First NameLast NameHeightPositionHigh SchoolGrassroots TeamEvaluation
MichaelAdams6'4SFMetamoraQuad City Elite BlackA big time shooter with good size. Adams isn't much of a ball handler but plays to his strengths.
JalynAdams6'4SFPlainfield EastIllinois CelticsGood wing defender and solid role player for a small school college.
RaishonAlexander5'9PGProviso EastPass first point guard that pushes tempo.
JoelAlexander6'4SFChatham GlenwoodSouthwest Illinois JetsScores best around the hoop. Tough combo forward.
TreyAllen6'4PFGranite CitySouthwest JetsAthletic undersized post that uses quickness and activity level to be effective rebounder.
LaronAnderson5'8PGSandovalQuick and shifty left handed scoring guard.
RyujiAoki5'11PGStevensonAthletic and quick point guard that finishes with acrobatics in the lane.
JonArenas6'3SGMaine SouthTeam NLPHigh IQ player with creative handles getting in the lane.
ChanceArmstrong6'3SFO'FallonSouthern Illinois EaglesPower wing that is extremely strong. Finishes well around the hoop and is active on the glass. Plus defender. Football mentality.
CreigAtkins5'10PGDePaul PrepAttacking guard that gets through tight spaces and scores in the paint.
MilesBaggett6'3SFWhitney YoungAll-In/Y&RBig and strong wing that plays limited minutes for the Dolphins. Good athlete that defends and will be a role player at the next level for a small college.
MikeBallard6'3SGFenwickMeanstreetsPlus shooter with quick release. Really improved his overall game especially his handles and ability to get to the hoop. Team first player.
ReggieBanks6'6PFRichmond-BurtonWell built 6'6 combo forward. Lefty makes plays on the move and can shoot it a little from mid-range. Quick on interior.
BryceBarnes5'10PGBoganMac Irvin FireQuick and active combo guard. Pressures the opposing lead guard defensively with quick hands creating turnovers. Works well in the open floor. Likes the pull up three which he knocks down at a good clip.
PatrickBaxter6'3SGEast St. LouisSmooth wing that excels in transition.
AmmarBecar6'5PFNiles Notre DameMeanstreetsSuper productive at the high school level. Plays with a tremendous motor. Great undersized rebounder with a strong lower body. Does a great job of using fakes and his IQ to score. Rugged defender that fights for position against more athletic big men.
JordanBell6'8PFVocationalOld GoldAthletic and active big that blocks shots and rebounds.
TravonBell6'1SGMatherIllinois ExpressA big time shooter from the perimeter that knows what he can do and plays within himself.
ChrisBender6'0SGRichardsStocky wing that can shoot the ball from perimeter.
DakotaBennington6'2SGPeoria ChristianPeoria HeatAthletic slashing wing that excels in transition and playing above the rim. Upside!
BarretBenson6'10CHinsdale SouthIllinois WolvesBig bodied post player that has slimmed down over the last year. Carves out space and positions well for entry pass. Plus scorer on the block. Awesome in high/low game. Soft touch around hoop. Solid mid-range shot facing up.
MikeBibbs6'1SGWest ChicagoStrong shooting guard that is a solid perimeter shooter that seeks shot and gets to line.
TyriqBillberry6'1SGCentraliaIllinois BearsBig bodied wing. More of a SF, but only 6'0. Strong finisher within 10 feet of basket. Hits a three every now and then.
XavierBishop5'8PGSpringfield LanphierTeam RoseBishop is a quick and shifty left handed lead guard. He does a great job of keeping the defense off balance with his handles and hesitation. Gets in and out of the defense and makes plays for himself and others. Can knock down three at a good clip and is a very nice mid-range shooter. In transition he pushes the ball and finds open teammates.
DevinBlake6'5SFDowners Grove NorthMercury ElitePhysical defender and rebounder that does the dirty work in paint.
PeterBlust6'6PFHinsdale CentralFundamental U6'6 power forward with good strength and athleticism. Shown flashes.
CharlieBoyle6'7PFProviso EastActive power forward with mobility that rebounds well.
MicahBradford6'0PGBradley BourbonnaisExample SportsScoring combo guard that had a monster junior season.
DariusBranch5'7PGLeoAll-In/Y&RA small but effective scoring guard. Branch is a high volume shooter that can put points on the board in a hurry.
