RankTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious
1Minnesota Spartans12-1Heat D 16s, Fury Hayes 16s, Starks Elite 16s, Sizzle Taylor, Swarm 16s1
2D1 Minnesota 3SSB17-4Starks Elite 16s, HoF 16s, WOTN 16sFury A 16s2
3Heat Bohrer17-2Comets Elite, Select A, Heat PBJ, Gain Elite, Fury M, Crossfire R, Titans Brodeur3
4Howard Pulley Team Tyus14-4Select K, Titans Stone, Lightning D, Sizzle S 16sLightning E 16s4
5D1 MN Moffitt21-2Playmakers North, Starks Elite (x2), E1T1 P, Comets Elite, Playmakers , Showcase, Rush (x2), Fury Z, WOTN M, Crossfire RD1 Mn 14s5
6Fury Zurn19-6Rush, Heat PBJ, Rise, Comets K, Select, SW Stars, Rush, Crossfire R, WOTN MD1 MN Moffett6
7Heat PB&J14-7Magic P, Rise (x2), Select A, Comets K, Lightning L, Heat B, Fury Zurn7
8Central MN Cougars12-1Real P, N Lakers, Lightning N, Magic Elite, Heat D, Swarm, United Select9
9Select Altenhofen16-8Rush, Comets K, SW Stars, Rise,Heat Nord, Fury Muir, Get Shook, Rip CityHeat B, Heat PBJ, Fury Z, Gain Elite8
10Team Get Shook14-7Lightning L, Magic P, Chill, Sizzle T, Sizzle S, Sizzle P, Sizzle B, Sizzle JSelect A10
11Northern Lakers12-4WC2, Lightning N, Heat Jones, WC Wild, Swish, Comets G, Lightning L,Lightning N, Swish R11
12Rush16-7Comets Elite (x2), WOTN M, D1 MN 14s, Phenom Ross, Legacy, Crossfire B, WOTN M, Crossfire RFury Z (x2), Select A, D1 MN Moffitt (x2)12
13Crossfire Becker16-3Lace Up, Heat Jones, Legacy, Phenom Ross (x2), MatrixRush19
14Lightning Nelson12-5Select F, Heat F, WC2, Phenom, Comets G, Select M, Swish, Heat Jones, Magic PCentral MN C, N Lakers13
15Grassroots Sizzle Tillman8-7Heat Dimond, Chill, E1T1 PGet Shook14
16MN Chill12-7Rise, Sizzle HillGet Shook, Tillman15
17Grassroots Sizzle Caldwell7-5-1Titans Brodeur16
18Northstar Titans Brodeur14-10Heat F, Matrix, Phenom R, Crossfire R, Heat N, Magic PN Lakers, Sizzle Caldwell, Heat B, Fury M17
19Crossfire Ronning7-8Comets Elite, Lightning L, Heat Nord, Matrix, Legacy, WOTN MHeat B, Titans Brod, Fury Z, Rush, D1 Moffett18
20Spartans Bilal6-7Fury M, Gain Elite, Sizzle P, Sizzle HHeat B, Phenom20
21Gain Elite8-3Lightning L, WOTN M, Select Mc, Sizzle Jones, Select AHeat B, Fury M, Spartans BNR
22Howard Pulley Shelton10-8Powerhouse 16sLightning B 16s, Heat Lewis 16s21
23Fury Muir10-9Heat Jones, Gain Elite, Titans B, Heat NHeat B, Spartans B, Select A, Heat N, Magic P22
24Heat Nord9-13WC United, Rip City, Matrix, Fury M, Magic PD1 MN 14s, Crossfire R, Select A, Lightning L, Fury M, Titans B23
25Heat Fluery12-3Matrix, Playmakers N Smith, WC United S, Starks EliteLightning L, Northstar Titans B, Starks Elite24
Others:WOTN Scheevel14-5Heat S, Rip City, Select Mc, Magic P, Phenom R, Heat J, Heat B, Select Reyes (x2), Magic E, Sizzle Train,Swish, WC U Select, Heat Jones, Lakers
