Ben Stroud

Ben is a native of Colorado and has loved the game of basketball for as long as he can remember. After graduation, Ben attended Colorado State University where he would become a student volunteer for the communications department in athletics. Falling in love with the sport management side of things, he decided to transfer to MSU Denver to major in Sports Management with a minor in Business Management. During his time at MSU Denver, he also worked in the athletic office and had the opportunity to work the Division II National Championship festival. Following his passion of sports and basketball, Ben was approached by his old high school coaches to come back to help coach and fell in love with coaching. This will be Ben’s fifth year coaching high school basketball and third as the head freshmen coach. He also spends his time in the spring and summer coaching local AAU basketball. When he’s not in the gym, Ben loves spending time outside, doing all the wonderful things beautiful Colorado has to offer. You can follow Ben on Twitter @bstroud92.

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