MeritonBunjaku6'6PFVon SteubenChicago DemonsBig bodied four man that stretches the floor with his shot.
JamalBurton6'2SGMorgan ParkMac Irvin FireBurton is an elite athlete that is at his best in transition and defending on the perimeter.
MattCappelletti6'4SGRomeovilleTough and pesky defender that has a nose for the basketball on the offensive end.
MarquiseChairs5'9PGEast St. LouisSouthern Illinois EaglesSmall point guard that pushes it in the open floor and isn't afraid to score on the interior.
MattChastain6'5PFLeRoyIllinois Irish SelectAn athletic forward that pursues rebounds away from the rim. Chastain is a scrapper and isn't afraid to rise in traffic.
AlonzoChatman6'8PFMorgan ParkMac Irvin FireChatman is physically gifted with tremendous strength and athleticism. He runs the floor well and finishes in transition. Needs to improve his skill set. Sound offensive rebounder.
JackClausel6'6PFNewarkIllinois IrishSkilled four man that can score on the block, but might be best at stretching the floor shooting it.
CanaanCoffey6'2PGBataviaTri City ThunderCoffey is a plus three point shooter both off the catch and pulling up. Crisp cuts away from the ball to get open.
KiernanCook6'6PFBloomingtonIllinois Irish SelectA lengthy forward with upside.
BenCoupet6'7SFSimeonMeanstreetsHas all the potential in the world. Great size and athleticism. Shows flashes, but needs to play more complete games.
KyleCox6'0SGDongolaIllinois BearsThick bodied wing that attacks the hoop hard and competes.
JordanCunningham6'5PFDanvilleIllinois IrishUndersized big bodied post player. Space eater that moves bodies inside and plays with football mentality.
VictorCurry6'6PFCrete MoneeActive four man that is quick to glass and has quality mobility.
MilesCurry6'4SGKenwoodThe Athlete WithinSmooth handling wing that is a sound perimeter shooter. Settles for his shot instead of attacking at times.
JacobCushing6'7SFNeuqua ValleyMercury EliteBig lefty wing that is plus pull up jump shooter. Passing feel on the perimeter. Hits the offensive glass with length.
BrandonDanowski5'10PGLoyola AcademyChicago LockdownA high IQ, skilled point guard with a good feel for the game. Can shoot three.
AnthonyD'Avanzo6'7PFNiles Notre DameChicago LockdownBack to the basket scorer with a good feel around the hoop. Solid rebounder. Efficient player.
LiddellDavis6'7PFProviso WestPotential around hoop with footwork and finishes strong on quick passes.
LukeDavis6'6PFDekalbMeanstreetsA solid post from a basketball family. Davis is a developing interior presence that rebounds well below the rim.
ChristianDavis6'1SGNazarethIllinois CelticsPhyscially strong left handed wing. More crafty than athletic. Shaky on jump shot. Good rebounder for position.
KeonDay6'0PGSpringfieldSolid mid-range shooter. Good length defensively. Role guy.
EvanDiLeonardi6'3PGSt. Charles EastCrafty passing guard that gets in the lane. Leader.
PatrickDillon6'4SGPeoria Notre DameIllinois Irish SelectA big time shooter from 3 that plays within himself and moves well without the ball.
JamesDockery6'2SGBenetPlus shooter that is tough.
IlijahDonnelly6'3PGBloomingtonTeam IllinoisA skilled lefty with a pass first mentality. Donnelly sees the floor very well and is great at hitting teammates off the bounce. He is also a very good pull up shooter from the mid range area.
IbrahimDosunmu6'6PFLincoln ParkPhysical and athletic post that is quick to glass. Needs to finish better in paint.
CJDuff6'0PGCarmelKessel HeatA scoring guard that has the ability to run a team. Duff is not a true point guard in the sense of the word but is adept to pushing the ball up the floor.
LorenzoEdwards6'7PFLake ForestMeanstreetsActive 6'7 four man that cleans up on the glass and has an intriguing skill level offensively.
SeanEk6'0SGSt. Patrick'sFiery competitor that gets in the lane and has nose for ball.
AustinElledge6'1SGHighlandSharp shooting wing that has a high IQ and is tough
RhashaunEpting6'6SFProviso WestIllinois WolvesSmooth scoring lefty wing. Can slash to the hoop and shoots it well from mid-range. Considerable potential. Very good defender. Also a D1 football prospect.
