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Jason Crowe

The Truth

The Prep Hoops Circuit came at the right time. It gave our guys competitive game action and it provided premium coverage to college coaches during dead periods. As a director, Prep Hoops made my job easier by providing competition that we can stay engaged with for the duration of the Spring and Summer. Amazing job Prep Hoops!

Jeff Croegaert

815 Future

My team loved the Prep Hoops Circuit. We played good competition, and the tournaments are well run and organized. A few of our players were individually recognized even at the 8th grade level. We plan to be in the circuit for the next 3 seasons as our team matures and gets closer to college.

Kyle Unruh

AAO Flight

Prep Hoops is the best independent circuit. From the high level organization and event management, to the attraction of highly competitive clubs, to the extensive media coverage, I am not aware of another circuit that does it like these people do. Congrats on a terrific 1st year!

Tyrone Gordon

Inspired Athletics

Prep Hoops has created the most effective platform for kids outside of the shoe circuits to play on. They give you that grassroots feel and always have a good amount of coaches in attendance. We truly appreciate Prep Hoops for allowing our kids to play on their circuit against great competition!

Anita Rowland

Utah Premier

Our experience with the Prep Hoops Circuit proved to be enjoyable and challenging for our teams. Our players received some honest and complimentary evaluations that were posted on the Prep Hoops website that we were then able to share with interested college coaches. In addition, the PH staff couldn't have been more helpful and professional!

Antwon Jennings

Team RWA

Prep Hoops is a leader in scouting services across the country, the coverage provided is great, and they understand what us independent programs are looking for.

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