First NameLast NameHeightPositionHigh SchoolGrassroots TeamEvaluation
AbuleAbadi6'8PFMiami Dade ChristianD3 Team MOAMAbadi is a beast down low, who is very productive. Skill getting more skilled, but knows his role.
MadutAkec6'9PFVictory RockFlorida SonsAkec is a defense first big man, who can also score it pretty well. He has long arms, and is currently developing a post move
MichaelAkuchie6'7WFSt. Thomas AquinasTeam BreakdownAkuchie is a big wing with a lot of skill. Long arms, strong shoulders, defends the perimeter well.
AmorieArchibald6'1CGTrinity ChristianNike South BeachArchibald is an underrated, undersized 2 guard, who can score it against anyone. If he gets hot, watch out.
PaulAtkinson6'7PFWestminsterNike South BeachAtkinson is a workhorse down low, has a very high motor, and will be a great asset at the MM area.
DariusBanks6'5SGSt. PeteE1T1 UnitedBanks is a versatile wing guard, who can guard multiple positions. Rebounds well for position.
BryceBeamer6'4SFSickles High SchoolTeam SpeightsBeamer is a very good shooter who will find a role at the LM+ level. Athleticism is improving.
StacyBeckton6'4PGAtlanticShowtime HoopsBeckton is a long, lanky guard who has a very high IQ. He's a coaches son, and rarely makes mistakes.
CJBent6'PGOak RidgeBent is a high level scorer. He can score it on all 3 levels, and his mid range is lethal.
DesmondBessent6'8PF/CSicklesBessent is a very good rebounder due to his size. Consistently shows off his ability to protect the rim.
DrewBethoney6'3SGBloomingdaleTampa TitansBethoney is one of the most successful shooters in Tampa area's history. Can do it in multiple ways.
HaydenBieri6'2PGSpruce CreekFlorida LegendsBieri is anything but conventional, but he just flat out gets it done. He's a good passer, and shoots it well.
CodyBowes6'5PFGulliver PrepBowes is an undersize four man, who can flat out bring it. He has a really high motor, and
ChaundeeBrown6'4SGThe First AcademyCP25 SE EliteHigh level scorer, Brown is one of the best SG's in the Southeast.
ZackBryant6'2PGProvidenceJacksonville MagicBryant is much like a righty version of Frazier. Quick, passes it well, and finishes well in traffic
JonathanBryant6'4SGOakleafD3 Team MOAMStrong power guard, Bryant gets to the rim very well, and finishes well through contact.
KevinBuckley6'4WFWinter ParkCP25 SE EliteBuckley is a raw athlete that can take off on anyone. Jump shot has improved as well.
JeraldButler6'4CGWestminsterFlorida VipersButler is an underrated passer, and is built like a linebacker. Will be a successful MM+ player.
JustinButler6'PGBooneO Town WolvesButler gets it done consistently. He's tough, and has consistently shown that he will do what it takes to win games
ChristopherButler5'10PGBartowButler is a very old school point guard. He's a pass first player, and has played against the best at Bartow
AJCaldwell6'3SGRiverviewFlorida SonsCaldwell is a pure shooter who will most likely be a specialist. Reminds us of Fletcher Magee
JacorianCalloway6'2CGMosleyShowtime HoopsCalloway is a smooth lefty who passes it well, and gets out in transition, opening lanes for teammates with ease.
KevinCham6'PGMontverde AcademyCham is a very intelligent guard. Makes the right passes, and puts his teammates in situations to make open shots.
MarcusCohen6'2PGSicklesTeam SpeightsCohen is one of the best in the Tampa area. he uses both hands well in the air, and has the length to guard big guards on the perimeter.
CameronCorcoran6'1PGWest OaksShowtime BallersOne of the best shooting PG's in the state, Corcoran has developed into a very solid player who can find a place at the LM+ area.
SafirDaow6'5CGVictory RockFlorida Sons
StevieDarst6'3CGTampa JesuitTeam SpeightsDarst is a crafty player, who just helps his team win games. Shoots it well, distributes well
ZachDawson6'4PGSouth MiamiNike South BeachDawson comes up big on big stages. Long arms, shoots it well from deep, guards position well.
LouisDorsey6'4SGPotters HouseTeam BlueprintDorsey is a hard nosed player who gets down and dirty on both ends. He gets to tin quickly, and efficiently.
LuguentzDort6'3CGACDBrookwood EliteDort is a typical Canadian guard. Super tough, gets up into you, and can score with the best.
IbrahimDoumbia6'7PFMiami Country DayD3 Team MOAMExtremely explosive athlete, jump shot has improved drastically. Top 100 player in the nation.
CoryDurden6'5SGNewberryDurden is a tough minded forward who can guard a multitude of positions.