DrewEvans6'5SGThornwoodChicago LockdownAthletic guard that is great in open floor. Has shown he can shoot it from three with some consistency.
AlfredEvans6'7CWestinghouseThick center that is a quality rebounder and space eater on the interior.
NickFeldhake6'1SGDieterichSmall school wing that is plus in catch and shoot
TarkusFerguson6'3PGBelleville AlthoffSouthwest JetsRangy and athletic guard that excels on the defensive end. Improved as shooter.
DonovanFerguson6'8CDowners Grove SouthET21 BuckeyesGreat size and potential. A little raw, but shows potential skill wise.
NickFinke6'6PFChampaign CentralIllinois IrishGreat team player. Crafty left handed four man that sets great screens, fights for position on the block, and has decent quickness inside. Very good pick and pop shooter.
BradenFitzjerrells5'8PGMt. VernonSouthwest JetsPlays with tremendous intensity and heart. Small point guard that plays bigger than his size. Takes and makes tough threes. Good decisions with the ball and is the ultimate leader on the high school level.
WillFleming6'5SFSt. IgnatiusThe Athlete WithinSkilled wing that has gained strength. Plus shooter that can stretch the floor. Upside to improve as all-around player.
JourneyFleming6'0PGHopeScoring point guard that can heat up.
JTFord6'4SGSt. Charles EastPlus catch and shoot guy from beyond the arc. Solid rebounder.
DerrickFreeman5'11PGWhitney YoungTeam RoseQuick, athletic point guard that pressures defensively and excels in transition.
BennettFuzak6'7PFGenevaMercury EliteSkilled back to the basket post player with a good feel for scoring around the hoop with a soft touch.
DevinGage6'2PGCurieMeanstreetsPhysical combo guard that has improved athletically. He is best attacking and getting to the hoop off the bounce. More of a scorer than passer. Solid on ball defender.
IsaacGassman6'4SFOttawaQuad City EliteA lengthy wing that gets into the paint and finishes. Gassman is also a threat from beyond the arc. Very versitale.
BrendonGooch6'6SFBelleville AlthoffSouthwest JetsProjectable small forward that has size and long arms. Rebounded well as a junior. Can handle it in the open floor.
JamesGordon6'5PFSimeonPhysical post that plays mostly in the paint for Wolverines.
LaRoyceGordon6'6PFNorth ChicagoSolid athlete that runs the floor. Can hit mid-J.
ElyjahGoss6'7PFPlainfield EastIllinois CelticsIntriguing PF with his frame and potential. Can knock down 15-18 foot jumper. Average rebounder. Questionable hands catching the ball at times.
ZachGrady6'6PFBolingbrookIllinois CelticsUndersized big bodied post. Little slow laterally. Toughness on the interior.
WillieGreenwood6'5SFProviso EastPhysical 6'5 wing that has projectable body and finishes in transition. Upside.
LouGriffith5'7PGWashingtonIllinois IrishTough as nails 5'7 guard. Plus shooter from beyond the arc. Good passer that accellerates with ball. Emotional leader. Players want to follow him to battle.
BrandonHall6'6SFHoffman EstatesTeam NLPStrong and athletic combo forward that can hit the glass and flashes perimeter potential.
ThomasHallstein6'5SFOlympiaIllinois Irish SelectLong and rangy wing with size. Handles well in open floor.
HarryHallstrom6'8PFNaperville CentralIllinois AttackA lengthy, hard working forward that is very active around the glass. Hallstrom is a solid rebounder and can consistently score out to 15 feet.
AlbertHankins6'6PFSetonStrong and undersized wide shouldered four man that finishes around the hoop with athleticism.
CharlieHarlan6'2PGKenwoodAll-In/Young and RecklessQuick point guard that can hit spot up three
ChrisHarris6'2SGLake Forest AcademyIllinois WolvesBig time athlete on the wing. Tough defender and plays with energy.
ChamarHawkins6'3SGMaristET21 BuckeyesPhysical wing that handles it well and attacks the hoop with accelleration.
ChristianHays6'2SGDe La SalleSlick transition athlete that flashes mid-range pull up.
RodneyHerenton6'3SGStevensonPlayground EliteVery productive guard that is physcial and aggressive attacking the basket. He is powerful with the ball in his hands and loves to finish with the euro step. Finishes through contact and gets to the line.
