First NameLast NameHeightPositionHigh SchoolGrassroots TeamEvaluation
BryceAndrashie6'5PFFountain HillsVersatile player who is capable of doing damage in an array of ways. He is most comfortable off the dribble or on the block, but he is capable of shooting it from deep. Most comfortable guarding opposing 3s and 4s, but can guard some 5s.
HabibArogundade5'8PGMillenniumPowerhouse RedCrafty and quick guard. Able to get into the paint at any point in time. Does a nice job of applying pressure on the dribble.
BriggsAvione6'3SFFairfaxGood versatility. Can play the 2-4 in high school, most likely a 2 or 3 in college. Good athlete who crashes the glass well.
DeAndreAyton7'1CHillcrest PrepCalifornia Supreme (CA)NBA prospect. A rare combination of size, length, athleticism, and skills. Plays with motor.
AlexBarcello6'2PGCorona del SolOakland Soldiers (CA)A score first point guard. Great feel for the game. Playmaker.
NoahBaumann6'4PGDesert VistaPowerhouse BlackSkilled combo guard that makes plays in transition and lights it up in the halfcourt.
TysonBeringer6'7PFPoston ButteArizona Power SelectThin but productive. High motor forward that rebounds, defends, and shoots it to 3.
RajhanBillingsley6'4PFPerryArizona Power EliteGood athlete with great length. Able to take defenders off the dribble and bother opposing players with his physical traits.
JimmyBrown6'6PFHighlandRebounding forward that can finish at the rim. Runs the floor.
TerrellBrown6'3SGBashaVersatile wing that can handle and score. Also defends.
MattBurton6'3SFArcadiaConstant mismatch due to his length and size. Capable of playing a guard or a wing. When playing the guard, he is able to take smaller players on the block.
JaquanButler6'4SFCentralPowerhouse RedLengthy wing with good upside. Capable defender.
CodyCarmichael5'10PGIronwoodAZUQuick with great change of pace. Gets into the paint at well and has great vision. Harrassing defense when on the ball.
DonaldCarter6'0PGCesar ChavezArizona Power EliteHigh level defender. Plays hard and makes plays for others.
TreyCheckett6'5SFChaparralArizona Power North PlatinumBig time shooter with size and length.
DomCiccaglione5'7"PG/SGLibertyRelentlessQuick, crafty guard who can shoot the basketball at an extremely high rate. The game seems to slow down after he gets by the first defender as he does a good job of kicking to the help side defender's man.
EllohiemClark6'2PGApolloArizona Power FactoryGreat length and on-ball defense. Does a number of little things to impact the game, does a great job on the glass and forcing turnovers.
NicoDaal6'1SGBashaWell rounded player who is capable of attacking the rim and shooting the basketball. Solid on ball defender who plays strong help side defense as well.
Cam'RonDavis5'11PG/SGMoon ValleyGood athlete who can shoot the basketball with the best of them. Strong frame which enables him to guard multiple positions.
DannyDocktor6'5PFCactus ShadowsArizona Power SelectCapable of playing outside of the three and on the block. Solid catch and shoot abilities and able to guard 3s and 4s.
DalenDorsey5'11PGCorona del SolConfident stroke from deep, willing to shoot it from NBA range. Tough on ball defense and above average athleticism.
SantinoDuarte6'6PFSunnysideWide body post player who is skilled on the block.
SeanDunn6'9CBrophy PrepArizona Power EliteWide body and solid footwork. Does a good job of using either block, but prefers to be able to drop and finish with his right hand. Able to shoot the basketball with a solid touch at 15 feet.
MattEberhardt6'3SGCactusTalented football player who plays basketball with the same mindset. One of the most physical players in this class. Shoots the basketball at a high level as well.
GeorgeFaull6'6PFFlagstaffPowerhouse BlackHigh level rebounder. Runs floor, finishes through contact.
KaiFletcher6'6PFChaparralArizona Power North PlatinumMore comfortable operating on the block, but willing to shoot it from deep. Decent size, length, and motor.
JalenFoster6'0SGChaparralAZ Power NorthGood basketball IQ, does a nice job of playing his role and playing mistake free basketball. Consistent shooter who extends the court.
BryceFowler6'4SGAgua FriaTeam Zona Pump N RunSizey lefty who is deceptive offensively. Shoots the 3 well.
ConnorFrith5'10PGHorizon HonorsPowerhouse High AcademicConnor is a shooter with a solid basketball IQ. He does a nice job of getting the first defender on his hip and finding the open man.
AhmireGaines6'2SGSierra LindaGood length and first step. Forces defenders to guard him away from the hoop due to his selective, but high percentage 3 point shooting.
TerryGardner6'2SGCentralDoes a lot of things to impact the game. Good rebounder as a guard and a solid on ball defender. He has great quickness and a good first step. He is able to keep the defense honest due to his ability to shoot, this assists greatly in creating driving gaps for himself.