KimarEdwards6'5PFPoincianaTeam BreakdownEdwards is an undersized four man, who plays with a ton of energy. He loves going back door for easy points
AustinEvans6'5SFDwyerBall4Lyfe UnitedEvans is a dual sport player, and is very explosive. Shoots it well from deep as well.
LJFigueroa6'5SGOldsmar ChristianTeam BreakdownFigureroa can score it at all 3 levels. Stocky build, can shoot it from deep, and can finish over anyone.
KaeeylFindlay6'5GBerkeley PrepBalkman EliteBig Bodied PF, Findlay lines up against the best in the area, and is very successful, Strong rebounder.
KJFitzgerald5'10PGCardinal NewmanNike South BeachFitzgerald has the ball on a string, and can get by anyone playing in a man.
TevinFlorent6'7PFOsceolaShowtime BallersFlorent is super raw, but has a very high ceiling, with the capability of being a MM player.
DarrionFluker6'7WFAgape ChristianTeam BreakdownFluker has a wide body, and protects the paint very well, with his long arms altering a lot of shots.
AJFord6'7FGibbs HighCP 25 SE Elite FBCFord is one to watch. Continues to get better, and is a very long PF. Plays with a very high motor
FrankForeman6'2PGEdgewaterShowtime BallersForeman plays with an edge, and can play at multiple tempos. He gets into lanes quickly on the defensive side of the ball.
SylvainFrancisco5'11PGLiberty Christian PrepE1T1 UnitedPossibly the quickes guard in the state, Francisco gets to the rim at will, and uses his hands in the air well to finish.
TrentFrazier6'2PGWellingtonWellington WolvesHigh volume scorer, ultra quick, lefty gets to the rim better than most.
JoniyaGadson6'10CDillardFlorida VipersGadson is continuing to improve down low, developing a go to post move, but plays with a great motor.
DyujaeGayman5'8PGLincoln ParkSmall, quick guard that is a high level leader for Lincoln Park. He brings a lot of energy to the offensive and defensive ends.
LatravianGlover6'7SFSouth MiamiFlorida VipersAn incredible athlete, Glover plays above the rim at all times. His defensive potential is off the charts.
XionGolding6'3CGWindermere PrepShowtime HoopsGolding showed up big time at the Final Four this year, shooting the ball very well from deep, and he competes on every play.
AmariGoulbourne5'9PGTampa PrepQ6 All StarsGoulbourne is an elite perimeter defender, who has matched up very well against high level guards in the past, shutting them down often.
RaiquanGray6'8PFDillardFlorida VipersPotential to be a top 5 player in the class. Gray has a smooth game, and a jumpshot that stretches the floor.
BrettHaeffner6'9PF/CSaint Andrew'sFlorida SonsHaeffner is a lanky big who is continously figuring out his height. He has good touch around the rim, and can step out and create offense.
AJHaeffner6'10PF/CSaint Andrew'sFlorida SonsHaeffner, much like his brother, is still figuring out his height, and but brings a great deal of energy to the floor every time. Runs the floor well.
CraigHall6'6WFSteinbrennerCP 25 SE Elite FBCHall is a pure athlete, who straight up puts in 100 percent every time he gets on the floor. He's very bouncy as well
ShaquilleHarris6'6WFAmericanMiami SunsHarris is an athlete that will fly consistently under the radar, but he has the potential to be an elite defender due to his length.
McKinleyHarvin5'10PGBartowFlorida SonsA defensive minded PG, Harvin knows how to win games, and win a lot of them.
BrentHolcombe6'8PFCoral ReefD3 Team MOAMHolcombe is a versatile four man who can step out and hit jumpers. He runs the floor well, and efficiently.
LuisHurtado6'4CGSagemontE1T1 UnitedHurtado has a great frame, and uses it well on both ends. He has good lateral quickness and finishes well with touch.
JulesJasmine6'5WFRoyal Palm BeachBall 4 LyfeJasmin is super athletic, and rebounds the ball very well. Plays the 3 and the 4 at the next level.
RobertJohnson6'8PFDillardBall 4 LyfeJohnson is a guy who can flat out rebound the ball. He knows how to help a team win games.
ElijahJordan6'2PGThe First AcademyCP 25 SE EliteJordan has extra long arms, and shoots the deep ball exceptionally well. He's had a great summer thus far.
TimJordan6'PGBartowJordan was stuck in a role this year for Bartow, but found his stroke late. He has been impressive lately scoring the ball.
DonaldJorden6'6PFSeffner ChristianTampa TitansJorden's offensive game is improving, but he's definitely a defensive presence.
CoryKaplan6'4SGEdgewoodDurden will end up being a very succesful wing at the D2 level in our eyes. He can take defnders off the bounce as well as shoot over them.
DelazarusKeys6'8PFOrlando Christian PrepShowtime BallersKeys is an athletic four man, who can rebound well, and get out in transition, starting the break himself.
