First NameLast NameHeightPositionHigh SchoolGrassroots TeamEvals
TensleyAldridge6'PGCatholic HighCapital City KnightsAthletic guard that doesn't fit the Catholic (BR) mold. Can get his own shot outside and off the bounce. Defends nicely.
GalenAlexander6'6SFLafayette ChristianRM5 EliteAs physically gifted as you can ask for and is learning the transition to the wing. Rebounds and finishes at high level.
JoshAnderson6'5SGMadison PrepLA EliteElite athlete who thrives off the bounce and playing above the rim. Can defend multiple positions and has a knack for big time shots.
StadfordAnderson5'11GGlen OaksLouisiana DynastySkilled guard. Athleticism. Could be higher if it was consistent play. Loads of potential.
SpencerAubin6'1SGNorthshoreTeam ShockazExtremely quick guard who improved his jumper a lot over the last year. Future may be in track though.
TylerBabcock6'4SFSt Paul'sShooter who knows his role. Limited athlete but stretches the floor on offense and uses size on defense to defend the perimeter.
ChamajeBaridaux5'11PGNISHDo it all guard that led New Iberia to an impressive season. His leadership is obvious. Can fill up a stat sheet both ways.
MalikBarnes6'4FRustonBig forward that will have to step up with the seniors lost to graduation.
TimothyBedford6'4GSt. PaulsEP4Athletic combo guard who thrives on the drive. Defends multiple positions and is a tough match-up for smaller guards.
LamontBerzat5'8PGLandry WalkerEP4Athletic defensive point guard who will spearhead any defensive effort. Can knock down shots and get others the ball where needed.
AnthonyBoston5'11GArcadiaTeam MillsapAnother player who will likely end up on the football field. Did all he was asked. Can score or get others involved. Winner.
DemoineBowie6'1SGZacharyTeam TakoverBowie isn't always under control but when he is, he can get wherever he wants on court. Plays with intensity.
J'sonBrooks6'6FLaGrangeLC CavsSkilled foward who can play on the wing or post. Shoots it from beyond three point land and can take bigger players off the bounce.
CalvinButler6'3FMcKinleyCapital City KnightsThick forward who can score around the paint. Tough match-up for thinner defenders.
LeAaronCain6'2SGEast AscensionLA EliteScorer who makes his mark getting to the line after knocking down long range shots. Can get hot in a hurry and carry a team.
CarltonCampbell5'9PGChalmetteBlazers EliteQuick lead guard that is very adept at getting others the ball where they need it. Defends at a high level with quickness.
Ja'TyreCarter-White6'5F/CWhite CastleBig bodies forward who dominates the low block despite height. Can handle the ball and shoot it some as well. Will need to slim up to play the 4 more.
JacquesClark6'2GTiogaAthletic guard. Can defend and knock down jumpers. Has played over veterans most of his career. This year looking for it to all be put together.
ChristianClinton5'10PGNorthsideThick lead guard. Often had to play without the ball last year and it should help him going forward. Can defend bigger players as well.
CameronCrump6'4FFamily ChristianWide bodied post that plays with a lot of skill. Can find open players when doubled or get his own shot.
CalebDaniels6'3SGSt. AugEP4Has all the tools and size for his position you could ask for. Athletic, can shoot, can defend. Waiting on it to all come together.
ChristopherDavenport6'6FBossierThin forward who plays around the rim. Defends at a high level with athleticism.
TylanDean6'GGramblingTeam MillsapLong range shooter who is working to become a lead guard as well. Lives in passing lanes on the defensive end.
DexterDennis6'4FSouthern LabN.O. EliteHuman highlight reel with incrdible athletic ability. Slow release but makes shots and can defend multiple positions when dialed in.
ChandlerDiaz6'3GMandevilleSkilled bigger guard with an extremely high basketball IQ. Can knock down jumpers but thrives getting others invovled.
ChristianEdwards6'4FWashington MarionHigh level track athlete who excels on the basketball court thanks to that ability. Defends mostly forwards and in the post.
RussellEdwards6'8CMamouRebounds at an extremely high level. Defends post well and gets his scoring primarily around the rim.
KenanFontenot6'1PGHamilton ChristianLead guard. Thick frame. Defends both guard positions and can score from multiple levels.
RoyFord6'0PGFountainbleauTough match-up when the ball is in his hands. Can find teammates or get his shot from any level. Needs to play with better talent to see how he handles it.
Ja'LynFoster6'4SFCatholic HighCapital City KnightsNice frame. Didn't play basketball last season but looks good back on the court. NAIA potential.
JordanFoster6'8CComeauxLA EliteBig lefty can finish above the rim but does his work on defensive end. Blocks shots with timing and leaping ability. High level rebounder.
CameronFox5'8PGSpringfieldQuick guard that's been playing at a high level for a long time. Can knock down shots. Defends the ball well.
ChanceGasery6'2GH.L. BourgeoisEP4Transitioning to having the ball while in the EYBL has helped. Improved shot and finishes from the free throw line and in extremely well.
