Be the Squeaky Wheel

Posted On: 04/2/18 3:44 PM

When it comes to self promotion as a player, knowing what to do and when will get you far in your recruitment.

Sure, there is no exact formula for creating and promoting your profile to coaches and decision makers of programs, but using proper, concise, and timely communication are imperative.

Never before in terms of recruiting has there been this many platforms and avenues for communication. Both for players and coaches, there are countless ways to get your information across and to connect. However, a common mistake we see is players not utilizing their streams of communication correctly, or in a helpful matter in terms of their recruiting profiles.

This time of year especially, coaches are looking to get their eyes on prospects. That means they are in the gym first and foremost, but they can’t be everywhere. If you are playing in numerous showcases, don’t rely on the showcase itself to promote you. Instead, be active in your own promotion. Use your social media channels to tell coaches where you will be and when. If you are connected to coaches on an every more close level, send them a quick email with your schedule.

Coaches are busy year round, so getting out in front your scheduling will go a long ways for them and also show that you are serious about getting or holding their attention.

Sign up for a service such as Prep Hoops Recruit Me, just like the coaches schedules we know that yours is hectic as well, so by signing up for such a service it will help add exposure without you stressing out on how to do so. It also will expand your brand in addition to your own work. Basically, you can’t overexpose yourself when it comes to recruitment, so latch on with services such as this.

Now, timely and focused communication over social media and electronic means isn’t enough. Just as in business, a poorly worded and executed message reaching out could actually do you more harm than good. So, take your time with each post, email, text that you compose. Check for errors and have someone you trust look it over before sending. You are representing yourself and you want whomever you are reaching out towards to be impressed by your professionalism, not questioning your basic communication skills.

Speaking of professionalism, treat your recruitment as a job search. Make sure your social media profiles are representative of yourself, but in a positive and classy fashion. Coaches will make immediate decisions to go elsewhere if they see you posting, retweeting stuff that is not in line with their programs. So be careful and wise with every post that you make. If you’re constantly reaching out to coaches and decision makers yet they make an effort to dig into you, don’t let them be surprised with what they find, make them be impressed even more so.

Control your message that you put out while being aggressive and precise with where it is going. This will help you in recruitment no matter what level it is you are trying to pursue. There is nothing wrong with being the squeaky wheel, but make sure you are thoughtful with each squeak.