MayanKiir6'9PFVictory RockFlorida SonsKiir is a very long prospect who runs the floor well for his size. Potential to be a HM player
KenardKing6'PGSanta Fe CatholicKing has jumped out of the page. He's a crazy athlete, and is a tough defender. He has a high IQ on the court. Dual Sport athlete.
SimeonKirkland6'7PFTrinity CatholicCP 25 SE EliteKirkland is one of the best rim protectors in the state.
KevinKnox6'8SFTampa CatholicE1T1 UnitedExtremely long, high upside prospect. HM+ player who can score it at a high rate
SeanKostyk6'PGMarinerKostyk is a very well rounded player who shoots it very well. He's very consistent on the offensive side.
EmmanuelLambright6'6SFCardinal MooneyImpact EliteLambright is very versatile. Had a couple triple doubles this year for CM. Shoots it well from deep.
DrewLaMont6'8PFAmerican HeritageTeam BreakdownLaMont comes from a family that has success at the next level. He's long, and very productive on the offensive side of the ball.
EthanLasko6'1PGWeinbaum YeshivaLasko has played on a high level for some time now with the Florida Vipers. He plays under control, and plays well with talent.
DanielLove6'3SGDr. PhillipsShowtime BallersLove is a skily smooth lefty, who shoots it very well in the mid range and from the perimeter.
DariusLue6'1PGSeffner ChristianTampa TitansLue is a consistent PG who leads a team very well, is vocal, and finishes well around the rim.
TommieLuke6'2SGDwyerBall 4 LyfeLuke is ridiculously bouncy. He will take anyone to the rim, and finish with confidence.
KyleMarion6'1PGProvidenceFlorida SonsMarion is a PG that can get to the hole and score it with the best of them. It will be interesting to see his progressed improvement next year.
JarvisMartin6'3SGLehighWhen we saw Martin play at the COP, he scored it very well against the best. He doesn't back away from a challenge.
ChrisMarzouca5'8PGPine CrestSouth Florida FastbreakMarzouca is a high IQ guard, also a great student. Doesn't make many mistakes, and has great body control
KaineMcColley6'5SGNature Coast TechFlorida LegendsMcColley is an efficient player who is continuing to get better. He shoots it well, and contributes a lot when on the floor.
TerrionMiller6'7WFLake WorthTaylored AthletesMiller is a beast of a rebounder, one of the best in the state at his position. He doesn't back down from bigger players, and plays bigger than his size indicates..
SeanMobley6'9PFFlorida Air AcademyCP 25 SE EliteMobley just gets better the more we watch him. He has a lot of size, but he has a lot of skill around the rim.
MichaelMoore5'11PGUniversityNike South BeachMoore is a very crafty guard who shoots it well, and knows how to get his teammates involved consistently
MalcolmNicholas6'2CGMiamiNicholas is very long for his height. He has a quick first step, and finds passing lanes better than most.
DavidNickelberry6'6PFWindermere PrepE1T1 UnitedPlays best on the wing. Rebounding has improved, proven winner.
ChristianNoskey6'5SGSeffner ChristianTampa TitansNoskey can flat out shoot it. He's improving the other parts of his game as he is adding muscle in the weightroom.
AnthonyPolite6'6SGSt. AndrewsFlorida VipersSmooth lefty, shoots it best from the corner. HM+ SG at the next level. Athleticism has improved.
TylerPolley6'8WFSagemontE1T1 UnitedSmooth, long prospect, high upside player who can play the 3 or the four at the next level. Shoots it well.
NikPopovic6'10PFSagemontPopovic stretches the floor well, and will be a significant asset for the Golden Eagles. He can go left and right and finish well
SeanPrice6'4WGPort CharlotteImpact ElitePrice is an elite scorer. He can flat out put it in the bucket. He creates a lethal one two punch on the wing with Lambright.
JeffProphete6'2CGCoral Springs ChristianTeam BreakdownProphete is a power guard, much like Bryant. He finishes well at the rim, and gets into you on the defensive end.
TyriekRailey5Í10PGWolfsonRailey is very quick, and has played against a high level of competition, teaming up with Zack Bryant last summer. He can hold his own against the best.
PaulReed6'7PFWekivaShowtime BallersReed has extremely good touch around the rim, and a very good motor. Athleticism that MM+ schools will love.
KennethRolle5'11PGMiami NorlandRolle was an offensive sparkplug for Norland this year off the bench. Big bodied guard that shoots ite well.
DJRussell6'6FThe RockNike South BeachRussell isn't overly skilled, but has played at a high level for a long time. He's a tough minded player who defends very well.
BryceSanchious6'5CGNortheastTeam BreakdownSanchious can score it at a high level. He's not afraid of putting down his head and trucking right to the rim.
