Eric Gardner

Eric has covered high school basketball in the state of Indiana for the last five-plus years. He's helped out covering for various sites over that time scouting the best the Hoosier state has to offer. The AAU grind is always considered the best time of the year for him. Recently, starting out as a free site dedicated to Purdue Basketball and Football Recruiting, grew into new business opportunites and eventually helping lead him to work with 247Sports covering Purdue in less than six months being live. Eric can always be reached at or follow him on twitter at @INPrep.

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Mason Asher

Mason has been working for Prep Hoops for the last three years sharing his thoughts on Twitter and serving high schools all across Indiana. You can find him in almost any gym during the high school season and at as many AAU events that he can attend. Mason is always down to talk basketball with anyone and everyone at any time and is unafraid to voice his opinion. He is a senior at Wabash College in Indiana studying Rhetoric. You can reach him at or on Twitter (@masonhasher).

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