DevaughnGauno5'9GTerrebonneL.T. RocketsCombo guard that is always a threat to take over a game scoring wise. Defends on ball well. Hihgh IQ.
CephusGix5'9PGOuachitaWhen Gix is on, it means the other team likely loses. He can score the ball as well as anyone in the state.
DavidGreen6'GDestrehanSleeper athletic guard. Knocks down jumpers at a high level when on. Can defend and has a great frame.
ConnorGrigg6'5PFASHLong stretch forward who is more comfortable on the perimeter than banging down low. High IQ.
TrentonGuidry6'6SFHathawayWing who plays post for his HS team. Fills up a stat sheet on both ends. Rebounds out of area extremely well.
RaylonHardy5'10PGHahnvilleNola WolvesLead guard who is waiting to break out. Has scored and made those around him better in both AAU and Hs ball.
CamrenHare6'3GHamilton ChristianHare transferred to HCA and became leading scorer immediately. Very athletic and great build. Pure shot from outside and attacks off dribble.
JustinHarris6'7FEast AscensionBig body. Highly skilled. Can pass out of post and knock down jumpers. Likely to take football offers at defensive end.
JaylanHawkins5'9PGScotlandvilleQuick point guard who has improved his jump shot tremendously. One of the better outside shooters now. Terror on defense.
JayHead6'7FOuchitaLA EliteAthletic forward who plays well above the rim in both the halfcourt and transition offense. Can defend either forward position.
JakobeyHitchens6'2PFJehova Jireh Christian AcademyHitchens is very skilled but hasn't grown in a while and limited athlete.
JasonHoliday6'3PGBruslyBlazers EliteHoliday has great size and strength at his position and is often overlooked. Should shine carrying his HS team this year.
CardizHumble6'3FMcDonough 35EP4Undersized foward that uses quickness and jumping ability to score off the catch. Plays above the rim and defends multiple positions.
NajjaIngleton6'2GDavid ThibodeauxAthletic guard who plays hard on both ends. Limited skill but not afraid of any compeition.
JacobJennings6'1GEvangelTeam MillsapHigh IQ basketball player. Plenty of skill but needs to put it all together.
JalenJohnson6'4FCentral CatholicL.T. RocketsVery athletic forward who does most of his work around the rim. Has D1 football offers as well at WR.
KevinJohnson5'11PGE.D. WhiteL.T. RocketsAthletic point guard that can lead his team any way asked. Plays on ball defense at a high level and can score on all three levels.
JohnJones6'PGUniversity LabRed StormHigh level shooter with multiple state titles. Coach Johnny Jones (LSU) son. Should transition to the point this year. Very high level toughness.
CaseyJones Jr.5'10GWossmanTeam MillsapBiggest coming out party over the past few months. Scores from every level and is incredible student on and off the court.
BruceJordan-Swilling6'3FBrother MartinHigh major football player with offers wherever he chooses. Physical on football court and a handful for unassuming forwards.
JonathonJoseph6'PGSt. Thomas MoreAcadiana StarsHigh IQ defensive guard that plays at a steady pace. Keeps ball moving and defends best player on other team.
JacobKibodi6'2FChristian LifeBig physical wing. Football star that has multiple D1 offers. On court he hits mid range shots and defends best player.
TyrikLandry5'8PGNISHVery quick, high IQ point guard. Can be relied upon to lead his team on both ends. Coach on the court. Thin frame but still skilled and tough.
ChaseLewis6'2FTerrebonneL.T. RocketsHigh motor. One of the highest you'll see. Limited skill but talented athlete.
TyreeLomax5'8PGParkview BaptistCapital City KnightsThick, athletic guard who is trying out football where he should have success. Tough to stop from getting to the rim. Always in passing lanes.
RayshawnMart Jr5'10GH.L. BourgeoisL.T. RocketsMart was the leading scorer last year for HL and does so in a variety of ways. Sneaky athlete. Defends both guard positions.
DavontaveanMartin6'4GEllenderEP4Quick and electric guard who dominates off the bounce. Provides high level defense at either guard position and still developing.
TyriqMatthews5'11SGSouthern LabBest off the ball as a knock down shooter. Has penchant for doing too much with ball but developing nicely. Has a role hitting shots at next level.
JohnMaximillion III6'4PGEdna KarrN.O. EliteSmooth lefty that plays on and off the ball. Long arms and scores from all three levels. Defends with length.
DontrellMcQuarter6'GGlen OaksScoring guard that plays with discipline under HOF Glen Oaks coach. Will defend at high level all the time.
KaiMorgan6'2SGJohn CurtisOne of the top shooters in the state, Kai has made a name for himself carrying his team from outside. Thick guard, little brother of LSU/Tulane G Malik Morgan.
BrooksMurrell6'5G/FHannanSneaky athlete who can play inside or outside. Does whatever it takes to make those around him better. Rebounds and defends rim when asked to defend bigger players.
TroyNisby6'1SGDe La SalleKnock down shooter for DLS. Routinely hit big shots. Can defend threepositions and has the length to make life tough in passing lanes.
KevinNorman6'4SFPeabodyLA EliteImproved range to go along with knock down mid range shot made the wing transition easy. Defends four positions.