SamSchneidmiller6'PGWesley ChapelTampa TitansSchneidmiller has been playing very well lately. He's a very skilled passer, and is deceptively athletic.
AdrianSims6'1CGChipley HighShowtime HoopsSims is a sweet shooting lefty. He can flat out stroke it from deep, and next year, Chipley will be his squad to lead.
IvanSmith6'PGOviedoCP25 SE EliteSmith, while he may be on the shorter side, he's an extremely explosive athlete who can put it in the hole at a high rate.
ShimooreStern6'5SGZion LutheranTeam MOAMStern is a very strong guard, who can hold his own against anyone. He brings it on the gridiron and the hardwood.
Stef'AnStrawder5'8PGLehighFlorida SonsStrawder scored the ball very well for Lehigh this past year.
JasonStrong6'7WFCardinal GibbonsFlorida VipersStrong is a very skilled player for the Vipers, and can step out and hit the 3, and with some time in the weightroom, can be a MM+ prospect
NickStuck6'1PGNewsomeTampa TitansStuck is a tough, lead guard who is a very good leader. D2 type player. He rarely makes mistakes.
GregSummers6'3PGThe First AcademyShowtime HoopsSummers is a lanky and defensive minded player. He is a very effective player in the same backcourt as Chaundee Brown.
GeremyTaylor6'4SGElyTeam BreakdownTaylor is possibly the best perimeter defender in the state. He has long arms and brings a lot to the table.
LeonardThorpe6'3SFRoyal Palm BeachBall 4 LyfeThorpe's stock keeps going up. Ultra smooth guard who will find a place at the MM level
VictorUyaelunmo6'11CGulliver PrepFlorida VipersA defensive force down low, Uyaelunmo swats shots, and his offensive game has continued to develop.
ZachVarnum6'3SGPaxtonVarnum is an undersized four man who has a non stop motor. While he isn't overly skilled, he makes it up for it in many other ways.
ShaunWade6'3SGTrinity ChristianE1T1 UnitedWade is a great athlete, as he shows on the gridiron and the hardwood. Gets up quickly, and often.
ReidWalker6'4WFSeffner ChristianTampa TitansWalker is a high IQ player who is smooth, and gets the job done. High Academic, LM player.
DerekWebster6'6PFSeffner ChristianCP25 SE EliteWebster is a very effective player at the wing/four forward area. He scores it well underneath and plays good defense.
JamariWheeler6'PGThe RockTeam BreakdownOne of the best defensive PG's in the state, Wheeler is exceptionally quick, and has great hands on the defensive end.
MichaelWhetstone6'2CGHamilton CountyComing from a 1A school, Whetstone takes after Kevin McClain, meaning he can fill it up quickly. D2 schools should jump all over this guy.
TylerWhite6'1SGDurantWhite can flat out shoot it. When we saw him in the Fall, he barely missed from deep. A solid defender on the perimeter as well.
DerickWhite6'1PGGracevilleWhite is one of the most versatile guards in the state. He defends well, and can be used in all 3 guard spots.
BrionWhitley6'4SGRiverviewD3 Team MOAMWhitley has been a monster at the 8A level. Scores the ball extremely well, and is very athletic.
WyattWilkes6'7SFWinter ParkCP25 SE EliteExtremely good shooter, and underrated passer. Can bring the ball up the floor. System type player.
MalikWilliam6'7PFThe First AcademyCP25 SE EliteWilliam is a multi-tooled player who can do a lot of different things on both sides of the ball. Very good rebounder.
BryceWilliams6'3PGSouth SumterBalkman EliteWilliams is a bouncy two guard who will find a place to be successful at the LM+ level.
RuedaleWilliams6'2PGWellingtonWellington WolvesWilliams is a volume shooter who has continued to get better over the course of time. He has a solid jumpshot, and plays good defense.
EddieWilliams6'1PGCavalry ChristianTeam Under PressureWilliams is a big guard that rebounds extremely well, and is able to bully smaller guards on the block. He's
ChristopherWilliams6'6FKathleen High SchoolBalkman EliteWilliams is a raw player who has the talent to find himself at the D2 level, best bet would be the NAIA. Long prospect.
JacquezWilliams6'2SGTenorocWilliams is a tough guy to figure out for opposing coaches. He does everything well, and defends very well.
DwightWilson6'7PFLincolnShowtime HoopsWilson is a versatile PF who can stretch it out to the FT line. Rebounds well for his size too.
PaxtonWilson6'3SGCalvary ChristianTeam Under PressureWilson is one of the best shooters in the state, spot up, or off the dribble. Very good specialist at the LM level
JavyionWilson5'9PGMosleyWilson has a crazy quick first step and a very tight handle. He gets into the lane with ease.
JordanWright6'5SGDillardFlorida VipersWhile Wright is football first, he's a very strong power guard who rebounds very well.