LeeHiggins6'2PGPlainfield EastIllinois AttackAthletic point guard that can both score and dish. Standout defender on the ball.
EvanHines6'4SGNiles WestFundamental UA smooth wing with range. Hines is good in traffic and shoots it well from the perimeter.
DanielHoekstra6'3SGBishop McNamaraChicago LockdownA skilled wing with underrated athleticism. Excels shooting in the catch and shoot.
ZachHollywood6'8SFBradley BourbonnaisExample SportsA versatile forward that can stroke it from 3. Great size for position.
ZacharyHondlik6'6PFSt. Charles EastStrong upper body post that gets to line and can step out at times.
TylerHouston6'3SGKnoxvilleQuad City EliteA physical wing that can really score the basketball. Houston is strong and versatile as he can score from just about everywhere, but is at his best bombing them in from three. He is also a standout football player.
MylesHoward6'8CMarian CatholicLong and lanky post that has upside. Raw offensively. Shot blocking presence.
D'AngeloHughes5'11PGSpringfield SoutheastIllinois IrishA scoring point guard that can really shoot the 3. Hughes is a strong, aggressive guard that plays hard on both ends of the floor.
AJHunter6'0SGLarkinActive guard that is solid perimeter shooter.
DanikoJackson5'10PGRiverside BrookfieldIllinois WolvesPass first point guard with feel for running a team in the half court. Plus passer that moves the ball and gets everyone involved. Lots of arc on perimeter shot.
BryantJefferson6'6PFUnited TownshipIllinois Irish SelectA lengthy forward that can really stretch the floor with his perimeter shooting.
BrandonJohnson6'8PFTF SouthAll-In/Y&RPower forward that has considerable upside. Athletic big man that is quick to the glass and has explosive second jump. High points rebounds. Flashes emerging skill set scoring in the post. Knows his game!
KaelenJohnson6'5PFPeoria RichwoodsAll-In/Y&RA strong, aggressive interior presence that can score around the rim. Johnson is a big time rebounder and plays with a motor.
KeymontaJohnson6'3SGDecatur MacArthurIllinois ExpressAthletic slashing wing. Slippery in traffic. Scores great off the bounce and finishes inside. Plus athlete.
JaylenJohnson6'7PFVon SteubenAngular forward that is an area rebounder and shot blocking presence.
AntonioJohnson6'3SGEast St. LouisSouthern Illinois EaglesPowerful wing that is an above average athlete. Best working 10 feet and in. Solid rebounder for position.
TajuanJohnson6'3PGProviso EastBig guard that gets in the lane and is active defender.
TroyJohnson6'2SGHopeSpot up shooter that is quality athlete.
JamesJones6'4SGBoganMeanstreetsBig and physical shooting guard. Jones is very athletic and smooth with the ball in tight spaces. He is a plus shooter with great mechanics. Moves well without the ball and off screens to get open for shot. Upside prospect that also produces.
JasonJones5'10PGRock IslandQuad City EliteHigh IQ point guard that has a great feel for the game. Runs the show for Quad City Elite.
JalenJones6'0PGJoliet CentralUpside point that has a chance to keep getting better.
AustinJuergens6'4SFPekinStrong wing that can handle it and has potential on perimeter shot.
DrakeKanallaken6'6PFJerseyLong and mobile post that plays physical. Can step out and hit mid-J.
DevonteKeaton6'0PGPeoria ManualPeoria HeatA hard working guard that excels on the defensive end.
TawoneKeith6'8CFarragutBig bodied post that is volume rebounder and space eater inside.
NateKennell6'5SGMetamoraIllinois WolvesThe state's best perimeter shooter. Kennell is phenomenal in the catch and shoot. That along with his size make him a very intriguing prospect at the next level. Greatly improved game of bounce which has elevated stock.
ZachKnobloch6'1SGMarengoIllinois MagicLights out shooter that has lit up the nets with his three point shot! Competes on the glass and shown flashes as a passer.
LoganKohrmann6'2SGBreese CentralFlamesGreat perimeter shooter that shoots a high percentage from three point territory. Needs to show more off bounce and defensively.
HarrisonKranz6'2SGMetea ValleyCrafty left handed guard that has knack for getting to right spots.
