First NameLast NameHeightPositionHigh SchoolEvaluation
TimAbel6'1SGIndian CreekTim is a tall guard who is getting better offensively because of his aggressiveness. Can take over parts of games now with the ability to pull up in the 15'-22' range. Good scoring threat off the bounce too. Decent rebounder who will push ball up.
JalenAdaway6'5SFLogansportJalen is a big, strong, crazy athlete with an improving perimeter jump shot. Best athlete/frame in the state and probably the Midwest. Has come full circle on his jumper but can fall in love too much with it. Rim runs well and makes plays with athleticism.
MarkAlbers6'4SFPendleton HeightsMark is a big shooter with great range. Good size on his frame but not very athletic. Will be limited on the defensive end but offensively, he brings a ton of offense. Gets hot and rips off three straight threes. Needs to add more off bounce.
DylanAllen5'10PGBeech GroveDylan is a solid guard prospect who can score off the bounce a bit. Will fall into jumpers but on his best he can attack and finish well at the rim using quick first step. Lacks high end speed but has shown improvement in defense.
JaredAndis6'0PGHagerstownJared is a small lead guard who can be your floor leader with a little scoring ability. He's shown his skills as a shooter but has to limit his attempts. Too much of a volume shooter right now. Good passer and has upside.
ChaseAndries5'10PGBeech GroveChase is a two-sport athlete with DI interest for football. Talented point with a little speed and toughness to his game. Like his ability to create in the lane and finish or distribute. Needs to gain a capable perimeter jumper.
MattBarnard6'0SGMishawaka MarianMatt is a shooting guard with a good frame but needs to take the next step in his offensive game. Can hit a shot here or there but makes most plays in and around the rim where he rebounds at a good clip. Struggles to finish through contact.
P.J.Baron6'5SFCarmelP.J. is a strong wing with a skilled game. Capable off the bounce where he can get to the rim well. Handles the ball pretty well and can be an asset bringing the ball up. Decent first step helps create separation.
DaveonBell5'8PGLawrence CentralDaveon is a undersized point guard with speed and a shooting stroke from the perimeter. Bell has some athelticism but not much vertical. Can beat his made pretty well but has to improve finishing around size. Football prospect.
BlakeBennington6'2SGTwin LakesBlake is more than likely going to pick football but leaves basketball on the table. Aggressive guard who likes to attack off the bounce. Strong, well-built frame that is made for driving. Not really a shooter. Really good rebounder from guard spot.
AntonBerry6'4SFFort Wayne NorthropBerry is an active interior small forward that prides himself on outworking the competition. He's well built and strong and can do some damage on the boards. Offensively, he can score off rebounds and play in transition because of his athleticism.
TreyBilinski6'3SGNorthwoodTrey is a two-sport athlete with football (QB). Good size and can be a effective in short spurts. He's not too assertive and that hides some of his skills at times but he brings that football toughness to the court. Needs to take a big jump this summer.
DaultonBlackwell6'3SGMitchellDaulton is a tall, lanky guard that has solid passing skills and a decent perimeter jumper. Needs to be more assertive and look for shot. Can be a tall guard that can help on the ball. Strength could go a long way to helping round out his game.
De'AnteBooker6'3SGEvansville HarrisonDe'Ante is a strong guard who is starting to show signs of an offensive game. Capable scorer but a bit passive especially with talent around him. Decent defender with a little length. More comfortable with dribble-drive than jumper but improved both.
JacarBoone6'0PGBrownsburgJacarr is a skinny guard who can play on or off the ball and plays more smooth than fast. Skilled offensively but will have to tighten up his shot. Boone has solid handles but projects better off the ball.
JarondeBoyd5'10PGMichigan CityJaronde is a small, lead guard with tons of speed and a knack for finishing tough plays around the rim. Plays in transition the most and is very solid passing threat. Uses size/speed to his advantage in the open floor.
ConnerBrens6'5PFPlainfieldConner is a slightly undersized post who has shown big improvements lately with his aggressiveness and skill. Shown the ability to hit mid-range jumpers and has gotten more efficient around the rim. Looks to attack more. Versatile defensively but has upside on offense.
JoshuaBrewer6'5SFBen DavisJosh is a athletic wing who likes to play in the open floor. Good transition scoring threat who finishes well at the rim with speed and strength. Decent shooter from three but can improve there quite a bit. Needs to add another scoring element to his game.
SterlingBrown5'11PGCarmelSterling is a smaller lead guard with good instincts and intangibles. Creates well for others in the halfcourt but if given time he can get into the midrange and pullup well. Knocks down jumpers and understands his role as a lead guard well.
ChazzBruce6'5CHuntington NorthChazz is an undersized forward that can be very phyisical and has a very good motor. Isn't flashy with not a ton of speed or athleticism but just gets into defenders to draw fouls and converts at the line. Tough kid and has upside at the right level.
CortizBuckner5'11PGLafayette JeffersonCortiz is a thin guard with an aggressive mindset. Loves to get out and create pressure on the perimeter where he is really good at finishing in transtion. Has shown improvment with his jump shot over last year. Can run point for a lower level team.
JamieBurnett5'10PGFranklin CentralJamie is a strong, lead guard with a quick trigger from distance. He's a plenty capable scoring threat and at the same time, he's a decent setup guy. Has to stay on point to see his upside.
