Posted On: 06/22/22 4:45 PM

GLENDALE, Ariz. – The 2022 Section Seven Showcase held at State Farm Stadium was yet again the premier scholastic live evaluation event of the summer. The set up featured 12 courts inside the NFL stadium and drew teams from multiple states, including some of the top-ranked talent in the country. I this piece we give a more detailed look at the best players we saw over the weekend with some household names and unfamiliar prospects included.

Devin Williams Devin Williams 6'10" | PF Corona Centennial | 2023 State #135 Nation , 2023, Corona Centennial – Williams was one of a handful of big men who helped raise their stock in front of a host of college coaches. The 6-foot-10 forward/center has a long, wiry frame with fluid athleticism and great hands and feet when catching and finishing in traffic around the basket. Williams did a really nice job of running the floor in transition where he used those aforementioned traits to generate easy fast break buckets for his team. Williams has improved vastly as a shot blocker and rim protector and him being there as the last line of defense for Centennial helped the Huskies win the championship of their bracket.

Dusty Stromer Dusty Stromer 6'5" | SG Notre Dame | 2023 State #44 Nation , 2023, Sherman Oaks Notre Dame –