JalenGibson5'8PGChandlerStrong off the dribble, decent shooter. On ball defense is a strength, good job of making the dribbler uncomfortable while keeping him in front.
BryceGilbert6'4PFHigleyBig time football prospect and solid basketball prospect. Great touch and drop step, does a nice job of using physical strength to create space.
ChristinoGomez6'9PFHillcrest PrepBig body and good length. Footwork is solid and improving, his motor is also greatly improved.
NateGorsech5'11PGPinnacleAZUVery skilled shooter, can hit from NBA three and in at a high rate. Most comfortable on catch and shoots, but can pull off of screens and on the dribble. Solid handle and change of pace as well.
NateGraville6'7PFGilbert ChristianPowerhouse BlackVersatile forward that can play inside, out.
SaikouGueye6'6SFMountain RidgeArizona Power FactoryHigh level athlete with a lot of upside. Great frame. Good on the attack. Still raw.
DinoHadziahmetovic6'0SGHorizonArizona Power North PlatinumDino has a good fill for the game. Like many of his partners at Horizon, he has a very strong ability to shoot the basketball from deep. He is also able to put the ball on the floor and create for himself and others. He is a good ability to get into the passing lane and create turnovers.
BrandonHaldiman6'2SGDesert Heights PrepGood ability to shoot the basketball off the dribble. Aggressive with the basketball and has a nice floater as well as mid-range game.
DonovanHanna6'6PFAmerican LeadershipPowerhouse RedComfortable from about 15 feet and in. Can finish with both hands and does a good job of putting it high and soft off the backboard.
De'MondHart6'8CCesar ChavezPowerhouse RedLong and athletic center. Good footwork on the block and takes up the paint defensively.
DJHenderson6'4PFMesaGood length, toughness, and athleticism. Soft touch around the rim and good footwork.
JakeHess6'9CHorizonArizona Power North PlatinumRaw but high motor. Rebounds, blocks shots, runs the floor. Range to 3.
GeofferyHibbitt6'6PF/CIronwoodAZUGreat footwork and toughness. Motor has improved and his rebounding offensively is top tier, and improving on the defensive end. Finishing around the rim is above average.
AnthonyHightower6'3SFCentralStrong and skilled. Strong rebounder and above average shooter. Prefers to catch and shoot and use his length and size to attack defenders. Finishes at a really high rate around the rim.
CurtisHodges6'8CMountain ViewArizona Power FactoryGreat interior defender. Long and can finish at the rim.
ChrisHolloway6'1SGMountain PointeTrue BallerzGreat length for his size. Capable of playing the one or the two. Does a great job of causing havoc on defense due to his high IQ, good length, and athleticism. Good ability to pull from behind the line off of the dribble, but prefers to put the ball on the floor and attack.
KeithHolmes6'2SGDesert RidgePowerhouse BlackLengthy and athletic guard with some upside. Still raw but shows tools of being able to score it, especially in transition.
ThaneHunter6'6PFHamiltonGood athlete with solid length. Plays some pop four and has good footwork on the block.
ConnorHutchings6'5PFPinnacleGood athlete with above average size. Able to play the 2-4 due to his speed and length. Above Average shooter.
JaredIrwin6'3SGCatalina FoothillsIrwin can shoot the basketball at a high level. He has good length which enables him to guard 1-3.
AustinJackson6'5PFNorth CanyonBig body and physical. Good athlete with an above average motor and tremendous work ethic.
TylerJafary6'5PFShadow MountainPowerhouse BlackGreat energy and effort. Above average motor and constantly working on the glass and the defensive end. Does a lot of little things that assist in creating flow in an offense and creating opportunities for others.
JacobJefferson6'7CBuckeyePhysical big man with a soft touch and good footwork. Great strength and above average motor.
BillyJordan6'7PFDesert RidgeTeam PhoenixRaw but athletic and long. Moves like a guard. Grew 5 inches in the past year.
MattKempton6'6SFBrophy PrepArizona Power EliteAble to play on the block and on the wing. Good athleticism and ability to shoot the basketball from the outside. Decent touch in the paint.
KyleKlaus5'10PGDesert RidgeFirestormSolid handle, but a little undersized. Pass first guard who is capable of hitting the open three and getting the team into the offense.
ColtenKresl6'0SGChaparralPowerhouse BlackHighly skilled guard with an improved motor. Great feel offensively and nice shooter. Plays with toughness.
RobbieKriske6'4SFChaparralGood length and size. Above average motor with a willingness to play physical.
DavidLarrabee5'8PGRiver ValleyHigh level scorer that can do it in an array of ways. Most of his scoring comes from him creating his own shot off the dribble, but he is capable of catching and shooting or coming off of screens and finishing.