KevinKrieger6'6SFPlainfield NorthMac Irvin Fire BlackA big time shooter from 3. Kreiger has a high IQ and understands a good shot from a bad shot. He plays within himself and moves well without the ball.
KeyvonKyles5'9PGLarkinQuick point guard that looks to score
MartyLanghenry6'3SGSt. IgnatiusGlue guy that defends on the perimeter. Nose for basketball.
DarnellLatham6'2PGProsserDevil DogsQuick first step and crafty handles make the Prosser guard a solid prospect.
MarcusLatham5'11PGAltonSouthwest JetsSkilled left handed point guard. Solid passer that plays with confidence.
KailanLee5'10PGSt. IgnatiusSYFSmall left handed point guard. Quick with ball. Pass first guy that gets others involved.
JaredLenoir5'11PGJoliet Catholic AcademyIllinois CelticsA high IQ point guard that sees the floor well. Lenoir is a leader with a pass first mentality. He also defends the ball well.
SamLessaris6'1SGChampaign CentralTough guard that does little things. Adequate shooter.
AntoineLocke6'0PGBolingbrookHoopers Basketball ClubTough and physical scoring combo guard.
JalenLouie6'4PFLincoln ParkUndersized four man that plays with toughness and uses angles.
TommyLucca6'0PGGenoa KingstonIllinois WolvesHigh IQ guard that had breakout junior season. Really improved as a scorer and shooter putting up huge numbers. When on the summer circuit shows tremendous feel and vision as a point guard.
JulianLynch6'0SGSouth ElginKessel HeatSmooth wing that can slash a little, but is a good spot up three point shooter.
MattMahlke6'6PFDowners Grove NorthMercury EliteUndersized post that out works his opponent and is active on the glass.
JasonMalonga6'4SGBenetIllinois AttackPhysical shooting guard that is powerful with the ball attack through contact.
JonMarotta6'7PFLincoln Way WestExample SportsSkilled four man that stretches the floor with shot. Positions body around hoop to score. Crafty on block.
TJMartens6'4SFRockridgeQuad City Elite BlackA tough, physical wing that does the dirty work. Martens is a good perimeter rebounder and can score inside out. He is also a standout on the football field.
JosephMartucci6'0SGYorkIllinois CelticsA strong guard with a very good mid range game. Martucci plays extremely hard on both ends and rebounds well from the perimeter. He also has the ability to knock down the 3.
JeremiahMatthews6'1SGCrete MoneeScoring combo guard that is a plus shooter with a quick release. Takes and makes tough shots. Works well in the mid-range.
EthanMayberry6'6PFMascoutahSolid back to the basket scorer that keeps ball high
RonMcBride6'5SFEast AuroraBig wing that has upside. Can hit occassional three. Best attaccking off bounce.
NoahMcCarty6'8PFSterling Newman CatholicQuad City EliteWide shouldered big man with very good strength. He displays a good skill set on the block with his back to the basket converting at a high rate in the paint. The power forward has also shown some potential stretching the floor. McCarty is a high motor big that rebounds well and is a plus passer out of the post. On defense he does a sound job of anchoring and not letting his opponent get deep in the paint.
DallasMcClain5'10PGDecatur MacArthurSouthwest JetsQuick guard that glides by his man. Very good perimeter shooter with a lot of arc on his jumper. Pesky on ball defender.
JelaniMcClain5'11PGNaperville NorthChicago DemonsPowerful and compact guard that bullies his way to the hoop. Has his head up looking to make plays in the open floor. Quality defender.
JamesMcQuillan6'4PGSt. Charles EastTri City ThunderBig guard that handles it. Smooth with ball and makes sound decisions. Can score it as well. Upside.
SeanMcShane6'5PFSandburgMobile power forward that is an area rebounder.
EthanMeeker6'2PGGalesburgQuad City EliteMeeker is a plus shooter that plays with a quiet confidence. Led his team to a huge season. Improved his point guard skills during the spring.
JakeMeeske6'2PGUnited TownshipIllinois Irish SelectLefty combo guard that is best in the catch and shoot.
MattMeier6'2SGNaperville CentralIllinois AttackAn athletic and high energy guard that makes his presence felt defensively.
NickMeyer6'3SGLake ZurichPlus catch and shoot three point threat that moves well away from the ball to get open.