TreVaughnBush6'2PGBen DavisTreVaughn is a large guard with plenty of strength. He's really solid at getting to the rim and playing in transition. Has to continue to develop his jumper but brings enough offense off the bounce.
JaylenButz6'9PFFort Wayne NorthJaylen is a long, lanky forward whose grown a ton lately. Nearly 6'10 with a +6 wingspan and improved his low post skills. Great rebounder and finisher in transition. Likes to be a little phsyical but can finesse his way to the rim and stretch the floor.
CooperBybee6'1SGEdgewoodCooper is a tall shooter who has great elevation on his jumper. He's pretty consistent and doesn't have down games but also doesn't go off for 20 a game. Can create off the bounce into perimeter jumper.
ZachCallahan6'2SGDanvilleZach is a tall scoring guard who can shoot the ball well in the mid-range. Not the long, lanky type like his brother Luke Callahan (Rose-Hulman). He's got to add more of a perimeter jumper but has good ability rebound near and away from the rim.
CharlieCarter6'4PFTiptonCharlie is an undersized forward who plays more of a SF/PF role. Wide, strong frame and can carve out space well but still is atlhetic enough to run the floor.
IsaiahColeman5'11PGLaPorte La LumiereIsaiah is a great scoring option from the point. Lean and built the same as his older brother, Illinois guard Jalen Coleman-Lands. Slightly smaller but better ball handler and press break. Perimeter jumper is top weapon but can get buckets easily.
CalebColeman6'5SFHammondCaleb is an athletic forward who has a decent motor and solid mid-range game. Likes to drive middle and use a floater or pull-up at 15'. Can get to the rim well and has tons of length that makes him difficult to stop. Under-the-radar type this summer.
EddyCollins5'9PGMcCutcheonEddy is an undersized shooting guard who works primarily off the catch. Hasn't shown much improvement as a point. Needs a big summer to show it otherwise you recruit him for his jumper which is really good and he can rip off a few threes quick.
JermaineCouisnard6'5SFEast Chicago CentralJermaine is a tall scoring wing who's best weapon is his three-point shot. Good athlete who likes to attack the rim but needs a little more polish finishing. Body/athleticism are great and upside is big.
JosephCounts6'6PFFishersJoseph is a big, scoring forward who likes to play as a stretch four. A decent shooter whose handles are solid enough that he can pump and drive to the rim. Tends to stay out of the post but has shown previous, his ability to be effective there.
HaydenCrowder6'1PGAvonHayden is a tall shooting guard who has to make some improvements on his touch. Struggled against longer players as he focused more on driving and scrap points in the paint. Can bring some size and has the ability to shoot well from distance at times
JackDavidson5'9PGHamilton SoutheasternJack is a growing lead guard with solid passing and high IQ for the game. Brother of Eric Davidson (Univ. Indianapolis). Good perimeter shooter who can handle the press and get his team in a good spots to make plays. More of a distributor than scorer.
KennethDavis5'9PGLawrence CentralKenneth is a small guard who's more of a shooter than a point. With that said, he's gotten better and has some speed and is adept and getting under defenders. Good rhythm shooter who loves to pull up in transition and play a quicker pace.
AndreDavis5'11PGBrownsburgAndre is a skinny guard who can play both spots at the top. Handles are there and he's shown some improvement in his decision-making and passing. Good finishing threat in the open floor.
HadenDeaton6'5SFMcCutcheonHaden is a high motor wing who's improved his jumper in the last year. Big, strong frame with some athleticism that can go above the rim. Very good finisher at the basket who's capable of driving from the wing. Very low risk prospect with upside.
LukeDeHahn6'4SFFaith ChristianLuke is a long, lean wing player with a decent jumper and some room to grow. Has some upside to tap into but needs to be a bit more assertive off the ball. Rebounding could take a big step forward in his game this summer.
HunterDeHaven6'5SFLogansportHunter is a lanky forward who can be a little more assertive in his offensive game. Has been good shooter but has to solidify that part of his game.. Good rebounding threat with some good instincts and athleticism.
JoshuaDieball6'3SGLinton-StocktonJoshua is a tall scoring guard with good handles and the ability to create for himself. He's got great size and a frame. Really good at creating in that 12'-22' range with pullup and floater. Decently athletic with touch at all three levels.
CamDixon6'7PFGuerin CatholicCam is a stout forward who isn't super athletic but decently mobile and when he has time, can score in the post fairly well with his right hand. Has to be stronger as he can get pushed but has the body to be a dominant low post threat.
CampbellDonovan6'1SGBishop DwengerCambell is a pretty straight forward two guard who can catch fire as well as any in this class in Indiana. He's got decent size but probably won't grow much more. Can create a bit on the perimeter but best at catch-and-shoot.
BrianDoslak5'10PGPennBrian is the younger brother of Saint Francis guard Billy Doslak. Brian is still a bit small but brother grew late as well (6'0 now). Brian is good point prospect who can distribute the ball really well. Good pace but not a ton of speed.
BrandonDuncan6'3PGEvansville HarrisonBrandon is the middle brother in the Duncan family (Ernie Duncan -Vermont). Has decent size and a solid frame but isn't as aggressive or skilled as his brothers. Pure two-guard who has shown improvement from behind the arc, averaged 9.3 ppg.
