RankTeamRecordMN Wins of NoteMN Losses of NoteLast Week
1D1 Minnesota33-5Magic Cornell, WOTN Janis, Rise1
2Grassroots Sizzle16-82
3Comets Elite39-11Get Shook (+7), SW Stars, WOTN, Select Cave, Heat Vang (x3), Gain Elite, Fury K, Heat West, Matrix, Fury Zurn, Comets DLR, RiseFury Zurn3
4Fury Zurn38-5Comets DLR (x2), N Lakers, Omaha Elite (+5), Select Cave (x2), Heat Vang, WOTN, Comets DLR, Comets LewisNorthern Lakers, Comets Lewis, Heat West4
5Howard Pulley22-14All Iowa Attack Red (x3), Omaha Elite (+5), Get Shook (+13), Pulley 16s, KC Run (+5)5
6Select Cave40-14Matrix (+5), Northern Lakers, Mentality (x2), WOTN D (x2), Fury K, SW Stars,Comets DLRComets DLR, Fury Zurn (x2), Comets Lewis, Matrix (-18)6
7Heat Vang30-15Crossfire Slagter, WOTN, Comets DLR (x2), Mentality, SW StarsGet Shook (-2), Fury Zurn, Comets Lewis (x3), Matrix, N Lakers7
8Comets DLR27-13Magic Elite, Select Cave, Heat Pres, SW Stars, Rise, Northern Lakers, WOTN (x2), Fury K, LightningFury Zurn (x2), Heat Vang (x2), Select Cave (x2), Comets Elite8
9Northern Lakers25-10Matrix (x3), Rise, Rip City, Fury Zurn, Select K, Heat VangSelect Cave, Fury Zurn, Heat Pres, Comets DLR, Rip City, Lightning Sch10
10MN Matrix36-9Get Shook (+17), Heat West (x2), Fury Kallman (x2), FAB, Select Cave, Heat Vang, Rise, RIP City Heat Pres, Select KochNorthern Lakers (x3), Select Cave, Comets Lewis, 11
11Gain Elite19-14Phenom/Prodigy Elite (+31), WOTNGrassroots Caldwell, Rise, Comets Lewis9
12Heat West30-13Playmakers North Schn, Rip City O (x2), Lightning Schw (x2), Mentality (+10), Fury K, Fury ZMatrix (x2), Comets Lewis (x2)12
13Jerry Gamble FAB28-6Math Fab Steelers, WOTN Janis, Heat Pres, Select Brown, RIP City, Team Get Shook (x2), Fury K, Magic, MentalityD1 MN, Mentality, Matrix14
14Select Koch29-19Crossfire Slagter, Select Brown (x2), WOTN J, Comets B, Heat A, Rise, Heat SpeerN Lakers (x2), Matrix (x2), Heat Speer, Playmakers North, Heat West16
15Mentality Minnesota25-15Rise (x2), Comets JL (+18), Gamble FAB, Select BrownSelect Cave (x2), Heat West (-10), Heat Vang, FAB, WOTN13
16Minnesota Rise26-14Magic Elite, Lightning H, Rip City, Lightning Sch, Crossfire Slagter, Gain Elite, Fury KNorthern Lakers, Mentality, D1 Minnesota, FabSteelers, Comets DLR, Fury K (x2), Select K, Rip City, Matrix, Heat Presbi, Mentality, Comets Elite17
17Fury Kallman22-19SW Stars, WOTN, Phenom, Lace Up, Lightning H, Rise (x2), Lightning SchMatrix (x3), Heat Speer, Comets Lewis, Select Cave Rise, Comets DLR, Heat Presbi, FAB15
18WOTN Davis22-23Heat Pres (x3), Comets JL (x2), Playmakers Sch, MathFab, SW Stars (2), MentalitySelect Cave (x2), Fury K, Comets Lewis, Heat Vang, Fury Z, Select Brown, Comets DLR (x2), Gain Elite18
19Comets JL20-15WC Wildcats, Rip City, Select Brown, Get Shook, E1T1, Crossfire SlagterWOTN D (x2), Mentality, Phenom, Fury K, Matrix, Comets Lewis21
20Rip City Olafeso18-19Heat Speer (x2), SW MN Stars, Select Brown, FabSteelers, N Lakers, Rise, Lightning Sch, Crossfire SlagerHeat West (x2), Northern Lakers, Lace Up, Comets JL, Team Get Shook, E1T1, FAB, Comets Lewis, Rise, Matrix19
21MN Lightning Schwartzhoff16-14Heat Speer, Crossfire Slagter, SW Stars, N LakersGet Shook, Heat West (x2), Fury K, Rip City, Rise, Comets DLR20
