Steve Parham

Steve is a former high school student-athlete in the states Illinois and Maryland, where he won a state championship before graduating from Bennett High School in Salisbury, Maryland. He played three years of collegiate basketball before finding his true calling of coaching. Parham began coaching in 2006 for Morgan Park High School in Chicago. From there he would go on to the junior college ranks where he assisted numerous four year schools in landing talent from the Chicago area. Steve is a gym rat and hoops junkie. He often travels to gyms across the state of Illinois (sometimes in the same day) to evaluate talent and enjoy watching games. Currently Steve coaches high school and junior college basketball. He also serves as an aid to many college programs, helping them locate players that meet their needs. Parham states that he "plans to leave no stone unturned in search of top talent in the basketball mecca of Chicago." Steve can be reached at or on twitter @coachSpham.