Zaki Alston, Sankofa

Posted On: 06/13/22 3:33 PM

Day 2 of the Pre-Live event was even better than the first. The individual performances were exceeded by the phenomenal play of teams as a whole. Across both days, I was impressed with how prepared teams were after 2-3 months off for grassroots play.

West Catholic

The Burrs came back to JeffersonU for more Pre-Live action and it was even better than the first. They’re still figuring themselves out, but viewing the process with a front row seat was eye-opening. Zion Stanford Zion Stanford 6'5" | SF West Catholic | 2023 State PA is growing into his role as an offensive hub, while erasing shots at the rim from the strong and/or weak sides. Adam “Budd” Clark was a pure Philly guard, mucking things up at the point of attack and creating advantages on offense. Shemar Wilbanks-Acqui Shemar Wilbanks-Acqui 6'0" | CG West Catholic | 2023 State PA got settled into his position as a full-time starter and ran the second unit. Isaac Cole, bka “Ice”, is a starter now too, and counted on him for regular offense, which he delivered. Marcus Branker is the third new starter, after being a rotation player the last couple years. He did nasty work on the inside - rebounding on both ends, getting put-backs, and

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