BrandonEades6'4SFCastleBrandon is a lower level wing with a frame that can take a lot more strength. Solid shooter but does quite a bit of work in the post where his rebounding ability allows him to get some good second chance points. Needs to improve his driving ability.
EricEaster6'3SGLawrence CentralEaster is a big, strong perimeter guard with the body you covet but not nearly aggressive enough. Shows bits and pieces of his game but not for a whole 32 minutes. When he does, he uses his strength to fight to the rim. Decent rebounder as well.
MichaelErtel6'0PGMt. Vernon (Fortville)Michael is a quick, talented point guard with superb handles and loves to play up tempo. Good in halfcourt or open floor. He's a good shooter from distance and improving as a guy who can create off the bounce.
BlakeEvans6'0PGSouthportBlake is a intriguing scoring point guard who shoots the ball pretty well. Younger brother of IPFW guard Mo Evans. Seems to make big shots. I think he can stick at the point and still create for his teammates. Averaged 2.8 assists in limited minutes.
AlexFalender5'9PGCarmelAlex is a undersized point guard with solid pace and great effort. Much more of a pass-first guard than a scorer but has the ability to knock down a perimeter jumper if he needs to. Will have to add some scoring off the bounce this summer.
MaxFlinchum6'0SGNoblesvilleMax is a capable scoring guard who handles the ball fairly well and can shoot well from behind the arc. Solid jumper and hit 40%+ this season. Needs to be more active off the ball. Projects better off the ball.
J.J.Foster5'11PGFort Wayne Bishop LuersJ.J. is a small guard who focuses more on the offensive end. Coaches son. Small frame but has some strength. Jumper is a little bit of a work-in-progress but capable. Has to improve as a point, improve his passing.
DavidFroedge5'10SGNew CastleDavid is a smaller guard with a good shooting stroke. He's not really a point guard but if given the ability just to catch-and-shoot from the perimeter he can be pretty good. Has a little speed with his handles but doesn't have a ton of creativity yet.
ColeGardner6'5PFZionsvilleCole is a lanky forward who's adjusting to playing away from the rim more. Has shown more of a faceup game but still needs to add a jumpshot to his skillset. Smart player who can make a key pass. Willing rebounder but lacks strength.
DominicGenco6'1PGZionsvilleDominick is a rail thin guard who improved his scoring ability in the last year. Jump shot has gotten a ton better and has added a mid-range game as well. Has to stay aggressive mentally, can become passive in games. Frame holds him back.
GaryGillard6'5CLawrence CentralGary is a thick low-post player with upside as he reels in his body. Large framed kid who has shown the ability at times to use his body well. Should get more touches now and could be in play for a big summer.
DannyGoggans6'3SFCathedralDanny is a tough, guard prospect that likes that likes to play in and around the rim. Doesn't possess a ton of skill on ther perimeter but his strength and toughness allows him to be productive around the rim. Undersized a bit for his skillset.
GavinGriggs6'3SFShenandoahGavin is a undersized forward who looks taylor-made for a small school four-man. Big, strong and capable to scoring the ball really well. Isn't the most mobile guy in the world so defense will be tough but has the mindset on offense to bring value.
SamGuiterrez6'3SGTiptonSam is a tall guard with a great shooting touch beyond the three point line. Has become a bit more aggressive recently and developing his dribble-drive game. Has good size and a frame that is growing still. Could have big summer.
ZachGunn6'7PFHamilton SoutheasternZach is a big bodied wing who is a big time shooter from distance. Has become a volume shooter recently and it has hurt him. Decent off the bounce but lacks speed and has to be phsyical to get to rim. Can be a bit foul prone but a very skilled forward.
LandonHall6'4SGBrownsburgLandon is a very solid scoring wing with a ton of intangibles. Great size and improved touch from beyond the arc. Really solid athlete who plays with a ton of energy. Good quality kid with good IQ. Has another gear he needs to hit this summer.
JoshuaHall6'4SFBloomington SouthJosh is a wing player who bring a little scoring at all three levels. Not a big time threat on the offensive end but a decent shooter with a little size. Good size and frame but lack of offense keeps his level down. Can be a good defensive option on the perimeter.
DavidHanyard5'10PGLafayette JeffersonHanyard is a strong guard with a quick trigger that can knock down long range threes. He can get on a roll and hit a bunch of points in a few straight possessions. Will be a scoring point guard option. Borderline high volume scorer.
MasonHardimon6'0PGFranklin CentralMason is a solid point guard option with a frame that can add some strength. He's a capable creator off the dribble and has decent vision. Offense is starting to show up in his game. Mainly a jump shooter right now but has shown flashes off bounce.
DatrionHarper5'11PGBen DavisDatrion is a stout lead guard who can play uptempo and add just enough shooting to balance out his game. Well-built but lacks ideal size. Can get to the rim really well in transition and likes to change speeds to get defenders on heels.
AllanteHarper5'9PGWarren CentralAllante is a short, stocky guard with a decent first step but not a ton of speed. Beats you with toughness. Can shoot the ball fairly well and has gotten hot at times. Harper has shown a floater and scoring in transition but not a big offensive threat.
EthanHartzel6'5CZionsvilleEthan is a lean post prospect who needs to strength up and become more assertive. Shown good tendancies as a rebounder and has some length. Needs to learn to finish through contact but has been good at creating shots when given the ball in the post.
