpring Lake ParkHeat VangHard working wing with strength that can defend several spots because of his effort, positioning, strength, and agility. Also a a guy who just finds a way to score for his team inside and out.
ZacOlson6'5SFWEMComets DLRYesterday he was a four man, today he is a well built three with shooting range and a good first dribble plus the build and low post ability to still go inside when needed.
OmanOman6'4PFAustinOman Oman has really impressed this spring meaning e will be one of the biggest spring strock raisers. He's shooting very well at the arc, looks a bit taller and stronger, and he's making plays inside using his strength and decent agility at his size
JacobPaul6'4SFAndoverCrossfire WeegeOne of a couple juniors that fought their way into time for Andover and now he is one of the better scrappers for the Crossfire
JamesPendleton5'11SGRedwood ValleyComets DLRJames has really grown as a lead guard over the winter plus he is the type of player that can score in a variety of ways including hesitations, one dribble pulls, feet set treys, and crafty attacks finished over length
DerekPendleton5'10PGCMCSW MN StarsCMC went .500 a year ago for the second straight year but Derek helped keep the program at that mark with his ability to score in so many ways
SamPeterson6'2PGBethany AcademyGood three point shooter, solid with a dribble into the lane and pulling or completing the drive to the rim, a really good leader and worker. Type of guy that can contribute without scoring a ton.
TywhonPickford6'4SFMaple GroveD1 MN ProspectsLed Maple Grove in scoring before hurting his leg for the second time in his high school career. Tywhon is a slashing scorer who scores off the ball, attacking wings with a quick first step, and getting to the o-glass
DeshawnPickford6'2PGBrooklyn CenterReal Athletics HouseHas played both guard spots running with some athletic teammates well and getting numbers. A double figure scorer at BC who should step into a bigger role this winter
BennettPrimus6'8CSwanvilleHas been putting up some solid numbers inside for a couple years now and next he needs to take games over. Definitely has the ability to use his frame and skill to get his team numbers
DavontaePrince6'4SFBrooklyn CenterD1 MN ProspectsPrince has some of the best lateral defensive steps in the state so the ability to defend with the best is there in a long frame for his size Offensively he is an active slasher
TreyPrince6'0PGChanhassenFury KallmanA slippery lead guard who moves the ball on a frozen rope without much time wasting Trey is a dependable ball handler who puts a lot of work in and should lead a veteran Chanhassen crew to a nice season
TylerRaimann6'8CNRHEGBig body southern Minnesota kid that put up solid numbers this year in his first getting quality varsity minutes. Became more consistent as the year moved on and it's a big summer to see what he can do next.
TirikReeves6'1PGFridleyReeves is one of the smarter lead guards in the metro and he gives Fridley some of everything on a daily basis. Plays with a good pace
NathanReuvers6'10PFLakeville NorthD1 MinnesotaOne of the best face-up bigs in the nation with range out to the arc. Reuvers is also a 6-foot-10 talent who can make difficult shots regularly. Very confident.
LoganRezac6'2SGAndoverCrossfire WeegeAggressive, tough, and non-stop is what you would call Logan as he scored nearly 20 points a game for Andover in various fashions. Local D3 coaches are all hoping that the others stay away because they all know this is a guy that is going to get 25 a game in the metro next winter
TylerRiemersma6'7PFBloomington JeffersonMN WarriorsThe type of skilled four man that is too skilled and agile for most bigs. Has an excellent touch and great timing plus knows how to get to space as he is well educated players. Outworks his opponents for space.
BrianRobinson5'8PGPrairie Seeds AcademySpark plug small school scorer that always gets his numbers. Loves to push to space and take shots from every angle on the court. Leads a flying attack at Prairie Seeds
AhzerikRodgers6'1PGMpls NorthGrassroots MNA difficult player to keep in front because he can go from still to the corner turn before the defense reacts and once at the corner he is aggressive into his playmaking. Type of guard that the second level has to be in position to defend
DylanRohlin6'1PGBuffaloAn old school mold of lead guard that will battle and fight for his team. Was a bright spot in a tough year for Buffalo and he should help them into a solid year next winter
IsaiahRollins5'11PGRobbinsdale ArmstrongPower MNA spark plug of an offensive player that we've seen fly up the floor to ignite a transition game but also hit with feet set at the arc and run a nice halfcourt offense when the game calls for that as well. A guy we think will have a big senior year for Armstrong.
JaranRoste6'2SGAlexandriaComets LewisJaran is looking more and more like a linebacker everyday so he's a true wing but a confident wing with confortable handles, decent jumper, and the will to do whatever his coach asks
KyleRothschadl5'10PGDGFWest Central UnitedKyle was one of the biggest reasons that DGF made the run they did this year. He stepped up and handled the scoring PG role very well play much higher than the expectations that were laid before him.
