First NameLast NameHeightPositionHigh SchoolGrassroots TeamEvaluation
MalcolmAlexander6'3FBullisLong wing with a nice touch from mid range and 3. Plays with a high motor and defends multiple positions.
RahimAli5'11GBaltimore PolyTeam MeloHigh basketball IQ and a solid floor general. Knows how to set up teammates for easy looks. Active hands on defense.
AustinAllison6'3GSt. Vincent PallottiTeam BBCVersatile wing that guards several different positions. Slasher. Not afraid of contact.
JordanAlphonso6'5FPaint BranchEnergetic forward with a football body. Good athlete that loves to get up and down in transition, but also actively contests shots at the rim.
AdrianBaldwin6'0GSt. Frances AcademyTeam BBCExtremely high basketball IQ to go with crafty style of play. Shifty guard who is capable of scoring from all three levels.
LincolnBall6'4FWilliamsportHigh basketball IQ player that makes everyone around him better. Can score from all three levels. Great leader and maturity for his age.
CoreyBarnes6'3GArchbishop CarrollCrafty guard with good size and vision. Involved teammates. Really good on ball defender. Active and alert off the ball. Rebounds well from his position.
JoshBell6'3GSt. Maria GorettiLeft handed wing with good size at 6'3. Can knock down open shots, and defends with tenacity.
JulesBikoy6'2GSt. Mary's RykenAthletic guard who can get down hill, shoot the three, and also create for teammates. Much improved as a ball handler and shooter in recent months. Must become more consistent as a ball handler, but has a high basketball IQ, and a high ceiling.
ZackBlackwell6'0GPattersonTeam Thrill5'11 strong guard who can score from three and in the paint off the dribble. Pesky on-ball defender with active hands and good lateral quickness. CG
ChurchillBounds6'7FStephen DecaturTeam TakeoverNice hands. Soft touch. Runs the floor. Sets good screens. Has a great frame. Strong fundamentals.
CalebBowers6'0GWilliamsportTeam St8ment (B)6'0 scoring point guard with a deadly three-point shot. Shows flashes of being a good floor general and set-up guy once he makes a few shots. Handles the ball well against pressure. -CG
TylerBrelsford6'2GMount Saint JosephTeam MeloControlled point guard who never allows the defense to speed him up. Deadly three-point shooter when left open.
MikeBrown6'4GTakoma AcademyExplosive guard that can make shots from the perimeter. Defends multiple positions. Can attack off the dribble, and creates for others.
CameronByers6'6FJohn CarrollTeam BBCBig body forward that is a constant presence on the glass. Good finishing ability through contact. Shot blocking presence defensively.
NoahCharles5'11GGlenelg CountryMid Atlantic SelectHigh IQ point guard with incredible intangibles. Works extremely hard defensively. Gets others involved, but can mix it up and score from all over the floor.
HunterDickinson7'1CDeMathaTeam Takeover7 footer with a high level skill set. Exceptional passer. Sets mean screens. Lefty, but has very good touch with either hand. Very coordinated. Vocal presence on the floor. Winner.
MarcusDockery6'0GTheodore RooseveltDC Blue DevilsDockery is a lefty with good size that can play both on and off the ball. He has a good middle game and can stretch the floor from deep, and he can also get his teammates involved when on the ball because he has good vision and makes good decisions. He also plays with a very high motor, has good length, and reacts quickly off the ball.
CoreyDyches6'3GPotomacTeam DurantA winner. Strong competitor. Lives in the lane. Defends well. Sacrifices body. Will score from all over. Looks to get others involved.
JasonEdokpavi6'7FMount St. JosephMobile, versatile forward who displays a soft touch. Plays with a high motor. Soft hands. High basketball IQ
SolomonEric6'8FFlowersTeam St8mentStill a bit raw, but has big time upside. Runs the floor. Blocks shots. Rebounds. Has good size and athleticism at 6'8. Stil growing into his body.
CheEvans6'7GDulaneyTeam MeloIsolation scorer who utilizes his size to create looks at the basket. Athleticism surfaces in open floor opporutunities.
KejuanFrager5'9GCentralDistrict Basketball ClubCrafty lead guard that can score in bunches. Plays with a high motor. Good on ball defender.