TrentonHatfield6'1SGMuncie CentralTrenton is a two-guard with solid touch on his shot out beyond the three-point line. Strong, compact guard who can take his man off the bounce just not his main tool. Very good shooter when open. Won't have too much more size but has the skills need for a typical shooting guard.
ParkerHazen6'7SFColumbia CityParker is a long forward with a wings skillset. Brother of Brachen Hazen (2016), Good shooter from the perimeter and pretty athletic. Good off the catch and a dribble-in jumper. Has to improve off the bounce on getting to the rim.
PeytonHendershot6'5SFTri-WestTough, gritty wing who converts his football toughness to the court really well. Handles ball strong and scores at the rim. Not a big shooter but has the skill to do it. Loves to hit at the rim and can get in a get some tough rebounds. Really good glue guy who plays with tons of energy.
IsaacHibbard5'11SGNew AlbanyIsaac is a scoring guard who can bring a lot of intangibles to the table. Very good shooter but also a very underrated passer. Doesn't have a ton of speed, handles are average so not sure he's ideal at the point but regardless, a kid you want to have.
HunterHollowell6'2SGHuntington NorthHunter could be this year's Grant Gelon. Long, thin shooter with great range. Great touch and doesn't have to be set to make his shot. Had big numbers this season and can rip of 6-8 points in a hurry. Need to see against better competition this summer.
AustinHolzum6'1SGHamilton SoutheasternAustin is your do-it-all combo guard that plays with a lot of energy. Found some minutes on guard-heavy HSE team. Solid lead guard who can make the pass and get in the lane to grab boards. Hit a third of his three-point attempts. Low-risk take.
LanceHopkins6'5SFRockvilleLance is a big, strong forward who prefers to play along the baseline. Good athlete with plenty of strength that likes to run baseline and finish with a floater, mid-range pullup or above the rim. Good rebounder but could be a little more assertive in that area.
WyattHughes6'8PFMaconaquahWyatt is a good inside-out forward who has a great lower half and can post up pretty well. Limited with number of post moves but is effective with the few he has. Can step out and knock down a 15-22' jumper on the baseline. Showing more mid-range work.
JonahJackson6'2SGMerrillvilleJonah is a athletic wing shooter with a little bit of a motor. Good shooter on the catch or off the bounce. Dribble into the mid-range and can hit. Decent athlete but not going to fly down the lane and dunk. Could put up big numbers this summer.
JarenJackson Jr.6'9PFPark TudorJaren is an elite post player who is turning into a stretch four really quick. Handles the ball well for size and can shoot from three too. Had issues with foul trouble on ticky tack things but when he's in, he is way too skilled to be stopped.
IsiahJames6'5PFIndianapolis PikeIsiah is a growing post player with length, a motor, and good rebounding instincts. He's probably closer to 6'6 now and has added some strength. Likes to battle in the post and long enough to score over and around defenders on second-chance points.
MattJennings6'0PGLogansportMatt is a thin lead guard who plays strong and can make the tough plays. Brother to Whitney Jennings (Iowa). Good athlete who plays with speed. Jumper is solid but gets to the rim well.
JohnnieJones6'8PFEast Chicago CentralJohnie is a long, lanky forward who will need to bulk up quite a bit. Moves really well up and down the floor and can get involved in transition. Functional post player with a few post moves.
JensenKellett6'6PFNorthviewJensen is a lanky forward with handles and a skillset that could make him very difficult to defend. Handles the ball well and can dribble into a pull-up. Lengthy arms and 6'6 make him interesting. Shown spurts but needs to be better for longer during games.
AustinKendrick6'3SFCathedralAustin is a big, strong undersized wing. More comfortable in the mid-range and in where he can outwork and outmuscle the other players. Not a ton of pure skill but scores in the paint using his physicality. Good athlete and solid rebounder.
AndrewKenneally6'7PFCrown PointAndrew is an emerging big man who is fairly skilled around the rim. Can finish with either hand if he has enough time. Mobile and can go run down a rebound. If you feed him, he's able to finish efficiently around the rim.
AlexKing6'8PFColumbus NorthKing is a growing and emerging forward prospect who can stretch the floor and be active in the interior. Long armed and skilled, Alex is one of the best in the state. He's on starting to figure things out so upside is still a very big deal for this inside-out forward.
DavontaeKinnie5'9PGFort Wayne NorthDavontae is a very talented, quick point guard that can rack up assists with ease. Great with talent around him where he can just distribute. Capable of getting buckets himself in transition. Jump shot is improving but a work in progress.
MauriceKnight6'4SFFranktonMaurice is a rail thin wing whose really improved this past year. He's become more aggressive and has shown a lot of work in the mid-range. Pull-up and floater are solid. Perimeter jumper could be cleaned up. Versatile guy at small school.
RaKpedi6'8PFLawrence NorthRa is an emerging big man who bounce, size, and athleticism. His scoring touch over his right shoulder is improving and he's able to put the ball on the ground a bit to get into lane and finish. Great rebounder who thrives on second-chance points.
MaxKucer5'11PGBrebeuf JesuitAthletic, small guard who has good vertical and tons of energy. Multi-sport athlete whose pure athelticism is able to show up on the court. Handles the ball and can play either guard spot. Not a jump shooter but a guy who can make plays with his athleticsm, speed, and quickness.