JustinRuhberg6'0PGSt. CharlesSelect EllisJustin spent his younger years as a go to scorer beating southeastern Minnesota players off the bounce into pulls, feet set hits, and transition scores but has also become an excellent distributor for a St. Charles team that doesn't lose much
MichaelRussell6'3SGBrainerdRussell can play for good Grassroots teams because he is a very smart player, has good size and is a 40 plus percent guy at the arc. Those three things get him on the court and have twice made him an all event player. A prospect moving up
JaQuanSanders-Smith6'1PGMpls NorthGrassroots MNThe body of a defensive back who has been good down hill all of his life with strong or acrobatic finishes and now he is shooting at a very high rate behidn the arc. Potential for a huge senior year.
TreySandness6'2PGSW ChristianSelect LeafbladCan handle for a team, can hit shots off his own creation, and when his feet set and hands up Trey can hit in that way too. A guy that can play both guard spots for his team
TrevorSchermann6'4SGLakeville NorthWOTN NicolsTrevor continues to be a guy that this the floor and is loved by his teammates for the way he works as a defender and off ball mover. Does what he is asked and has played for coaches that team good team basketball and he does what they ask.
ConnorSchoborg6'2PGRocoriComets LewisConnor continues to deal with some tough injury issues been when healthy he is a bigger guard who rarely turns the ball over and always makes the right first pass in a good spot to get the offense moving. Does a nice job moving into playmaking positions after the initial pass.
BrockSchrom6'8PFGrand RapidsComets DLRQuick off his feet for a big and very long Brock plays within his role up front. Active in the paint Brock is a no-nonsense guy who fights for chances and puts up consistent numbers because of his effort
DevonSchultz6'8CSibley EastCrossfire WeegeBig body around the basket that can push defenders off the block and make them go over the top. Impressed this spring with how he was able to give a target, catch, and move the ball out of the post. Has a frame that could be turned into muscle that won't move
SavionScott6'3SGMpls Patrick HenryD1 MN ProspectsA Henry double figure scorer with a strong build and the confidence to hit from the arc, fake and attack the corner against a defender and pull-up, or attack to the rim and take contact to finish. Can score on three levels and has the strength to stay on balance to finish at thhose levels.
JerichoSims6'9SF/PFCristo Rey JesuitD1 MinnesotaPhysical gifts of length, vertical bounce, size, and agility that is simply rare nation wide. Spent his junior season playing some PG so he's also greatly increased his skill level.
BrianSitzman6'3SGPrior LakeFury KallmanThere is a part to Brian's game that worries defenders and that is the confidence of being able to quickly lift over the top to finish or showing a nice slashing ability to extend into baskets before the rotations can get to him. More agile and tough than defenders are ready for.
JakeSkelly6'1PGGrand RapidsComets DLRCompetitive lead guard that has a high IQ and a high will to win. Solid shooter at the arc and a really good passer for GR.
SandinSkow6'3SGSt. JamesSW MN StarsSandin is always competing no matter what the sport. Plays several roles in several sports because he is tough and versatile.
SpencerSmith6'4SFTMBSW MN StarsMaybe one of the most underappreciated players in the state Spencer is an excellent athlete with good length who scores off the ball very well, plays with a high motor, and can face-up and attack wings with either hand. Going to have a huge senior year scoring.
BrianSmith5'7PGChamplin ParkSelect OhnstadDon't underestimate him because of the height, Brian is a shooter that can change games. Beautiful form and touch that has a lot of range so defenders have to give up some steps in their help defense
DeAndreSmith6'3SGSimleyA physical, attacking wig who does most of his 12 points and 6 rebound a game damage heading straight at the basket. Smith is a wing but has the physical ability to do a lot around the basket too. Had a really nice year for Simley helping them get to state
NathanSnell6'2SFBemidjiComets KOne of our big shot makers last year as a 16u kid Snell is a strong wing that can make open shots and battle for his team. Likely more of a role guy going forward but a player you can trust to compete
ColeSohre6'2SGCentral MN ChristianLabled as a shooting guard but Cole is a worker that is often around the basket finishing but also defends well so he can guard many spots with toughness
AaronSolberg6'6PFPerhamThe type of four man that you know will bring effort every game. His lateral agility, intelligence, length, and workman like approach make him an excellent rebounder who can guard several spots and score actively and athletically. If he become more skilled he will fly on to the radar of schools
JackSorenson6'0PGLakeville SouthD1 MinnesotaA guard that teammates love to play with Sorenson is pound for pound as tough as they come with a quick releasing three-point stroke and a nasty pull-up. Gets his points without taking an overload of shots.
