RankTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious
1South Dakota Attack 23-5Fury Zurn (+7), Heat Vang (+8)1
2ECI Prospects27-13Inspired Athletics (x2), ND Attack Blue, Pentagon Schoolers Kraning (+12), ND Attack Black (+7), Midwest Magic, ECI Select (x2)Fury Zurn (-19)2
3Pentagon Schoolers Robey23-8Heat Vang (+14)ECI (-6), Fury Zurn (-12)3
4ECI Select23-15ND Attack Black (+1), ND Attack Blue (x2)
ND Attack Green (+19)
Pentagon Schoolers Kran (x3)
ND Attack Black (-9), ECI Prospects (x2)4
5Midwest Magic21-6BBA Force (+10), ND Attack GreenMN Fury Zurn (-10), ECI Prospects6
6ND Attack Blue21-10ND Attack Green (x2), Inspired Athletics, Schoolers KranningECI Select (x2)5
7Inspired Athletics15-14ND Attack Blue (+13), ND Attack Black (+19), SH Sittig, BBA ForceMN Fury Zurn (-13), ECI Prospects (-27), ND Attack Blue7
8Pentagon Schoolers Kraning15-22ND Attack Black (+8), Sacred Hoops Bruening, Attack GreenECI 17u Selects (X3), ECI Prospects (-12), ND Attack Blue,8
9ND Attack Green19-11ND Attack Black, SH BrueningECI Select (-19), ND Attack Blue (x2), Midwest Magic, Schoolers Kraning9
10Sacred Hoops Bruening14-7SH Buus, SH McVey, SH Sittig (x2), BBA ForcePentagon Schoolers Kraning, ND Attack Green10
11BBA Bartlett17-13SH Sittig, Midwest Magic (-10), Inspired Athletics, SH Bruening11
12Sacred Hoops Sittig 11-13SH Nesheim (x2)SH Bruening (x2), Inspired Athletics, BBA Force, 12
13ND Attack Black8-8ECI Selects (+9)ECI Select (-1), Pentagon Schoolers Kran (-8), Inspired Athletics (-19), ECI Prospects, ND Attack Green13
14Sacred Hoops Nesheim8-9SH Buus, SH McVey (x2), SH KnutsonSH Sittig (x2), Midwest Magic14
15South Dakota Network5-715
16Sacred Hoops Buus5-10SH Knutson, SH McVeySH Nesheim, SH Bruen16
17Sacred Hoops McVey4-9SH Knutson SH Nesheim (x2), SD Buus, SH Bruen17
18Sacred Hoops Knutson1-6SH SittigSH Buus, SH McVey SH Nesheim18


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