TrevorLakes6'7PFLebanonTrevor is a tall wing shooter whose added a driving game in the last year. Good touch out beyond the arc and can get in a rhythm. Lakes has improved off the bounce but his height can still cause troubles. Can defend in the post or on wing in matchups.
TraLanders6'1PGCathedralTra is a tall pass-first guard who is starting to add more offense into his game. He's very quick and has great passing ability and vision. Jumper has improved a ton but still a bit left to do. He's capable in the halfcourt and in transition.
TimLeavell5'9PGMarionTim is a strong, combo guard with decent quickness and a really good jump shoot Not an ideal point guard but he's improving at getting into the lane. Strong kid who can take the hit.
JoshLedbetter6'3SFFranklinUndersized forward with a tough game. Rebounds well in the mid-range where he can get to his spots quickly. Has some strength but needs some size to help on offense. Can get at the basket and finish at a solid clip and shown the ability to play away from the rim.
JaylenLengacher6'2SGNorth DaviessJaylen is a tall scoring guard with a big, strong frame and nice touch in the 15'-22' range. Handles need to improve to allow him to score at the rim. Tends to pullup or shoot from arc. Growing frame but could tone up a bit which could add some speed.
JakorionLindsey6'0SGEvansville BosseJakorion is a strong combo guard who can show really high end flashes of scoring ability. A talented prospect with upside in front of him if he can put it all together. Jumper is okay but best attacking from the perimeter.
EmmanuelLittle6'6PFNorth CentralLittle is a bully of a forward with a strong motor and a high-end rebounder. Has quite a few double-doubles and is adept at finishing the second-chance rebounds. Size holds his level down but skillset is really intriguing.
EvanLowden6'2SGAvonEvan is a tall scoring guard who likes to drive first, shoot second but plenty capable of doing both. Had big season for Avon (8.8 ppg) and led them in scoring quite often. Decently athletic and handles the ball well enough to be trouble.
DrewLumsdon6'8PFNorthviewDrew is a tall forward who likes to stretch the floor. Adept shooter from three who likes to stick in the corners, Drew has improved his right hand touch on the block. Has to continue to get better positioning on block but has improved. Legit inside-out threat.
CaymnLutz6'2SGHamilton HeightsCaymn is a solid combo guard who can handle the ball a bit. Made to drive at the rim where he does well finishing at the free throw line. Possesses a solid mid-range jumper. Really good rebounding guard with strength and court awareness.
JohnLux6'1SGShelbyvilleAlthetic two-sport athlete who some size and discipline to the guard spot for HS team. Handles the ball okay and better suited off ball where he can help control the game. Shoots it a bit but much better at passing and rebounding the ball. Good glue guy on the court.
DutMabok6'9CSouthportDut is a long and lanky African prospect who still has a lot of polishing left to do. Great shotblocker with good timing and tons of length. Struggles still to score on the block but has shown a decent jumper in the mid-range.
StevieMack6'7CNew WashingtonStevie is a big, undersized post player. Huge lower half that he utilizes well. Strong finisher at the rim but isn't too effective away from it. However, he moves north and south well and has length to defend the rim. At the right level, he could be a great player.
KyleMangas6'2SGWarsawKyle is a tall shooting guard who can add some offense and versatility at the right level. Not super athletic but can get out and make plays. Best off the catch but able to put it on the floor and create a bit.
JadanManion6'5CEvansville NorthJadan is a big, brick of a post player and while not very mobile, very effective scoring the ball in the post. Good hands with touch even 5+ feet away. Good at getting and maintaining his position.
AnthonyMartin6'2SFFort Wayne CarrollAnthony is a long, lanky guard who is starting to come into his own. Solid shooter and scorer but defense could be his calling card. Decent mobility vertically and length allows him to defend multiple spots. Took big strides offensively at end of the season.
CourvosierMcCauley6'4SFIndianapolis ManualCourvosier is a big, thick wing player with a very strong offensive game. Likes to play free and rip shots from anywhere and everywhere. Good shooter from distance and strong driving threat who is too big to stop. High volume guy but effective scorer.
SamMcCloskey6'0PGHeritage ChristianSam is a combo guard with a solid shooting touch and willingness to go in on the boards. Needs more time to develop by raw skills are there. Needs to be more assertive and take control this summer but has the mindset to do it.
JamesMcCloud6'2SGMt. Vernon (Fortville)James is a long scoring guard whose really improved his jump shot. A bit streaky in his scoring but is likely going to get a ton better in college. Brother of John McCloud (Davenport). Want to see him get better off the bounce to add second element.
KobieMcNeal5'11PGBrebeuf JesuitKobie is a small lead guard with a big, strong frame and plenty of offensive game. Has been up and down in the last year so he'll need to even out his game but can bring a good perimeter jumper and strong driving game. Still some upside to watch.
MitchellMeagher6'5PFScottsburgMitchell is a big, thick forward who might be a little undersized but plenty skilled. Liken him to a lesser skilled Samuel Guymon. Power dribbles into the paint and can finish through contact.
EthanMerriweather6'1PGCarmelOne of the best pure athletes in the class. The tough guard prospect has tons of upside and his defense is already on point. Lock down guy on the perimeter and uses strength and athleticism to grab rebounds. Can shoot but more comfortable driving. Handles ball well to stick at point. Football commit to Ball State.
