Adam Ayalew

Adam has been providing comprehensive coverage of high school basketball in the DMV since 2014. He is extremely passionate about shining light on what is considered one of the nation's premier hoops hotbeds.

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Colby Giacubeno

Colby is a former collegiate basketball player who has been covering the Washington Wizards since graduating. He will be making the transition into covering high school basketball within Baltimore and surrounding area. Colby prides himself in providing in-depth coverage.

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Houston Wilson

Houston grew up in Norfolk, Virginia and attended Norfolk Collegiate School where he fell in love with the game under the legendary Coach Jim Markey. Houston then went to Hampden-Sydney College where he graduated in 2016. Houston has been an NCAA certified scout since 2016 and has been around the game since 2009. He loves to cover prospects at all levels locally and nationally and he currently lives in the heart of Washington, D.C.

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