MN Rise7-13Lightning L, SW Stars (x2)Comets K, Select A, Chill, Heat PBJ (x2), Fury Z
Lightning Lyga10-6Heat PBJ, Heat F, WOTN MGet Shook, Rise, Crossfire R, N Lakers, Select F, Gain Elite
SW Mn Stars7-10WC UnitedRise (x2), Select A, Fury Z
Real Phenom Ross6-5Comets G, Heat Berg, Legacy, RiseLightning N, Rush, Crossfire B (x2)
Select Fuerte14-6Heat F, Lightning L, Select Mc, E1T1 E, E1T1 P, Heat Jones, Sizzle SuggsLightning N, Real Phenom R
West Central United Select6-5Starks Elite, Rip City, Heat B, WOTN SHeat F, Cougars
Starks Elite12-6Heat H, Comets G, Magic Elite, Heat F, WC United S, MatrixE1T1 P, D1 MN Mofitt
Real Phenom 7-9Select F, Heat Jones, Rip City, Spartans BCentral C, Northstar Titans B, WOTN S, Heat P
E1T1 Premier6-13Starks Elite, Suns, E1T1 Elite, Sizzle TrainD1 MN Mofitt, E1T1 E, Select Mc, Heat Schultz, Select F, Sizzle Suggs
Magic Premier7-5Comets Elite, WCU Regional, Fury MWOTN M, Get Shook, Heat PBJ, Heat N, Titans B
Swish Dahl6-6WC2, Heat T, WOTN S, Wildcats, Comets GSelect F, Lightning N, N Lakers, Swish R
Select McCullough8-12WC United, Magic, Heat B, E1T1 P, E1T1 E, Heat JHeat Jones, Lightning N, WOTN S, Select F, Gain Elite, Sizzle Jones, Rip City
Heat Jones8-14Select Mc, Select R, WOTN SchCrossfire B, Fury M, N Lakers, Lightning N, WOTN S, RP Ramos, Magic P, Select Mc, Select F
WOTN Mitchell5-11Magic PemeirRush (x2), LIghtning L, Gain Elite, Fury Z, D1 Moffett, Crossfire R
Comets K3-13Crossfire R, Heat B, Rush (x2), Magic Premier, Rise, Select A, D1 Moffitt, Fury Z, Heat PBJ
WC United Regional2-10MatrixSelect Mc, Heat Nord, SW Stars
Matrix6-13Rip City, Lace Up, Lakes, Crossfire R, Heat Nord, E1T1 EWC United, Heat F, Northstar Titans B, Crossfire B, Starks E
E1T1 Elite1-11E1TI PSelect Mc, Matrix, Heat J, Select F, E1T1 P
Comets Grigsby12-7Magic G, Heat T, Heat B, Nice, Swish R, WC WildcatsStarks Elite, Real Phenom, Magic, Lightning N, Swish D, N Lakers
Grassroots Sizzle Suggs8-6Heat Berg, E1T1Comets G, Pulley 14s, Get Shook, Select F
Heat Dimond9-10Swarm, Magic Elite (x2), Select RStarks Elite. Exposure, Sizzle T, WOTN H
Magic Elite9-10Exposure, Playmakers N, Rip City, Comets G, WOTN HComets G, Starks Elite, Select Mc, Heat Berg, Heat D, Swarm, Heat D, WOTN Sch
Exposure6-1Playmakers N, Heat D,Magic Elite
Rip City3-10Heat T, Select Mc, Sizzle BMatrix, Heat Nord, Heat S, WOTN S, Magic, Playmakers Smith, WC United S
Heat Bergren2-9Magic, Heat SSelect Mc, Real Phenom, Comets G, WCU Select, WOTN Sch
Playmakers North2-5Magic Elite, Exposure, D1 Moffit, Spartans
WC United 2`2-6Heat CSwish, Northern Lakers, Lightning N, Select R, Swish
Lace Up1-5Matrix, Crossfire B

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