NathanMills6'5PFPerry MeridianNathan is stocky forward with a developing game. He's best when he gets position down low and uses his big lower half to spin and finish with strength. Loves to handle the ball on the perimeter and dribble into the mid-range.
PaytonMills6'5SFCastlePayton is a big, strong wing that has some upside at a lower level program where his size plays up. Effective off the dribble but lacks speed. Can battle his way to the rim and finishes well at the line. Versatile guy for small school.
JaylenMinnett6'1PGTerre Haute SouthJaylen is a lead guard with a potent offensive game. Willing to shoot from anywhere and can catch fire with best of them. Does a good job not to overshoot but can get taken out of games when he's passive.
PaulMinor6'4SFWarren CentralPaul is a big, strong, undersized wing who does most of his work in the paint. Good rebounder with strong hands. Decent athlete but it doesn't always come out in his game. Needs to add a jump shot to his game, upside on offense if he does.
VincentMiranda6'0PGNorthWoodVincent is a tough combo guard who seems to make play after play. Decent shooter but even better decision maker with the ball in his hands and can get it to his guys in the perfect position. High IQ player. Two-sport athlete with baseball.
ConnorMontgomery5'10PGEvansville MemorialConnor is a small guard who is better suited off the ball where his main weapon, his perimeter shooting, can lead his game. Handles the ball okay but isn't the type to create a ton. Can shoot the ball really well, though.
DeonMoore6'1PGGary RooseveltDeon is a long, tall guard with good athleticism and an improving scoring game. Mainly a three or drive guy, missing mid-range game. Is adept at using a floater on his drives over taller defenders. Solid elevated jumper but a bit streaky.
ErnestMyles6'5SFArsenal TechErnest is a tall, bouncy forward who has built his game around running at the rim. Good length and solid rebounding ability allows him to play in space or a fast-moving offense. Has a jumper but needs work. Athletic ability rules his game right now.
CooperNeese6'4SGCloverdaleNeese is a big time scorer who does most work on jump shots with range well beyond the arc. Improving off the dribble and can handle a bit in the open floor. Best pure shooter in the state right now.
JackNunge6'10PFCastleJack is a tall stretch-four with a ton of upside and shooting stroke beyond the three-point line. Stellar body with length and uses it well. Shoots over defenders and has improved his post play. Has to improve hands but rebounding is getting better. High-end talent.
EvanOhman6'3SGLewis-CassEvan is a tall shooting guard with a good frame and some strength. Has had injuries slow down his development but he's a capable periemeter shooter. Good fit at a small college where he can play the 2/3 spot. Plays baseball this spring.
KeenanOrr6'5SFClinton CentralKeenan is a think forward prospect with a scoring streak. Good scorer from the perimeter who can also cut and get into the mid-range. Has grown taller in last year, giving more upside. Football prospect as well.
ConnerOsswald5'11SGWestfieldConner is a growing point guard prospect that relies upon his passing more than scoring. Not going to go out and get into double-figures but can set the pace and get the team into their sets. Has to cut down on turnovers but has upside left.
ZacOwens5'10PGCrispus AttucksZac is a smaller lead guard who likes to make plays in the open floor. Offensively minded, Owens can create off the bounce and get to the rim. Scores fairly efficiently but still needs to work on his distribution. Got speed and handles to break a press.
ChazPainter6'6PFColumbus EastChaz is low post scorer who doesn't have a ton of size but is deceptively long. Strong frame that can get better, Painter has to learn to use it more in the paint. Can try and finesse things a bit. Functional post who can score on the block if you feed him.
GrantPedigo6'5SFFranklin CentralGrant is an emerging forward prospect who has been dominant as a mid-range scoring threat. Very good 12' jump shot and can mix in a floater, hook, or put the ball on the floor and drive. Has a little length and uses it on the glass well. Big summer for him.
ElijahPennington6'0PGIndianapolis PikeElijah is a lanky but strong guard who can take the point and run with it. Creates off the bounce and mostly defers to others in that role. Capable of scoring on drives and jump shot gives him a second weapon but he's just not potent offensively, yet.
StephonPeters-Smith6'8PFColumbus NorthStephon is a phsycially special player in the post. Hailing from Trinidad, he's big and very strong but has to learn to be more assertive. When attacking, he can finish above the rim, rip for an up-and-under, and back his man down.
GagePinkerton6'9CMarionGage is a tall, long post who really has to toughen up. Can be too soft at times, struggles to get into plays because of it. Great frame that can add a ton more weight and length that allows him to rebound well at times.
MikePitz6'5CCarmelPitz is an undersized post with limited athleticism but strong IQ and some toughness. Well built and will throw his weight around. Rebounds really well and can finish off boards. Can add points without plays run for him. Good competitor.
McGwirePlumer6'0PGNoblesvilleMcGwire is a good all-around guard who should be able to stick on the ball. Not a big scoring option but does well finishing in transition. Good lead guard who can distribute, rebound, and score without need plays ran for him.
JuanQuarles6'2SGFort Wayne ConcordiaJuan is a skinny guard who can rip off shots from three pretty quick. Has improved his dribble-drive game in last year. Lack of strength shows up on drives but still finishes at a good clip. Best with the catch-and-shoot on the perimeter.
