RkPrev RkNameRecordKey WinsKey LossesNotes
1NAPowerhouse Hoops Rise 12-3 on Rise Circuit

(34-6 overall)
The Truth EYBL (CA), Grand Rapid Storm (MI), AC Georgia, California Elite, MSBA (MS), Cooz Elite (TX), Exum Elite Colorado Titans Gold, Dallas Showtyme , Northern Kings (CAN)--Rise Champs, IL Wolves UAA by 2, MATTS Mustangs, WCE.4-0 at UAA Rise in KC.
3-1 at UAA Rise in TX.
5-2 at UAA Rise in ATL.
2NATeam Harden Gold Gauntlet 5-3 on Gold GauntletUneek Ballers (NV), Cali Rebels, Team Florida, Dream Vision Dream Vision Next (CA), Gamepoint (CA), Dynasty 5th place in a loaded Gold Gauntlet West bracket. Final-4 in Adidas Gauntlet Qualifier
3NAFactory 22-9 out of state

(35-9 overall)
Salt Lake Rebels (UT), Hard2Guard (NV), LIVON Bball (NO), Woodsz Elite EYBL 16UCM Select (CA), Gamepoint (CA), Cali Stars, Simply Fundamental (NV)
Won ACBL 17U local league.
4NAPrime Basketball 19-5 out of state
9-2 in July

(27-9 overall)
BTI Select , Cali Rebels Select, Belmont Shore CM Select (CA), Las Vegas Olympians Lost in semis to CM Select. Final-4 in West Coast Challenge. Platinum Bracket 2nd rd BigFoot Hoops.
5NAFirestorm Elite Pete Silver Gauntlet 6-0 on Silver Gauntlet

(12-1 overall)
Team Harden Won the Silver Gauntlet

Lone loss in OT.
6NATeam Zona 7-1 out of state

(13-1 overall)
International Elite, Dream Vision Next, California Select Black
Lost 48-45 to Dream Vision Next.
7NALegion of Hoops

8NAPowerhouse Hoops Black 6-2 out of state
WCE MarxUtah Mountain Stars
9NADynasty 7--1 out of state

(20-2 overall)
Team Harden Prodigy 3-1 at WCE,
4-0 in Dallas, TX
Updated April 26, 2016


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