MitchSpiles6'3SFRogersMitch has the look of a track athlete who uses that length, long strides, and head of the pack run to catch and finish on the move in transition or off the ball. Has the capability to be a strong defender when engaged which should be most of the time heading into the final year
JoshSteckler6'2SGNorth St. PaulHeat BuiSteckler is a decent shooter and an excellent worker. Does a lot of the things that has made the Polars a winner because he out competes many that he is going head to head against plus the touch isn't bad either.
LeviStoesz6'1PGMountain Lake AreaSW MN StarsThe SW Stars and Mountain Lake surprised people in the past five months with how tough they played and a key reason for that is Levi who scored 20 or more several times this season becoming one of SW Minnesota's betters corers
AlexStrazzanti6'2PGChaskaFury ZurnHas an edge in strength and toughness on all that he defends and every game he steps on the floor motivated to lock guys down. Also has the handles to play some lead guard but the size to play the wing.
JacobStreit6'4SFEden Valley-WatkinsCrossfire SinghOne of the state's ost active players Jacob averaged double figure boards this winter and is getting close to that in grassroots play too. Great motor and a great feel for the carom Jacob is a back side defender's worst nightmare because he is never where you expect him to be. Becoming more skilled as a wing with every game too.
MitchellSueker6'7SFMarshallFury ZurnFace-up forward with a nice mid-range touch and a very good handle for his size. Mitchell has improved his strength so he is able to defend a lot of fours as well.
JaySullivan6'1PGOwatonnaWOTN NicolsNobody wants to deal with him when they bring the ball up the floor. Jay has a motor that just doesn't stop. He turns guys and then gets to the angle with his aggressive lateral steps. Fights hard over ball screens so tough to stop with a pick. Offensively does many things for Owatonna.
NolanSullivan6'7CSt. ThomasA raw prospect that has very good size and the potential to be a good player. Needs a coach to work with him inside and he could have a chance to do some good things
SeanSutherlin6'3SFIrondaleHeat VangSean is one of these guys who has been on the radar for a long time and you can fully expect to be amongst the metro scoring leaders next year because he has good size plus a touch and an aggressive approach to attacking his man and beating him for double figures more often than not at any level of play
RyanSvihel6'5SFSt. FrancisRyan is one of the better shooters in the north metro and he has really good size. It's a shame that he suffered an injury recently that will have him missing much of the 17U season but he is a name to know because of size and touch,
DerekThompson6'7PFRocoriComets LewisDerek is an educated player that moves well laterally at 6-foot-7 so he can defend the pick and roll on the perimeter plus he is active off the ball with decent athletic ability so he can finish on cuts and putbacks.
JordanThompson6'1SGTartanSelect OhnstadJordan is the type of two guard who loves to get out in transition and push to the rim to take contact and hit plus in the halfcourt he has a nice three point shot that defenders have to respect but he's well versed in the attack when he sees a defender take the wrong step so he can attack to hit mid-range or get to the rim too.
JackTillotson6'4SFBloomington JeffersonMN WarriorsJack has the toughness, court IQ, and decision making that helped Jefferson to a nice season and the Warriors trust him to play in their constantly in movement offense of ball movement, active movement off ball, good screens, and and spacing. All things that Jack does well
WalkerTordsen6'7CFairmontSW MN StarsDeveloping low post big that is hard to get off the block and when he catches and turns the shoulder he makes a high percentage. Likes to take a step out, face, and show his touch as well
JohnnyTowner6'11CLPGEComets KVery raw but it's clear that he has put in work to improve his footwork because he gets good position in the post and supplies a target to enter to. The touch is good when Towner is able to get on balance with the ball deep inside.
GaryTrent Jr6'6SGApple ValleyHoward PulleyHas the size, skill, and production of a five star elite talent. Physically more mature than opponents with skill and agility to create shots against just about any wing.
BrendanTrump6'0PGBethlehem AcademySE MN LightningOne of the hardest working players in southern Minnesota Trump is always improving. Defends for his team at a good level but is also very good on the attack and has improved as a shooter
WillTuttle6'3SGMahtomediSelect LeafbladCatch and shoot guy on the wing with decent size that is getting better as a defender and getting better with one dribble into his creation
BrydenUrie6'0PGProctorTwin Ports PrideAn excellent rebounding guard who takes that same passion to the defensive end every game. Urie is a solid shooter from behind the arc and scores a lot at the rim but his biggest imapct is the way he competes
DerekVan Ryswyk6'4PFGlenville-EmmonsSE MN LightningA long armed 6-foot-4 post who has been getting double-doubles since the middle of his freshman year. Huge number producer who can play in the paint but now we must see how he plays taking his game away from the basket some.
