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How do I subscribe?

1. To subscribe, visit the following link: https://www.prephoops.com/get-your-all-access-pass/

2. Choose your state from the map. You will then be redirected to your state’s checkout page.

3. Choose your subscription package; Single State, Pick 5, or National


4. Select the subscription duration; Monthly or Annual

5. Enter your billing and payment information

6. Enjoy the most comprehensive coverage of prep basketball in your market!

How do I reset my password?

1. If you have forgotten your password, visit the following link to reset your password: https://prephoops.com/my-account/lost-password/

How do I change my password?

1. Log in to the website and visit your My Account page.

2. Click the edit your password and account details link.

3. Enter your new password.

How do I update my credit card information?

1. Log in to the website and visit your My Account page.

2. Under My Subscriptions, view the subscription you would like to update.

3. Click “Change Payment” under your desired subscription.

4. Select the “Use a New Payment Method” checkbox to enter in your updated credit card information.

How are player rankings determined?

Prep Hoops rankings are compiled after watching hundreds of high school and AAU games, talking with high school and college coaches, and evaluating statistics when they are available. It’s not a perfect method, but it produces a pretty complete list of the top players in each state.

If you feel that we have missed a player in your state, please send statistics, highlight tapes, or any other relevant information regarding that player and our staff will review that information.

Are Prep Hoops Subscriptions Recurring?

Prep Hoops subscriptions are paid on a recurring basis. The first payment will take place on the date of purchase, with recurring payments occurring in the same amount on the renewal dates of your subscription until you choose to cancel. All purchases are final.

How Can I Get My Son Recruited?

The Prep Hoops staff provides coverage for as many players as possible throughout the year, but they are not able to see all deserving players. If you feel that your son is being under-recruited, we would recommend creating a starter or All-American profile at the following link: https://www.prephoops.com/recruitme/

Prep Hoops is the nation’s leading resource for college coaches, and RecruitMe offers players the opportunity to create a detailed recruiting resume with on and off the court accolades, academic qualifications, and more. If you want to play at the next level, create your profile today and start connecting with college coaches!