TraceRamsey6'6PFValparaisoTrace is a lefty forward who mixes his face-up and back-to-the-basket game well. Likes to slash baseline and finish using his length. Decent block scorer but has to improve his fluidity. Solid athlete.
JacobRedding6'2SGFort Wayne CarrollJacob is a long, lanky two-guard who can get buckets. Good shooter from three who can get in a rhythm and go off for 20+. Will be more productive in AAU than HS. Good off the bounce and can get into midrange to hit pullup. High-end scoring threat.
MalachiRice5'10PGPark TudorMalachi is a good lead guard whose really been good at getting to the rim. Been able to take over stretches of games in HS as a penetrating guard. He's an average shooter from behind the arc, but rather drive. Brother of Isiah Rice (Park Tudor/2017).
IsaiahRice5'8PGPark TudorIsaiah is a small lead guard who's taken steps in the last year to improve all around game. Has improved as a perimeter shooter and improved his passing. Good lead guard with some speed who still has to improve his ability to create off the bounce.
MateoRivera6'0PGNorth CentralMateo is a growing lead guard who can add some offense from the perimeter. Brother of D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera (Georgetown). Well built and getting taller. Capable press breaker who is getting better at finishing in the lane, works mainly from three.
JustinRoberts5'11PGIndianapolis PikeJustin is a high-end lead guard who likes to cause havoc on the defensive end. Creates turnovers and gets points off of them. Solid shooter but needs work. Needs to work on letting game come to him, can force things a bit too much.
JonRoss Richardson6'5SFLapelJon is a long wing who plays more on the perimeter. LIkes his jump shot but doesn't like to drive a ton. Can dribble to get it off as well as on the catch. Good defensive player who uses length and causes turnovers.
ConnorRotterman6'0PGHamilton SoutheasternConnor is a good combo guard option with a good frame and some strength already. Has improved his offense over the last year and had big games where he brings his combo of outside shooting and transition play. Solid rebounder from guard spot.
AustinSappingfield6'9PFWest VigoAustin is a tall forward who feels more comfortable stretching out for jumpers than play inside. Has spent more time on interior lately which has been a learning process. He's got to get strong down low, can get pushed around but he can shoot the ball pretty well from distance.
PaulScruggs6'2SGSouthportPaul is an elite scoring guard that is unstoppable at the rim. Really athletic and strong, Paul can finish at the rim at a very high clip. Very efficient and has a good perimeter jump shot. Not sure he's an ideal point guard but handles are solid.
LukeSeber6'5PFMonroviaLuke is a lanky forward prospect who is very adept at using his length. Capable shooter who showed a baseline jumper and a little floater. Lacks build but plays strong and doesn't shy away from a hit. Could grow a bit more as well.
CameronSembly6'2PGIndianapolis ManualCameron is a lanky and long lead guard who is still growing into his body a bit. Decent handles but will have to improve if he wants to stay on the position. Not a big scoring threat but can go off the bounce a bit. Really good project to watch.
AaronShank6'5PFHamilton SoutheasternAaron is a lean forward with a pretty good knack around the rim for finding the ball. Hasn't gotten a ton of run in HS and should preform better this summer. Can get up and down the court. Has to be more assertive on offense.
ErickShepherd6'5PFMt. Vernon (Fortville)Erick is a skilled, undersized four who's finally starting to pull away from the rim. Sticks to his 15' and in skillset but can face-up and drive or hit a pull-up. Backs his man down and can spin to finish with length. Showing a better motor recently.
NikeSibande6'3SGCrispus AttucksNIke is an athletic wing scorer with a stellar elevated jump shot. Best when he plays in transition and can run into a jumper or even dribble into one. Good pump and drive where he finishes with length. Similar to Jeremie Tyler (Ball State).
CameronSimmons6'3SGTraders Point ChristianCameron is a combo guard with a great frame and body. Strong and handles the ball fairly well. Decent pull-up jumper from three but best when he gets in lane and finishes with floaters or layups. Want to see more consitency from behind arc.
SergieySlaughter6'6PFSouthportSergiey is a tall forward who will play multiple spots at the next level. Versatile player but not overally skilled. Solid shooter from three and is improving his seals on the block where his quick moves are good but has to improve.
TylerSmith6'2PGNortheasternTyler is an ultra quick guard with improving handles but lacks polish. Mainly an athlete right now that does well getting to the rim and playing uptempo. Jump shot has really improved.
GrantSmith6'4SFConnersvilleGrant is a scoring wing who has some under-the-radar athleticism. Has shown the ability to score at all three levels and can take over a game. Has great size as handles and defense could keep him as a two. Big summer coming from him.
LukeSmith5'11PGMonroviaLuke is a talented scoring guard who can run the point for you. On the verge of a being a volume scorer. Best when he gets in the lane as eh's fairly creative and can finish well. Want to see a little more focus on creating for others this summer.
MackSmith6'0SGWarren CentralMack is a tall, strong guard with tons of speed and some athleticism. He's great as a defender and brings some aggressiveness. Lacks offense but can do well in the open floor. Needs to add a jumper to his skillset this summer.
CassiusSmits-Francisco6'9PFZionsvilleCassius is the cousin of Derrik Smith, hails from Netherlands. Has had torn ACL and meniscus so has missed a ton of time. When healthy, he's very good in the mid-range where he likes to hit turnaround jumpers. Big, strong kid in the post that can score at will.
