Jake Perper

Jake is the lead scout for Prep Hoops Florida. He is based out of Tampa and has been with the company since May 2016. Jake has a plethora of experience working and writing about high school, collegiate and professional sports. He is here to help as many kids as possible reach their goals of playing at the next level. He currently covers high school sports for the Tampa Bay Times. He's written previously for The Tampa Tribune, The Naples Daily News, The News-Press, Bleacher Report and Jake can be reached via Twitter @JakePerper or via email

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Michael Costeines

Michael Costeines is a basketball writer based in South Florida. From Connecticut, he graduated with a degree in journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. He has worked for NBC Sports and has wrote for such publications as Saturday Down South, Mars Reel and Hero Sports. When he is not writing about basketball, you can find him at some court keeping his dream of signing a one-day contract alive.

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