First NameLast NameHeightPositionHigh SchoolGrassroots TeamEvalutation
NicoMannion6'0"PG/SGPinnacleWest Coast EliteElite level player. Can score the basketball in an array of ways and possesses under-rated athleticism.
JasonHarris6'8"PF/CDesert RidgeSplash CityGood size, strength and skill set. Can play on the perimeter as well as on the block. Big time prospect.
XavierDussell6'2"PG/SGMesquiteTeam HardenGood shooter and size. Great athleticism. Getting more and more confident at putting the basketball on the floor and attacking.
ToshBaker6'8PF/CPinnacleSplash CityImproved motor and good footwork on the block. Soft touch on inside the paint and on his mid-range jumper.
EvanNelson6'1"SGMountain View (Tucson)PowerHouse Hoops BlackGood length and skill set. Good shot and puts the basketball on the floor well. High basketball IQ.
DalenTerry6'3PG/SGCorona Del SolAZ PowerExcellent length at the guard spot. Great on ball defender, good looking form on his shot, and does a good job of getting into the paint and finishing.
KiimaniHolt6'3SG/SFRancho SolanoDream VisionStrong and good athleticism. Explosive first step to go with his strength which enables him to get into the paint at will.
EricBlackwell6'0PG/SGCorona Del SolAZ PowerAnother Corona guard with a solid handle and good length. Good shooter and on-ball defender as well.
DreHenry6'6"F/CMountain PointeTeam HardenGreat footwork, touch, and toughness. Harris is probably the best two sport athlete in this class and he brings his football mentality to the basketball court.
HunterRuck6'7CRancho SolanoTeam HardenGood length and footwork. An array of moves on the block. Consistent release and nice form on his mid-range jumper.
TysonLegner6'0SGRancho SolanoPowerHouse Hoops BlackGood ability to finish around the rim and an improving shot from deep. Good strength and first step assist him in getting into the paint.
DominicGonzalez6'1PG/SGIronwoodAZUOne of the best shooters in the class. Solid from 3 and a nice mid-range jumper. His physicality on the drive is improving as well.
OsaIghodaio6'6PFDesert VistaAZ PowerGood length and motor. Competes well on the block and does a good job on the glass.
KendylWatson6'6"PFParadise ValleyHigh ceiling big man. Good size and build - powerful drop step.
MarquizeBanks5'10PGCesar ChavezHigh IQ guard with good athleticism. He gets into the paint extremely well.
EvanSkeoch6'5"FPerryAZ PowerA lot of upside for this forward, he does a good job on the glass and possesses enough versatility to play the 2-4. Can be a pick and pop type four at the next level if he continues to grow.
AnthonyGarza6'7PF/CShadow RidgePowerHouse Hoops BlackLong big man who is constantly improving and has a lot of upside. Good hands and footwork on the block.
Zay On-TayBoothman5'11PG/SGBuckeyeTeam HardenOne of the top scorers in this group. Gets to the rim at well and is a solid shooter. Great athleticism and explosive first step.
IsaiahFloyd6'3SGDesert EdgeFirestormPossesses a number of the intangibles to be a next level player - good strength and size. Solid handle and ability to finishat the rim.
TyraillCarrethers5'9PGNFL YetTru HeatElite level speed and quickness. Gets by the first level of defense with ease and finishes well at the rim. He is a skilled passer as well and does a good job of kicking when the help side rotates.
NathanDunn6'5"CSandra DayGood size and motor. Good screener and rebounds well. Plays hard and does a lot of the little things necessary to help his team win games.
DaylonStorey6'0"PG/SGMilleniumPowerHouse Hoops BlackGood length at the guard and good ability to attack defenders and put the basketball on the floor.
PaulHayden6'4SG/SFSunnyslopeClassicsDo it all type of player - great balance and ability. Does not do anything great but is the type of player who can lead a team in scoring, rebounding, and assists while being a top tier defender.