WilliamMiles6'7CRock IslandAll-In/Y&RA big body that moves well. Miles is a good rebounder and has solid footwork with his back to the basket.
CharlieMoore5'11PGMorgan ParkMac Irvin FireQuick and flashy point guard that has speed in the open floor. Likes to pull shot from really deep. Has put up huge scoring numbers recently. Scoring point guard that can pass it as well. Has improved assist/turnover ratio.
PatrickMoore6'7PFCarbondaleDownstate VipersStretch four man that is pick and pop player.
ZionMorgan6'3SGKenwoodAll-In/Y&RAthletic and rangy shooting guard. Can score at all three levels and handles it well slashing to the hoop. Solid defender with potential to get even better.
SkylerNash6'5SGRiverside BrookfieldIllinois WolvesPhysically gifted with strength and high level athleticism. Nash is best in transition as a finisher and attacking the basket. Needs to be more consistent game in and game out. Still has upside.
IsaacNelson5'9PGSpringfieldLefty point guard that has impressed with his perimeter shooting. A little shot happy and streaky at times. Solid pressure defender.
CJNeville5'11PGRock IslandQuad City Elite BlackQuick guard that gets into lane. Works well scoring in team concept.
RoyceNewman6'6PFNashvilleTough undersized power forward that is crafty on the interior. Takes good angles scoring in paint. Hits short jump shots within 15 feet. Very good passer for big man. Football might be his route in college.
AdamNewman6'1PGMarionCrafty lead guard that handles it well. Cuts away from ball strong. More of a soccer prospect.
TravisNiemerg6'6PFDieterichUndersized four man that plays well against small school competition. Active around hoop and quick in the paint.
ZackNorvell6'4SGSimeonMac Irvin FireNorvell is an assertive scoring wing. He is at his best as a plus shooter from both mid-range and three. His handles have improved as has his ability to get others involved passing it. Plus rebounder for a guard.
BradNovak6'7PFBrimfieldBig bodied post that clogs the lane and makes tough for opponents to drive.
MeshachObafemi6'8CSt. RitaTeam RoseBig bodied post that is still pretty raw, but has promise.
DanielOgele6'5SFSt. IgnatiusIllinois CelticsUpside combo forward that is strong and athletic. Solid mid-range jumper. Has steadily improved throughout career.
DonovanOliver6'4SGKewaneeQuad City EliteOliver is a powerful wing that is great in transition and finishing around the hoop. He works well in space on the perimeter as a slasher. The Kewanee standout is a plus rebounder for his position.
DariasOliver6'6SFLeoIllinois ExpressAn uber-talented wing that can really put it in the basket. Oliver's motor is questionable as he turns it on and off a lot.
JarretOlson5'11SGSt. BedeIllinois AttackA hard nosed, high IQ combo guard with the capability of dropping big numbers.
ArmonOsborne5'10PGSt. Charles NorthHigh IQ point guard that has feel for game.
D'AaronOwens5'7PGCentraliaSouthwest JetsHigh IQ point guard that runs team to perfection. Improved as a shooter over last year. Size is only knock from being a low D1 player.
ParisParham5'11PGSt. Thomas MoreTeam IllinoisPoint guard that is best as a catch and shoot three point threat.
JamalParks6'5SGBloomLong and rangy wing with good size. Plus shooter from three.
DanielParris6'5SFShawneeIllinois BearsPhyscial lefty that scores in the mid-range.
AlexPassi6'2PGGlenbard WestMercury EliteSteady point guard that has potential at D3 level.
NickPenny6'1PGLake ZurichTough lefty guard that gets to the free throw line and plays with heart.
BradPerry6'7CMaine SouthBig bodied cetner that seals well and is area rebounder.
TerrellPhipps6'8PFSimeonAll-In/Y&RAthletic four man that is a shot blocker with quickness and anticipation on the defensive end. Offensively he stretches the floor with his perimeter shot.
JustinPierce6'5SGGlenbard WestMercury EliteA big time shooter with good length and deep range. Sneaky athlete that can score off bounce. Active rebounder.
AdamPischke5'11PGMarian Central CatholicKessel HeatScoring point guard that likes to shoot it from the perimeter.
EthanPogge6'7PFNormal CommunityIllinois Irish SelectTough combo forward that shoots it well from mid-range and fights hard on the glass with a lot of grit.