SabenLee6'2PGCorona del SolPowerhouse BlackHigh level athlete with a ton of upside. Feel for the game improving each outing. Great in transition.
JavanLee6'1SGMoon ValleySolid athlete with a good basketball IQ. Drive first and shoot second mentality. Well balanced player who does a lot of things well.
JakeLieppert6'3SGSaguaroGood quickness and change of pace. Attacks defenders and gets to their hip well. Soft touch around the rim and has an array of finishes to his game.
TheronLong6'6PFDobsonGood length which assists with altering shots and help side defense. Does a good job on the glass.
DreMarin5'11PGApolloArizona Power FactoryConsumate point guard. Plays poise, makes good decision, shoots the 3! Defends ball well.
SethMason6'8PFSkyline PrepLengthy and athletic forward that runs the floor. Has upside.
LoganMatulis6'4SF/PFMountain PointePowerHouse Hoops BlackGood length and a solid shooter. He has good versatility that allows for him to play the 2-4. He also has a soft touch around the rim.
AndresMayberry5'9PGRed MountainArizona Power EliteGood court vision and ability to control the game. Good shot and ability to get into the paint as well.
BukaMbegbu6'5PFCentralWide body post player that is patient and has a good feel around the basket.
TreyvonMcCray5'10PGCopper CanyonArizona Power FactoryDefensive minded guard. Can handle and score it as well.
GabeMcGlothan6'5PFBashaArizona Power EliteHigh motor rebounder. Explosive athlete. Continuing to improve offensive game.
ElijahMead6'1PGCamelbackAZ Dream TeamMead has a quick release and an accurate shot. He is better off of the dribble and has a nice step back, but is capable of shooting off of the catch.
CameronMiller5'11PGSalpointe CatholicArizona Power Tucson BlackTough nosed high IQ point guard that can shoot it. Son of U of A coach Sean Miller.
TreMitchell6'1PGLa JoyaI-10 CelticsExtremely talented game manager. He does a great job of using his length and change of pace to get into the paint. He knows how to pick his spots and dictate the tempo of the game.
MaxMoses6'0SGArcadiaBig time shooter that plays to his strengths.
DevinNeal6'0PGSanta Cruz ValleyAll around player who impacts a game in numerous ways. Does a great job of getting into the paint and creating for himself as well as others. In addition, he does a good job of tracking loose basketballs and rebounds.
MartinOchoa5'11PGRio RicoStrong body guard who can use his size to create space and angles. Above average shooter and solid on the defensive end.
JordanPace6'2SGShadow MountainStrong, physical wing who is good in transition.
KrillPanifilov6'6PFHillcrest PrepCapable of taking a smaller wing on the block and playing around the 3. Plays within the flow of the game.
JeffPerez6'0SGApolloArizona Power FactoryStrong and tough defender. Does a nice job of playing without the basketball and finding catch and shoot situations for himself.
BilsonPiebade6'10CHillcrest PrepSolid big man with a soft touch around the rim. He also has a high basketball IQ and an above average motor.
CarsonPinter6'1SGSeton CatholicPowerhouse RedTop tier shooter with decent length. Solid handle and able to utilize screens well in order to create shots for himself.
MalikPorter6'4PFCesar ChavezPhysical player who uses his size to impose his will. Above average rebounder and shooter.
LeonReid-Chavez6'4PFDysartTeam M'PhasisPhysical player with decent length. Crashes the glass well and plays solid defense.
JordanRobinson6'0PGTucsonPhysical guard who can create for himself and teammates. Capable of pulling off of the dribble and enjoys taking the big shots at the end of the game.
RickyRobinson5'10PGEstrella FoothillsStrong facilitator who controls the tempo of the game and gets others involved. Pass first guard who understands how to create help situations where he can kick to scorers.
ColeRoether5'10PGLibertyReally high basketball IQ who is capable of shooting the basketball off of screens, with the basketball, and in catch and shoot situations.
JaredRogriguez6'7PFMountain RidgePowerhouse BlackLengthy stretch 4. Shoots it well. Good athlete.
NickRosquist6'0SGThe Gregory SchoolJust HoopsCrafty guard and very skilled shooter. Decent strength and length for a point guard. Solid on ball defense and help side rotation.
JakeSchulte6'7PFPerryGood versatility. Able to use pick and pops as well as pick and rolls. Does a nice job of crashing the glass and running in transition.
NickSessions6'4SFMountain ViewVersatile forward with a high IQ. Knocks down shots from the perimeter and defends multiple positions.
NigelShadd6'9PFTri City ChristianArizona Power FactoryBig time rebounder with high level motor. Catch and finish guy offensively. Defensive game changer.
MarcusShaver6'1PGShadow MountainHe is able to pull off the dribble at a higher rate than any player in this class. In addition, he is a long athletic guard who can guard multiple positions.