TrentezScales5'6"PGIronwoodAZUGreat speed and quickness as well as ability to shoot it from deep. He can get into the paint at will - right now he prefers to kick to teammates.
MylesGantt5'10PGChollaScore first point guard with a lot of upside. Gets into the paint well and can finish on either side of the rim with a couple different finishing moves.
ArmaniWilliams6'0SFMcClintockAZ PowerGood power and speed. Built like a linebacker and plays like one. Finishes well at the rim and is extremely difficult to slow down.
IsaacMonroe5'10SGPeoriaSkilled two guard with plenty of potential. Can shoot it from deep and put the basketball on the floor and attack.
DemetriusEdwards6'5CMilleniumAZ Team FlightBig 2020 prospect who is far from his potential. He could easily end up much higher on this list.
GregEvans6'4PFCesar ChavezGood length and athleticism. Soft touch around the rim.
AJRosier6'0"PG/SGBoulder CreekSolid handle and basketball IQ. Good array of moves that assist him with attacking the rim.
JordanWollagk5'8SGMesquiteTop tier shooter. Prefers to shoot off of the catch but has improved his ability to create a shot for himself.
CooperBurbank6'1SGChinleScore first shooting guard who can score it in an array of ways. He can shoot it from deep and does a good job of taking defenders off of the dribble.
TerrenceGreen6'3SFCarl HaydenGood length and potential. Primarily a slasher who gets into the paint and cleans up the offensive glass.
DaytonHarris5'10SGSkylineWell balanced guard who can shoot it from deep and slash to the rim.
TrentHudgens6'0SGMoon ValleyCatch and shoot shooting guard. Does a good job of moving without the basketball to put himself in a position to knock down shots.
KalilSimmons5'9"PGMountain PointeQuick guard with good change of pace when he makes a move. Tough to stay in front of.
JaquanMoore6'1SGShadow RidgePowerHouse HoopsGood shooter and above average handle. Can put the basketball on the floor and be slasher as well.
RyanBrown6'0SGMountain ViewGood quickness and athleticism. Tough as well - plays good on ball defense and makes all of the hustle plays.
MarcusLibman6'0PG/SGPinnacleAZ RebelsStrong and solid athleticism. Has improved his ability to slash and is a knockdown shooter. Good on ball defender as well.
RamonFranklin5'2"PGWashingtonExtremely quick and a good basketball IQ. Gets by the first level of defense at will and does a good job of finding his teammates.
CalebWright6'3SFMilleniumPowerHouse Hoops BlackGood length at the wing and a tough young man - his size enables him to be versatile and play an array of spots.
StirlingSims6'3SFVerradoPowerHouse Hoops BlackAthleticism gives him a high ceiling - he has size that also allows him to play multiple spots. Could be stock riser due to his intangibles.
CamrionBryant5'9"PGMarcos De NizaSky RiderGood floor general who can score the basketball well also. Dictates the tempo well and puts his teammates in a position where they can be successful.
JordenJosephs6'2"PG/SGChaparralPowerHouse HoopsLong guard who can shoot it from deep. Does a good job coming off of away from the ball screens and in catch and shoot situations.
HaydenMoser5'11"PGCatalina FoothillsGood basketball IQ and understanding of how to manage a game. Puts his teammates in good spots. Solid shooter as well.
KyreeWare5'10"PGSouth MountainReally quick and a score first guard. Gets into the paint well and can score the basketball with euro steps and floaters.
DaevinCelaya5'6"PGMountain PointeGood quickness and ability to get by the first defender. Solid handle and court vision.
MannyLedeza5'10PGPinnacleAZ RebelsSlasher who puts the basketball on the floor well. Good first step and physicality on drives.
TJTigler5'8"PGMountain PointeGood shooter and good quickness.
MattSchillne6'2SGGilbert ChristianAZ RebelsGood shooter and length. Does a good job of moving without the basketball and letting others create for him.