MikePollack6'4SGDekalbQuad City EliteA big wing that shoots it well from 3. Improved athleticism and scoring in open floor.
AndreRaiford6'5PFDe La SalleAthletic post that has a physical body and is mobile in paint with explosive finishes.
NickRakocevic6'10PFSt. Joseph'sIndiana EliteSkilled and athletic post with great size. Needs to continue to gain strength to max out his ability. Improved game on the block considerably. Can face up shooting and also attack off the bounce. Runs the floor tremendously well. Rough spring and summer not displaying consistency game in and game out.
JarrinRandall5'11PGMorgan ParkMac Irvin FireTough and wiry combo guard that is at his best shooting the ball from three. Has range on shot with free flowing release.
KaronRandolph6'4SGEast St. LouisAthletic wing that is best in transition and slashing to the hoop.
ZakRazik6'1PGSandburgStrong and crafty left handed guard that is tough and plays with flare.
JordanReed6'1PGPlainfield EastPoint guard that can score in spurts.
WillReinhard6'6PFBarringtonKessel HeatCrafty big man that can stretch the floor with a face up jump shot. Mobile defender.
JakeRhode5'10PGMt. CarmelScoring point guard that can handle ball. Nose for being around the ball.
BrettRisley6'2SGSt. LaurencePlus shooter off catch.
JoshuaRoberts6'2SGWestinghouseTeam RoseUpside shooting guard prospect that has potential. Potential on jumper, but can be inconsistent at times. Strong physically for wing.
NickRobinson6'6SFKenwoodMac Irvin FireAthletic and physically gifted wing. Robinson has a quick first step and is explosive attacking the rim. Works well making quick moves out of mid-post. Shown flashes of huge potential this season and on the circuit.
BriceRobinson6'7PFOswegoChicago LockdownSkilled post with strength on the interior. Solid rebounder that shoots a high percentage in the paint.
JoshRobinson6'2PGNormal WestTeam IllinoisA skilled lefty that can score and distribute. Robinson is very crafty with the ball in his hands. His quickness and length allows him to break down defenders where he is able to get into the paint. He has good court vision and understands how to use angles to score at the rim and is good a drawing and finishing through contact. He has also developed into a solid set shooter from 3.
CorielleRobinson6'5SFPhillipsAll-In/Y&RA tough wing with solid skills. Robinson can make plays but isn't afraid to do the dirty work and clean up as a role guy too.
IsaiahRoby6'8SFDixonQuad City EliteSkilled forward that can score in a variety of ways. Great size and long arms. The Dixon standout handles it well through traffic attacking. Deceptive athlete that is explosive around the hoop. Has good feel for the game and is an excellent passer. Can post small defenders up. Length plays well defensively.
KeatonRombach6'7PFOttawaChicago LockdownA combo forward that shoots the 3 and can also get to the rack against bigger opponents. Glue guy that gets it.
MaliqueRoss5'11PGOswegoIllinois RiseA skilled point guard that can score and distribute.
PatrickRucker5'8PGThorntonMeanstreetsStrong and athletic point guard that pressures the ball defensively and has shown a knack for scoring in stretches.
MalcolmRuff6'6PFMt. VernonPhysical post that can handle it a little and hit baseline J
DevonSams6'0PGBolingbrookIllinois CelticsSams is a strong and stocky point guard that has always been productive in both high school and AAU. He is at his best powering his way to the hoop. His shot from 15-18 feet has improved. He is a great on ball defender with his strength and quickness.
MikeSchroeder5'11SGSt. Charles NorthTri City ThunderVery good shooter with a quick release. Has some deceptive athleticism and can handle a little bit. Gets under opponents skin and anticipates passes defensively.
DulanScott6'3SGFarragutPowerful attacking two guard that rebounds well and is strong with ball.
JosephSieger6'1PGNeuqua ValleyIllinois CelticsA combo guard that shoots it with range. Sieger uses both hands well and comes from a basketball family (father played at Oklahoma).
DeMonteSimms6'0PGPeoria CentralPeoria HeatA quick point guard that plays with great toughness. Simms brings a lot of energy to the defensive end.
LucasSimon6'4SGNiles Notre DameChicago LockdownLong arms which get in passing lanes defensively. Potential on his jump shot.
RichardSimpkins6'4SFNormal WestTeam IllinoisAn athletic forward that is a good set shooter. Simpkins plays with a high motor and is continuing to develop perimeter skills.
