Posted On: 06/23/22 10:58 AM

Summer league action has been in full force this month and we recently attended a double-header at Westview High School. Sunset first beat Canby and then Westview rolled over Aloha. Here’s a look at the top performers on the day.

Kayin Turner Kayin Turner 6'5" | SF Sunset | 2024 State OR (2024 Sunset)

Turner had one of the bigger springs of anyone in the 2024 class and it’s translated into June summer ball. Against Westview, he was effective both inside with his size and outside with his ball skills, ran the floor well and finished strong on the break. Not many guys at this level can both dunk and hit a three in the same game, but Turner is one of those who can. He finished with 21 points.

Jett Birdsall Jett Birdsall 5'7" | PG Sunset | 2024 State OR (2024 Sunset)

There’s one thing that’s always stood out to us about Birdsall since the very first time we saw him last summer - he’s heady and makes smart decisions. He runs the offense with precision, hits open shots, and is able to get into the lane and either finish with the floater or dish it out to open teammates. Sunset has some starting backcourt openings next year and we fully expect Birdsall to

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