AhmadOnezime6'2GLafayetteOnezime has his moments and they bright ones are really bright. Can do it all solid.
LarryOwens6'8PF/CCarrollLA EliteLow post big who has plenty of moves around the rim. Can step to 12 to hit a jumper. Uses big frame and athleticism to defend post.
TyreonPayne5'10GSouthern LabInconsistent guard but when he's on, Payne is a game changer. Can hit shots or make life tough by living in the lane off the bounce.
JoshuaPennywell6'GAtlantaPennywell is used to winning a lot of games and does a bit of everything to make sure of that.
RobertPerry6'4FPeabodyThick post that should see the court more this year. Has post moves and touch out to 10 foot. Uses frame to defend the post.
JonovanPitcher6'GSt. MichaelsThick guard who will get the ball in his hands more this season. Can knock down shots. Defends on the ball or off with phsyciality.
LashardPowell5'11GAtlantaTeam MillsapTalented guard. Can score from every level and despite playing against small schools, routinely shines in big games.
BrandonRachal6'6SFNatchitoches CentralEP4Physical wing that can defend four positions at the highest level. Improved shot makes him even more dangerous with the ball in hand.
JamelRobinson6'2GMadison PrepLA EliteLefty athlete who has gotten better each time he steps on court. Brings a level of toughness and defense not always seen. Improved jumper as well.
MitchellRobinson6'11PF/CChalmettePro SkillsAthletic and skilled big man who dominates defensively and is efficient offensively. High major prospect with pro potenital.
CedricRussell6'3GPeabodyLA ElitePlaymaking guard who can score with or without it. Elite shooter off the bounce or catch from every level.
JacobiScott5'10GWalkerLA GatorsScoring guard on a young roster. Fits nicely as a leader and can get his own shot.
JacobiSimon6'5FDonaldsonvilleL.T. RocketsSimon does most of his work in the post. Can swing to perimeter at times. Solid athlete.
DiegoSmith5'9PGCovingtonTeam ShockazExtremely skilled score first guard. Defenders struggle to stay in front of him and when he gets his shot off, it goes in. Only lacking size and vert.
MichaelSmith6'3GComeauxDefensive guard that has gotten very comfortable playing in half court sets. Skill level behind but improving.
JordanSneed5'8PGHelen CoxLightning quick guard. Coaches nightmare when the ball is in his hands. Once he learns to play within system, will be tough to defend.
CalebStarks6'2GLafayette ChristianHigh level defender that is improving offensive skills later. Often asked to defend bigger players and does so easily.
TreSwilling6'0GBrother MartinEP4Football star at defensive back who has high major offers. On the court he is a shooter and defender with a physical body.
SeanSykes6'PGAlbanyPassionate guard that can score it in bunches. Team lost a lot of talent so he'll have to carry a young squad next year. Long and can shoot with either hand.
JosephThompson6'9FBonnabelBeast ModeBig man who likes to play on the perimeter and is a tough guard in transition with or without the ball. Can defend post or bigger SF.
KeyatonThompson6'5PFLandry WalkerFootball star who is committed to Mississippi State. Really tough to defend in the post and defends the post extremely well.
ZachThompson6'2SGBelle ChaseNola WolvesLefty shooter who continues to improve his athleticism. Quick trigger and long arms make his jumper tough to defend.
KevinTripeaux II6'4SFEpiscopalTripeaux is another will all the tools where everyone is waiting for it to click. High jumper so plenty of athelticism. Can shoot/handle/defend his poisition easily.
LaColbyTucker6'8CSulphurTeam MillsapBig bodied post who is just a bit behind in skill level. Tough and can protect the rim. Only rebounds his area. Raw.
DavantreVitor6'0GWashington MarionLC CavsVitor has had a big summer thus far with multiple 35+ scoring perfomances. Hard nosed defender and high level athlete.
VejonWallace6'1GBrother MartinAthlectic guard. Limited skill but plays tough. Very physical.
MarquisWebb6'3GChristian LifeHigh level shooter with a quick release. Needs to focus more on the defensive end. Can get hot in a hurry and has range well beyond NBA line.
DavidWilliams6'7FDe La SalleEP4Big man coming into his own. Can defend, rebound, and has plenty of post moves. Steps to 15 and can attack bigs off bounce.
KaedrickWilliams6'5FGramblingTeam MillsapKae likes to have the ball in his hands but can score from mid range or in the post at a high level. Can fill every part of a stat sheet.
LamarqWilliams6'5PFScotlandvilleBlazers EliteBig bodied post who has plenty of moves around the rim. Can hit mid range jumper. Good footwork defensively in the post.
MalikWilliams6'0SFScotlandvilleLA EliteMalik is a shooter on a team used to winning. Can defend and has can play above the rim in transition.
RominWilliams5'10PGCountry DayN.O. EliteLead guard who makes everyone around him better. Proved he can score in bunches as well and will defend point as well as asked.
DaShawnWright5'9PGDe La SalleNola WolvesExtremely quick lead guard. Adept at getting into the lane. Contains other guards with quickness. Needs work on jumper.