KyreeFreeman-Davis6'1GBowieDC Blue DevilsSkilled guard who can score in bunches. Likes contact at the rim. Defends with tenacity.
JermaineGoodwyn6'2GMilford MillSkilled, crafty guard that is a handful in the open floor. Lefty who can score creatively around the basket. High IQ to go with a high motor.
JustinGreham5'10GGood CounselTeam BBCSolid lead guard with good intangibles. Gets others involved.
JosiahHardy6'5FGonzagaLong lanky wing that has good versatility on both ends of the floor. Demonstrates a high basketball IQ, and a high motor.
ChuckHarris6'1GGonzagaTeam TakeoverVery skilled and reliable floor general. A winner, and team player. Can score from all over the floor. A knock down shooter. Finishes well in the lane, and likes contact. Defends the ball well, and will take charges. Clearly cares about winning.
CarlosHubb6'1GGonzagaDC PremierCould still be growing. Skilled guard who can play on and off the ball. Defends very well. Makes plays for others. Communicates well with teammates. Has great body language, and displays solid intangibles.
DelonnieHunt5'7GSt. John'sDC PremierA winner, and an extremely resilient competitor. Vocal presence on the floor. Can score it from all three levels, but also looks to get others involved. Very unselfish. Defends well, and plays bigger than his size.
TegraIzay6'10CArchbishop CarrollTeam DurantLong and extremely lanky. Mobile. Active rim protector. Soft hands. Avaialble for dump offs. Has a very high ceiling. Still filling out, adding strength and growing into his body.
CurtisJacobs6'2GMcDonoghMaryland 3DBig time athlete. Just started playing basketball, but has already shown tremendous improvement in a short period. Has a great attitude and a strong work ethic. Still has a ton of room for growth, but has big time upside.
KeyshawnJohnson6'3GWiseTeam BBCStrong competitor. Good athlete. Guards multiple positions. Creative finisher in traffic.
MichaelKatsock6'5GSt. AlbansSharpshooter. Has very good size. Moves well without the ball. Has a quick release. Tends to be a bit gun-shy at times, but that should change with experience. Sees the floor well. Rebounds well. Displays solid fundamentals.
IshmaelLeggett6'2GSt. John'sTeam TakeoverVery strong finisher at the basket. Defends very well on and off the ball. Long and lanky 6'2 guard. Rebounds well from his position. Capable scorer from three levels.
JustinLewis6'6FBaltimore PolyTeam MeloHigh basketball IQ with great passing ability for his size. Can score when called upon. Makes the winning plays teams need.
DariusMaddox6'3GSt. John'sTeam DurantAthletic guard that can score efficiently from three levels, and defend multiple positions effectively. Improving as a ball handler. Needs to produce more consistently, but has outstanding potential.
BriggsMcClain6'2GSt. Maria GorettiSouthpaw. Quick first step. Can shoot the three from the catch. Nice touch. Crafty finisher. High IQ
MontezMcNeil6'5FCalvert HallTeam MeloStocky forward who rebounds well and plays bigger than his listed height. Has a nice touch from 15 feet and in.
DariusMiles6'6GTheodore RooseveltDC Blue DevilsStill growing. Has grown three inches since the high school season. Long limbed lefty. Can make shots from all over the floor. Defends multiple positions very well. Rebounds well from his position. Unselfish. Sees the floor. Can play the point. Could still be growing.
AndrewMills6'4GNew TownTeam BBCGood size and versatility on the wing. Moves well off the ball. Rebounds well out of his area.
BrandonMurray6'4FBoys LatinTeam MeloForward with ability to bring the ball up the floor. Embraces physicality in scoring around the rim and rebounding.
WoodyNewton6'8FMcKinley TechTeam ThrillExtremely high ceiling. Plays like a guard, but his size makes the game easy for him on both ends. Very mobile and effective in fastbreak opportunities.
DaquanReese6'2GParkvilleTeam Silk6'3 extremely athletic guard that can score from all three levels. Still has to improve his control and pace, but has the tools to become a very nice prospect. Intense competitor who is always looking to get steals defensively and push the ball in transition. -CG
CaninReynolds5'6GLandonDC Blue DevilsImpactful lead guard. Very skilled and crafty. Can score from anywhere on the floor. Defends well. Will sacrifice his body. A team player. Extremely quck, and deceptively strong.
