Tony Roe

Tony Roe is the lead scout for Prep Hoops Iowa. Based in Iowa City, he's followed high school basketball, in particular on the eastern side of the state, since his time at Iowa City West. He can be found in a gym nearly every night of the high school season, and takes pride in seeing as many different teams as he possibly can each year. In addition to his work at PHIA, he is the transportation manager at Oaknoll Retirement Residence in Iowa City, one of the premier retirement facilities in the state. You can contact him at, and follow him on Twitter @tonysroe.

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Richard Stockton

Richard comes from Omaha, NE, where he attended Omaha Central High School. He is a student at the University of Iowa, and will graduate with a master's degree in Sports Management in May 2021. During his time at Iowa he has worked in academic advising for the UI Athletic Department, and served as a student manager for the Iowa baseball team. You can contact and follow along with him on Twitter @StocktonHoops

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