Jay Anderson

Jay Anderson is a student of the game of basketball and has been since the age of 6. In college, he was a manager for the men’s basketball team at Virginia Tech from 2006-10, where he managed setting up for practices, scouting games for the coaching staff, among other duties. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Communication with a minor in Professional Writing. After college, he lost his passion for basketball for a few years but began scouting in the DMV area for in the state of Virginia in 2016. After spending time in the DMV, Jay moved to North Carolina in 2019 after earning his Master’s degree in Public Relations - Management, where he began really getting involved in the basketball scouting game. From there, he joined PrepHoops in April 2019 then BigShots in May 2019, where he remains involved with scouting, coordinating events and covering events on much of the East Coast.