First NameLast NameHeightPositionHS TeamEvaluations
ScottieBarnes6'6"WFCardinal NewmanBarnes is so polished for his age, but has shown a knack for being an elite wing early in his career.
DudleyBlackwell6'4"CGWestminster AcademyBlackwell reminds me a lot of Dwayne Bacon, but has a bit more bounce in his game. Big time scoring two guard.
NaseemKhaalid6'1"PGFirst CoastKhalid is a guard who has an extremely bright future at the next level, and showed his upside this year.
MalachiWideman6'3WFSarasota RiverviewWideman probably has the most upside of anyone in the 2020 class. He has a ton of bounce, and his ability to score it is unmatched.
LeonardManuel6'4"WFVanguard (Ocala)Manuel is built like a linebacker, and he plays like a player who is much older than his current age. He's really strong.
CoreyWalker6'7"PFBishop SnyderWalker has about as much upside as anyone in the state. He has a ton of length, and he's going to continue to just keep getting better over the course of time. High D1 prospect.
JulianNewman5'6"PGDowney ChristianNewman is so experienced compared to anyone else in his age group. He's played a lot of big games already and knows how to handle them.
JadrianTracey6'5"PGSWFL ChristianTracey is a good ballhandler who plays beyond his years. He's athletic, long and strong in the paint.
GervonDexter6'7"PFLake WalesDexter is built like a senior, and he's just going to continue to improve his skill. He has a crazy amount of athleticim, but he has to keep learning how to channel that
JamalMashburn Jr.6'1"PGGulliverMashburn has quickly established himself as one of the top scores in the state. He can make plays all over the court with his speed and smarts.
JohnSquare6'4"WFFlorida ChristianSquare has a really awesome motor, and he's made a lot of strides over the past year. He's going to be a high upside player possibly at the four if he keeps growing
ChristianShaneyfelt6'6"SFCountrysideShaneyfelt is a top notch 3-point shooter who is growing into his body. He is a lengthy kid who is starting to come into his own as an attacker.
LJThomas6'PGBrooks DeBartoloThomas might be the best rising sophomore PG in the Tampa area. He was relied on a ton this year at Brooks to run the point and he did a good job
KarioOquendo6'4"WFTitusville HighOquendo is a special athlete at the two guard. He's very explosive, and while he still has some stuff he needs to work on, his upside is huge
TreGilliam5'10PGSt. Pete GibbsGilliam might have gotten overlooked this year, playing with David Pierce, but he's lightning quick and has the potential to be a HM PG.
MarcusNiblack6'PGWildwoodNiblack plays an aggresive style of basketball. He plays older than his current age and that helps him in most situations as a scorer and shooter.
TonySanders6'5"SFGulliverSanders is a super long prospect who had a great year at Gulliver Prep. He's going to continue to be one to watch as the summer progresses.
JohnGarcia6'4"SFLake WalesGarcia has all of the size and length that you'd want in a player at the next level he's still incredibly raw, but has a ton to work with.
AllijahHarrison6'6"PFTampa CatholicHarrison is a super long prospect who is getting better by the week. He's going to continue to get more coordinated as well.
IsaiahEdden5'10PGSuncoastEdden is a really crafty floor leader who can hold his own with players who are much more experienced than he. He has a lot of upside as a leader.
CaydenBaker6'6"PFSWFL ChristianBaker is a pure hustling forward. He is a key rebounder who can use his overall strength to add tough baskets in the paint.
RiversLenholt6'0"GSt. Pete CanterburyLenholt has a bright basketball mind. He isn't afraid to take shots and also get his teammates involved heavily.
VanWilkes6'4"SFWinter ParkWilkes has a really sweet stroke, and while he will be compared to his older brother Wyatt, but he will be good enough to make his own name for himself.
JordanJackson5'7"PGImpactJackson is lightning quik with the ball and he's best in transition. He knows how to find his teammates and to put them in great positions to score
JoshuaSimons6'3"SFBartowSimons has massive hands, and his upside is off the charts. He's just going to continue to get better at Bartow. Tons of upside defensively.
KelvinDean6'PGChipleyDean is a strong guard, who had a good freshman year for Chipley. He scores it very well, and finishes it through contact.
IvanReynolds6'4"SGCoral Springs CharterReynolds impressed me at the NTF workout with his ability to score the ball with ease. He holds him self in a mature way on the floor.
DiegoLaMonica6'4SFGulliverLaMonica had a very solid freshman year for the super young Gulliver Prep squad. He's going to be a solid scorer from now on.
CourtneyGrant5'10"PGDwyerGrant impressed me from the get go, with his ability to take players off the bounce. He has a lot of upside at the PG position.
RayDavis5'10"PGGeorge JenkinsDavis is the better overall PG out of the two GJ guards, and he has more upside In my eyes for the future.
YussifBasa- Ama6'9PFSpanish RiverBasa-Ama impressed me at the NTF workout last year with his ability to run the floor and his willingness to rebound. High upside.
AshtinDore6'3"FTampa Bay TechDore can definitely figure out a way to contribute this year. He has great hands and is relatively coordinated for his size and age.
AdariusLee5'8"PGGeorge JenkinsLee is the better scorer out of the two GJ guards. He has a knack for being able to put the ball in the hoop.
KeganKarnes5'8"PGBerkeley PrepKarnes is a guy who you can underestimate because of his size, but he has the skill that most of the time it doesn't matter. He scores it well.
BryceBrown5'7"PGLakewoodBrown played a ton as a freshman for Lakewood and really fit into their offense. He will bring his confidence into his sophomore campaign.
DionteBlanch6'2"SGEast LakeBlanch is built like a football player hence his work at cornerback for the Eagles. He can attack with his brute strength and is someone who energizes his team.
GabeTaylor5'8"PGGulliverTaylor is a dependable floor leader for a talented young Gulliver Prep Team. He's a great PG to watch this summer.
KeanoCalderon6'4"SFDr. PhillipsCalderon played sparingly as a freshman but will start next season. He is long, smart and hits from outside more often than not.
IsaiahRamsey6'2"PGWesley ChapelNow, Ramsey didn't play the hardest schedule his freshman year, but he did average 15.2 PPG. He will take over next year for Sam Schneidmiller.
IsaiahElmore6'6"PFTampa CatholicElmore is a raw post player who saw extensive time with JV. He's running with E1T1 15U this summer and that will further his progression.
ReaganWeiss6'6"FPlantWeiss is a superb outside shooter with upside as an attacker. He flourished as a freshman and will take the next step this fall.
JavonBell6'3"SGSanta Fe CatholicJavon has handles, a jumper and he is in for a big season at Santa Fe Catholic
RJHampton6'5"GMontverde AcademyRJ comes over from Texas. He's long, fast and can command an offense with ease