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Georgia Top 250 Expo

Event Details

September 22nd, 2018

LakePoint Sports Community (Map)

12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

$110 / player


The Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo is a one-day showcase event for all 2019-2022 prospects who are looking to accelerate their exposure and compete against other college prospects across the state. The Top 250 Expo will have an experienced coaching staff educating and motivating all participants.

In 2017, over 3,000 9th-12th grade prospects attended Top 250 Expos. The best part? Over 90% of the graduating seniors who attended the event are going on to play at the college level! The bottom line, the Top 250 Expo is littered with college prospects.

The Top 250 Expo is perfect for all prospects aspiring to play college basketball at any level.


Media coverage will be provided by Prep Hoops contributors. With over 400 subscribed colleges from 100+ conferences, no platform gives athletes the opportunity to gain exposure with college programs more than Prep Hoops. Check out the ‘Coverage to Expect’ content below.

In 2017, we had over 150 college programs attend Top 250 Expos across the country. We use our network of college subscribers and the relationships we’ve built with 400+ college programs to personally send each program a list of attendees on a weekly basis in the weeks leading up to the event. This is followed up by a personal invite to all 400+ programs.

Run of Show


00:00 – 00:05 – Intro
00:05 – 00:15 – Recruiting Education
00:15 – 00:20 – Warm Ups
00:20 – 01:20 – Game 1
01:20 – 01:30 – Break/Warm Ups
01:30 – 02:30 – Game 2

02:30 – 02:40 – Break/Warm Ups
02:40 – 03:40 – Game 3
03:40 – 03:50 – Break/Warm Ups
03:50 – 04:50 – Game 4
04:50 – 05:00 – Closing Remarks

*Event run of show may vary slightly based on number of attendees

Event Director: Nick Carroll

As a Co-Founder of Prep Hoops, ex-collegiate player, small college, head varsity, and AAU coach, Nick brings diverse experiences and unique enthusiasm to the Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo.

Throughout his time as both a player and coach, Nick has been fascinated by the recruiting process. As he navigated the process as a small-college recruit, he assumed the pain of getting in front of colleges only existed for the recruit. Once he finished his playing career at Hamline University and went on to coach at the Division III level, he quickly learned that the same pain existed for thousands of collegiate programs across the country. They wanted to get in front of more players, but didn’t have the money or information to do so. Thus, Nick went on to co-found North America’s No, 1 resource for the coverage of prospects at ALL levels of recruitment, Prep Hoops ( In the meantime, Nick has facilitated the recruiting process with hundreds of players as a head coach at Adidas-sponsored D1 Minnesota AAU Club and as the head varsity coach at Totino-Grace High School. Additionally, he has led over 80 exposure events for Prep Hoops over the past 4 years.

Nick resides in Plymouth, Minnesota with his wife and 4 sons.

Refund Policy

Prep Hoops has a No Refund Policy unless you a) have purchased event insurance or b) have a signed physician's note saying you cannot participate due to medical reasons. NO EXCEPTIONS.