CollinSonderman6'9CRoncalliCollin is a huge post who will have to trim down a bit. He's shown flashes of his skillset, not the whole package yet. Has to get into position a little better but when there you can't stop him and he has great touch even stretched away from the rim.
TySparling6'4SGKokomoTy is a tall shooting guard who has improved as a creator off the bounce. Still has to take steps forward in that area but a good secondary skill. Has great size and a strong frame. Great shooter off the catch and can hit the one-dribble jumper.
GriffinSpring6'4SFCovingtonGriffin is a tall two-guard who is starting to add a little strength to his frame. Good skilled scoring threat with a little athleticism. Takes over stretches of the game but can get a little lazy. A very capable scoring threat.
SashaStefanovic6'4SGCrown PointSasha is a stellar wing with tons of skill and an NBA pedigree. Dad played at Illinois State and NBA. He's growing taller quickly but handles are crisp and he's very good at creating off the dribble. Good shooter whose going to be a pain to defend.
ChristianStewart6'0PGIndianapolis RoncalliChristian is an excellent scoring point guard with a good feel for the game. Handles pressure okay, not going to beat you with speed. His shooting is really good, 49% from three this year and 90% from the free throw line. A little under-the-radar.
KalebSwick6'4PFSouthmontKaleb is an undersized forward that has started to push his game more to the perimeter. Tough kid with size and a tough frame. He's going to have to improve his jumper but can still make the jump in his game.
CarterTaylor6'7PFFrankfortCarter is a strong forward prospect with the ability to stetch out and knock down an open jumper. Does most of his work from 10' and in where he can physically beat guys around the rim. While a big kid, he's pretty mobile and has a good motor.
AddisonVolkman6'5PFEvansville ReitzAddison is an undersized forward with a strong frame and a capable low-post game. Lacks touches and if he doesn't get much it can hurt his offense. Will have to continue to stretch the floor to add other dimensions to his game.
T.J.Waldon6'4SFNorth CentralT.J. is a strong, athletic wing player with an undefined skillset. He's very athletic and makes plays off of it. Solid rebounding instincts but have to get his motor going to see his skills play.
JonathanWalker6'3SGBarr-ReeveJonathan is a tall wing shooter who could be a 2/3 at a small school. Big strong kid who could lean up but gives him strength when he wants to put ball on floor. Big shooter with range and decent touch.
KiersonWatts6'5SFCovenant ChristianKierson is a big, slightly thick forward with a strong faceup game. He's not real athletic but enough and with his body, he's really tough to stop once he gets going. Decent handles and loves to create off the bounce. Plenty of skill to like.
BrandonWatts6'7PFSouth Bend WashingtonBrandon is an mid-range forward that likes to catch and turn and faceup at 12'. Can makes plays from there backing his guy down or outmanuevering his way against bigger defenders. Understands matchups and picks his spots well.
SterlingWeatherford6'5SFHamilton HeightsSterling is a tall wing whose offense could take a big step this summer. He's the brother of Grant Weatherford (Purdue). Decent shooter from distance and has shown some willingness to play in the midrange. When he does, he's very good.
KobeWebster5'11PGPark TudorKobe is a high IQ lead guard who can make most, if not all, plays you need. Shoots well and scores at all three levels. Good handles that can break a press and get team setup. Very good passer and limits flash for more substance.
BillieWebster III6'3SGSeton CatholicBillie is a long, lanky guard with decent on-ball skills and some upside to watch. He's a capable shooter from deep and plays the roll of a point guard pretty well. Not sure his handles will keep him on the ball but at worst he's a combo guard.
JeremyWhigham6'2SGCathedralJeremy is a tall, two-guard with a good shooting touch and a solid frame. Will have to improve more off the bounce to add that second scoring option.
CameronWilbon6'4SFMerrillvilleCameron is a very long wing with good athleticism but a little bit of an undefined game. Makes plays using athleticism and length but scoring is a little sporadic. Has shown a jumper but best when in transition and running. Good defensively.
KrisWilkes6'7SFNorth CentralKris is an elite wing player with a thin frame but extremely potent offensive game. While thin, he's very strong and shows it on his ability to drive and finish at the rim. Jump shot from 22'-15' has improved. He's an adept rebounder and finisher above the rim.
MalikWilliams6'11PFFort Wayne SniderMalik is an elite forward who can do just about anything on the floor. Handles the ball well in the open floor and take it rim to rim. Elite athlete with tons of length and a very offensive minded game. Defense will need polish, court awareness is iffy.
RonnyWilliams5'9PGLiberty ChristianRonny is a quick twitch, fast point guard who can pullup into a jumper really well. Adept at creating in open space but good at using screens to penetrate and layoff to his forwards. Good defender but lacks size. Contagious energy on the floor.
RyanWilliams5'10PGIndianapolis ArlingtonRyan is a growing point guard with length and a good mid-range touch. Needs to play in the open floor as he's not going to beat many to the rim. Good length and with direction could really improve defensively. Uses floater well and can draw contact.
LukeZurcher6'0PGNorthwoodLuke is a guard who can play a combo role for a small college. Lean frame but he's made great strides in the last year in becoming more assertive. Jump shot has come around and added some offense to his game. Could emerge some this summer.