ScottShaver6'2PG/SGGreenwayAZUBecoming more of a well-balanced player. Tough on ball defender who can shoot the basketball at an extremely high rate.
MikeySilva5'7PGSunnysideSmall but quick and skilled. Can really score it from the outside.
CalebSimmons6'5SGDesert VistaSplash City (CA)Sizey guard with versatile skillset. Handles, distributes, shoots, and defends.
BraxtonSmith6'2SGQueen CreekGood scorer who does it in an array of ways. Soft touch around the rim and a good ability to extend the court with his shot.
EthanSmith6'6PF/CDesert RidgeGood size and skill. Gets up and down the court at an above average rate and protects the rim well.
QuincySmith6'1SGLa JoyaMuch more comfortable attacking the rim and scoring the basketball from inside the 3; however, he is capable of shooting it from deep. Strong player who does a nice job moving without the basketball.
DarionSpottsville6'4SFShadow MountainPhoenix PhamilyDual sport athlete who is strong and good in transition. Versatile defender.
MasonStark5'11PGMarcos de NizaPowerhouse RedOne of the best shooters in this class. Very high basketball IQ. Has improved his ability to get into the paint as well.
BrendenStewart6'4SGCactusLong, prefers shooting the basketball from behind the 3 rather than in the paint. Good rebounder who can play an array of positions.
MattSvorinic5'10PGValley ChristianSolid handle and strong on ball defense. Good basketball IQ and a capable shooter.
MorningstarTakapu6'7PFMillenniumPowerhouse RedBig, physical interior player. Strong body. Good rebounder.
JTThoman6'1SGChaparralArizona Power North PlatinumBig time shooter that brings toughness to the floor.
DontezThomas6'1PGHillcrest PrepHigh level defending combo guard that can get to the rim with his quicks.
TrevorThompson6'2SGMoon ValleyWell balanced player who is a bettter shooter off the dribble than he is off the catch. Long, athletic defender who is capable of doing quite a bit on that end.
BrandonThompson5'8PGChandlerReally good fill for driving and kicking to teammates. Forces defenders to help due to his ability to finish at the rim and shoot it from deep.
LukeThompson6'3SGSeton CatholicShoots the basketball at a very high level. Good at finishing at the rim and shooting the basketball from beyond the line. Good length as well that allows him to play the 2 and the 3.
SpencerThompson6'6PFPhoenix Country DayAbove average length and good athleticism. Good feel for tracking loose basketballs and rebounds. Good hands and ability to finish on the block.
BrandonTiffany5'10PGFlagstaffTiffany has a high basketball IQ and can shoot the basketball well. His ability to dictate the tempo of the game makes him a solid prospect.
BryceThurmond6'5PFSequoia PathwayCapable of scoring in an array of ways. Good shot selection and shoots it at a high percentage. Can play on the block and the perimeter.
CadenTowt6'2PGGilbertFirestormPlays within the system. Does a nice job of creating for teammates and taking smart shots.
TerriqTshaka5'8PGParadise ValleyArizona Power North PlatinumGets the basketball up the court in a hurry. Does a great job of impacting the game without the basketball.
TysonUnion6'3SGMarcos de NizaPowerhouse RedComfortable as a guard and as a wing. Most effective as a shooter, but does have a good change of pace and ability to attack off the dribble.
AdrianVan Cleaf5'8PGParadise HonorsStrong shooter with good form, good ability to attack the paint and find the open man. Good anticipation on the defensive end.
BrendanVanDyke6'5SFParadise ValleyGood length and an ability to stretch the floor with pick and pops. Does a nice job of crashing the glass on offensive and defensive end.
HenryWalsh5'11PGHorizonGood length at the guard spot and a solid shooter. Great IQ on the court and solid academics off the court.
CJWaters6'5PFGilbertFirestormGreat motor and work ethic. Crashes the glass relentlessly with a good ability to finish around the rim.
BlakeWilliams6'3SFPerryArizona Power SelectGood length and ability to stretch the court. Build perfectly to play a pick and pop spot. Can play the 3 as well.
DeShawnWilson6'6SFSt. Mary'sPowerhouse BlackExplosive athlete with big hands and a great body. Plays at an even tempermate. Plays at his own pace.
DaxtonWirth6'5PFTrivium PrepGood motor and relentless on the glass. Post moves are strong and able to guard most 4s, but usually guards opposing 5s.
HollandWoods5'11PGApolloPhoenix PhamilyQuick guard with good ball skills. Can score and distribute.
AdamWright6'0SGMcClintockStrong shooter who is capable of hitting off the dribble and off of screens, decent ability to get by the first defender.
ChrisWright6'0PGHigleyPowerHouse Hoops RedCraft guard who has an above average shot. Does a good job of managing the game and playing mistake free basketball.