22Team Get Shook12-18Lightning Schw, Heat Vang, WI Playmakers Schn (+15), Rip City, E1T1, Select Brown, PhenomComets Elite, Matrix, Pulley 17s, Pulley 16s, Comets JL, FAB (x2022
23Phenom/Prodigy Elite11-12Crossfire Slagter, WC WildcatsHoward Pulley (-6), Gain Elite (-31), Fury K, Pulley 16s, Team Get Shook23
24MN Magic Elite21-16Lightning H, Crossfire Slagter, Magic C, WC Wildcats, Fab Steelers, Lake CountryRise, Comets DLR, Lightning H, Fury Z, Pharoas, FAB24
25Crossfire Slagter24-17SW Stars. Lightning H, FabSteelers, LaceUp (x2), Select Brown, Magic CornellPhenom/Prodigy Elite, Heat Vang, Select Koch, Lightning Sch, Comets DLR, E1T1, Rise, RIp CIty, Comets JL25
Others:Heat Speer14-15Select Koch, Fury K, FabSteelers, Lightning HSelect Cave (x2), N Lakers, Matrix, Comets Elite, Lightning Sch, Rip City O (x2), Lace Up, FAB
SW MN Stars13-25Crossfire J (x2), Heat Pres (x2)Fury Kallman, Rip City O, Crossfire Slagter, Playmakers North Schn, Comets Lewis, Select Cave, Comets DLR, Heat Pres, MathFab, Lightning Schw
Heat Presbi11-27Northern Lakers, Rise, Comets B, Fury KWOTN Davis, Comets Lewis, Comets DLR, Fury Zurn, SW Stars, Matrix
Grassroots Sizzle Caldwell 10-7Gain Elite
Math Fab Steelers14-22WC Wildcats, Select Brown, Rise, WOTN Jonas, SW Stars, Lake Country, Heat DMpls FAB, Magic, WOTN (x2), Heat Speer, Crossfire Slagter, RIP City
WOTN Janos20-16Lace Up, Crossfire J, Comets B (x3), Heat A (x3), Magic C, Lace Up, Heat SheenanD1 MN, Mpls FAB, Select Brown (x2), Select Koch (x2), Fury Z, Matrix, FabSteelers
Select Brown16-25WC Wildcats, WOTN Jonas (x2), Heat Ankrah (x2), Comets B (x2), E1T1, WOTN, Lightning H, Heat ShMath Fab Steelers, Select Koch, Get Shook, Comets JL, Rip City, FAB, N Lakers, Mentality, Heat A, Comets B (x2), Crossfire Slagter, EOTO
Playmakers North Schneiderman8-21SW MN Stars, Select Koch, Heat Pres, Playmakers 16sHeat West, Team Get Shook, Select Cave, Comets DLR, WOTN
Comets Bagnal8-24Gilleyen Elite, Heat A, Select Brown (x2), WC Waska, WC, Heat SheehanWOTN J (x2), Heat D, Select Koch (x2), WOTN Jonas, Select Brown, Heat Pres
Magic Cornell13-13Lightning S, Gilleyen Elite, Heat D, Math FabSteelersMW Unsigned, D1 MN, Lightning Spencer,Magic Elite, WOTN Jonas, Heat Sheehan, WOTN
MN Lightning Spencer9-11G Elite, Magic C, Lace Up, Lightning HinrichsMagic C, Lace Up (x2), Matrix, Fab Steelers, WOTN Jonas
MN Lightning Hinrichs10-13Heat M, Rip City Sm, Magic EliteMagic Elite, Crossfire Slag, Comets DLR, Fury K, Heat Vang, Select Brown. Rise, Heat Speer, Lightning Sp
Crossfire Jorgenson12-24G Elite, Heat Speer, Lace UpWOTN Janos, SW Stars (x2), Comets DLR
Lace Up12-15Lightning Sp, Rip City OWOTN Janus (x2), Crossfire J, Crossfire Sl (x2), Heat West, Comets JL
Heat Dimond10-20Comets B, Lake CountryMagic C, Grassroots Jett 16s, FAB Steelers, Heat Sheehan
Lake Country9-10CRCTB, Math Fab SteelersMatrix, Heat D, Magic Elite, Fan Steelers
CRCTB2-9WC Wildcats WSelect Brown, Matrix, Lake County
West Central Wildcats5-10SunsMath Fab Steelers, Select Brown, Comets JL, Phenom, Fury K
MN Suns9-11WC Wildcats, WC Wildcats W
West Central Waska4-10Suns, CRCTB, Comets B

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