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The Expo is Just Over a Week Away

The Twin Cites Top 250 Expo is Sunday September 9th and will have the deepest talent pool that Minnesota has ever had. Secure your spot soon and join the following local talents.
August 30, 2018

17U Post Season-Series: 2020, will it be the best ever?

The 2020 class of Minnesota talent has consistently been referred to as the deepest group of talent since 2009, so with that being the case, could Minnesota teams make their best impact nationally, ever?
August 18, 2018

17U Post-Season Series: The Top Need

There is a real chance that next year Minnesota could have THREE teams ranked at 17u nationally at some point. But before that happens, we step into the "need" category, as in what our teams need to add to become the teams they want to be.
August 14, 2018

17U Post-Season Series: The Returning Line-Up

The importance/relevance of Grassroots Basketball has grown massively in the past ten years so the 2019 season is already on our minds.  What do programs have back/coming up?  We give you the rundown of next year's returning talent with a 17u 2019 starting five. 
August 13, 2018

The 16U All State Team

The 2020 class of talent in Minnesota will be one of the best ever. Some players competed at 17u while others played 16u and competed for some of the best teams in the Midwest. Here is this year's 16U all state team comprised of players from Minnesota 16U teams.
August 6, 2018

The Roundball Remix Preview

This weekend at Burnsville High School the Roundball Remix event (put on by Team Get Shook) will have a lot of solid names competing and today NHR takes a look at the competition. 
June 29, 2018

The Howard Pulley Invitational Preview

The tournament that has been around as long as any is the Howard Pulley Invitational.  There are familiar names once again taking part in this year's event out in Maple Grove.
May 16, 2018

Battle at the Lakes: Friday 16u

The Battle at the Lakes opened up Friday night in Burnsville with 16 and Under play led by some of Grassroots Sizzle’s top talent playing in front of several curious fans.
May 12, 2018

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