JackVander Top6'6CHeritage ChristianCrossfire SinghVery good rebounder with a strong motor. Type of guy that you know will put in the work and it's start to show with his mid-range touch and pair of go to post moves
JimmyVollbrecht6'8PFJordanComets LewisA skilled power forward that has shown range to the arc plus he face up and score inside or score with his back to the basket using a power game or a skilled turn into a touch.
AndyVoyen6'3SGMahtomediWOTN NicolsVoyen has some scoring explosion to his game and we really liked some of the things he did as a worker. Andy has double figure scoring potential and should pair with Fox and Frost well.
IsaiahWalden6'2PGRochester JMD1 MN ProspectsIsaih has been one of the top stock raisers this spring shooting at a very high level game by game. He's played a lot of lead guard all his life and done that well but is now showing the scoring touch to play off the ball as well. Walden has been one of the top spring scorers in Minnesota.
JoevonWalker6'5PFTartanPower MNStrong base four man with can back a guy down and turn for the touch in easily after knocking his guy off balance. Joevon has improved his touch and range facing up size.
RyanWarwick6'0SGBrowervilleComets LilequistPlayed above expectations this winter scoring 13 a contest as a weapon that Irsfeld was able to use both as a shooter at the arc and moving to the spot to catch and finish. Scored 13 a game last winter and more is expected for the winter
NoahWeege6'2SGElk RiverCrossfire WeegeDependable role player off the bench last year that was counted on to defend and make the right choice offensively. Did a lot of the dirty work and was trusted because he very rarely made mistakes with the ball
ChandlerWellman6'3SFZimmermanComets KAn undersized frontcourt player that will have a bigger role next winter after playing both forward spots this year in a worker role.
JakeWest5'10PGWoodburyMN IceA strong lead guard that is hard to knock off balance Jake loves to come down hill at guys and playmake. Put up some nice numbers this winter playing with Woodbury and is doing some really good things creating and scoring for the Ice this winter
TrentWest6'4PFPrior LakeSelect LeafbladWest plays with agility and some toughness that make a nice role player for both Prior Lake and Select
IsaiahWestby6'5SGWest CentralWestby is on the radar of programs because he put up good junior year numbers and has grown a few inches in the past year so now with the size of a forward but with guard skills he is a prospect to watch closely.
NoahWhalen6'2SGTartanSelect OhnstadNoah had a fair junior year as one of Tartan's better scorers but this spring he's stepped up his game as a go to shooter hitting a high percentage and it looks like his defense has also improved in effort and consistency.
WillWhitmore5'10PGBenilde-Sst. Margaret'sHeat VangOne of the pleasant surprises of the spring becaue Will has ran the Heat PG spot more minutes than expected and has been much steadier than expected. A very good defender on one end, handles pressure well and makes the first pass in the right spot on the other consistently. Really good at seing when to re-set or when to attack a gap and kick.
JaronWilken6'5PFAnnandaleJaron has as much skill as just about any power forward in the state. He played about four different positions for Annandale this winter including lead guard and center. Very nice touch around the arc but also handles well enough to beat other bigs off the bounce.
JoseWilliamson6'4SFMinnehaha AcademyJose is a long, worker athlete who doesn't seem to mind being the guy that makes the defensive plays and then goes the other way to make the worker baskets cutting off ball, getting putbacks, and scoring in transition.
SamWilson6'2SGFarmingtonWOTN NicolsHe fits the bulldog description because he is strong, tough, and just comes at you aggressively and is impossible to knock off balance. Will stick his nose into anything on either end so guys will get behind him to battle.
ReeceWinkelman6'4SFMarshallOne of the toughest guys on the floor Reece can pass as the protector because he will set screens, he will take charges, he will bump cutters, he will fight for loose balls and boards. A battler that plays his role well.
CJWoda6'4SGHeritage ChristianCrossfire WeegeGood size for a guard CJ has a few dimensions to his game that will make him a nice D3 prospect in that he will usually have a size edge plus he can handle the ball or be a scoring threat with feet set or a single dribble to space. Finishes around the basket well against four positions
LamarWood6'7PFMpls Patrick HenryD1 MN ProspectsAn agile and fairly explosive four man with the length and lateral movemet to potentially be a quality prospect in the frontcourt. Finishes above the rim and moves better than most his size so the potential is there
McKinleyWright6'0PGChamplin ParkD1 MinnesotaOne of the best ball pressure defenders you will find around the country Wright is also as tough as they come and his dribble separation abiliy ranks with the best. A late game clutch player and a guy that teammates love competing with.
SimonWright6'6SFHopkinsComets LewisSimon is one of the state's best defenders guarding several spots plus he can hit at the arc with a good percentage and his back to the basket game is better than people knew. High IQ active player.
JaidenZishka6'3SFClevelandJaiden has grown an inch which helped him play both forward spots and be one of the two key scorers for a Clipper run that led to an undefeated record deep into the season