JordanRichardson6'4FParkville6'4 forward who plays bigger than his listed size. Efficient finisher around the rim and extremely active on the glass. Still developing his jump shot and shot-blocking ability. Will likely grow a couple of inches before he is a senior. -CG
MartazRobinson6'0GNew TownTeam BBCDances with the ball. Very skilled and crafty. Mixes it up nicely offensively. Scores and gets others involved. Good defender. Team player.
MatthewRogers6'7FSt. Maria GorettiMid Atlantic Select6'7 forward has a knack for scoring and rebounding. Has grown a bit since the summer. Works hard in the paint.
ColinSmalls6'0GSt. Andrew'sTeam DurantFloor general. Gets teammates in their spots. Can knock down a few open shots.
PaulSmith6'8FDeMathaTeam TakeoverStretch forward that moves well and actively protects the rim. Good athlete. Soft hands. Plays hard. Fearless
JimmySorunke6'10CRockvilleDominant physical presence with a great motor. Power dunker and vicious shot blocker. Does great job of securing rebound and finding a quick outlet. Very new to organized basketball.
DimingusStevens6'4GWoodrow WilsonDC Blue DevilsHigh level division one talent. 6'5 wing who can shoot the cover off the ball. Very skilled playmaker. Has tremendous defensive potentail.
DavidStewart6'6FBroadneckDistrict Basketball ClubPure shooter. Quick shooting release with NBA range. High basketball IQ. Good communicator and rebounder defensively. Great stretch forward option.
MylesStute6'6FGonzagaTeam TakeoverAthletic, strong wing that can score at all three levels. Knockdown three-point shooter off kick-outs. Hard worker who attacks the glass aggressively for rebounds.
MikeSumner6'3GSt. Mary's RykenDC PremierVery crafty guard who can score in bunches. Always in attack mode. Very good defender. Can make shots from all over the floor. Gets into the paint consistently, and absorbs contact at the rim. Has great touch. Sees the floor. Needs to cut down on turnovers, but has the eye for a great pass.
EarlTimberlake6'5GDeMathaTeam TakeoverVersatile. Long 6'5 freshman with a 6'11 wing span. Plays all over the floor. Absolutely locks down defensively. Protects the rim. Can guard virtually any position on the floor. Lefty. Crafty with the ball, and extremely confident. Competes hard. Has a significantly high ceiling.
TreyvonTodd6'10CSt. John'sDC PremierImposing paint presence at 6'10. Doesn't get great lift, but works hard to contest shots and box out. Still a work in progress, but has good potential.
JordanToles6'2GSt. Frances AcademyTeam ThrillElite athlete that can play above the rim. Effective off the dribble and beating his match up. Active defender.
BryceWalker6'2GGood CounselSturdily built guard that is a good athlete. Can knock down threes from the catch.
JamalWest6'6FDunbar6'6 strong, physical forward. Finishes with power and has athleticism to rise well above the rim. His physicality and size make him huge presence in the rebounding category. Has a good motor and fills lanes effectively in transition. High basketball IQ. -CG
TerranceWilliams6'7FGonzagaTeam TakeoverKnock down shooter from the perimeter, but a very capable scorer from all three levels. Very strong 6'7 forward who rebounds well. Plays bigger than his listed height. Finishes extremely well through contact. Had a very productive freshman campaign. A proven winner.
AlexWilliams5'9GMaret6th Man WarriorsHigh IQ guard that gets others involved, and can defend the ball. Decent paint getter.
JordanWilmore7'0CMt. Zion Prep7 footer with a huge wingspan. Runs the floor, and sets strong screens. Must be more active defensively. Still has room for growth offensively. Still growing into his body.
KennethWomack5'10GBishop McNamaraShifty southpaw that is adept at getting in the lane and creating for himself or others. Can knock down a three if left open. Active defender both on and off the ball.
ElijahWood6'5GBethesda-Chevy ChaseTeam St8mentVery long and athletic slashing wing wing. Frame will fill out over time. Very coachable. Has tremendous potential. Has room for growth offensively. Must learn to be be more consistently engaged at all times.