MikeSmith5'10PGFenwickTeam RoseDoes everything well at the point guard position. Runs his team getting his teammates involved. Works well in the pick and roll. Plus shooter off the bounce. Pesky on ball defender that pressures opposing floor general.
MattySmith6'0PGSouth ElginIllinois WolvesStrong and compact guard that is a good shooter. High IQ floor general that has a nice feel for the game and makes sound decisions with the ball. Uses strength attacking off the bounce finishing through contact.
MarkSmith6'8PFRiverside BrookfieldThe Athlete WithinHas the size and long arms. Smith has improved his coordination and mobility. He has a soft touch around the basket.
LeRoySmith6'4PFPeoria ManualIllinois Irish SelectAn undersized but physical 4 man with good strength. Smith understands positioning and uses it to be one of the area's top rebounders.
BradenSmith6'6PFMattoonSolid mobility and good passer. Strong lower half.
DanSobelewski6'2SGBenet AcademySkilled combo guard with a high IQ. Sobolewski is a good shooter from 3 that moves well without the ball in his hands.
JakeStephens6'7PFNew BadenIllinois BearsStrong and physical presence on boards and defensively.
TannerStuckman6'8PFQuincy Notre DameIllinois IrishRangy and skilled forward that can stretch the floor with shot. Runs the floor well with long strides.
BrandonSuggs6'8PFWinnebagoTeam RoseAthletic and rangy power forward that presents upside with physical tools and athleticism.
AustinSwalls6'3SGCartervilleFour sport athlete that handles the ball and can shoot in pull up.
JoshThomas6'2SGSimeonMeanstreetsTough and crafty junior guard that is powerful in the paint. Very good on ball perimeter defender. Productive player for Simeon. Monster circuit with Meanstreets!
SterlingThornton6'1SGSterlingQuad City Elite BlackVersitale guard that plays with toughness.
JordanThorton5'11PGHoffman EstatesTeam NLPAthletic and quick point guard that can hit a pull up jumper.
NathanTownsen5'10PGBoganSmall scoring lead guard.
TrayvonTyler6'1SGRockford AuburnPhysical guard that is powerful attacking hoop. Strong with ball and moves on D.
JustinUju6'2PGPlainfield EastIllinois AttackQuick and shifty lead guard that can knock down pull up jumper.
CoreyUpchurch6'0PGRich EastSolid all-around point guard.
DylanVaca6'2SGKanelandET21 BuckeyesSlasher who is relentless attacking the rim. Vaca is also a solid perimeter shooter.
LoudonVollbrecht6'9CGenevaTri City ThunderA strong, lengthy post that takes up space. Loudon has good touch around the rim and moves well for his size. He's also a standout on the football field, but will play college basketball. Dominant late in circuit.
WillieWalton5'11PGSt. LaurencePowerful point guard that gets in lane looking to kick or score.
BenWeber6'1SGBarringtonSpot up left handed shooter that excels in the catch and shoot.
MattWendling6'5SFAthensIllinois Irish6'5 combo forward that can stretch the floor with shot from the perimeter.
GeorgeWilborn6'2SGDe La SalleTeam RoseAthletic guard that can score in a variety of ways. Breakout senior season.
BreshawnWilkerson6'0PGOak Park River ForestImpactTough on ball defender. Showed improvement.
AntonioWilliams6'2SGProviso EastAll-In/Y&RSuper athletic and slashing wing that finishes in paint. Loves the euro step. Improving jumper especially from mid-range. Huge upside defensively.
ChrisWilliams6'4SFSt. RitaTeam RoseLong and athletic wing. Plus mid-range game with smooth looking stroke. Length plays well defensively. Somewhat hidden as he is playing behind talented seniors.
LeronWilliams6'3SGTinley ParkSmooth and rangy wing that is good in the open floor.
BrandonWilliams6'2SGSandovalTough wing that plays with motor. Best on straight line drives to hoop.
DeshawnWilson5'9PGZion BentonA quick, defensive minded point guard that plays with a high level of energy.
JustinWingba6'3SGElk GroveIllinois Old SchoolLong and rangy wing with a streaky jumper.
KeenanYoung6'2SGBelleville AlthoffSouthern Illinois TigersBig bodied wing that can shoot it from the perimeter. Star WR on the gridiron.