Posted On: 06/20/22 4:03 PM

Some takeaways from the Border

I was only able to catch a handful of games Saturday, and saw some players who are what I thought they were, but maybe even a little bit better. I have written about some before, but I think I should again, adding a little more to the strengths that I might have not done justice last time. Here is the Familiar, followed by a few that I hadn’t seen before.

Cavin Holden Cavin Holden 6'1" | PG RA Long | 2023 State WA - 2023 - G-R. A. Long
He did drop 58 in a game on Saturday, so I do believe that I sold him short, by not calling him the best 2A player in the state. I did not see that game, he only had 29 in the game I watched. This is a kid who does all those things true hoops fans envision while watching players play. It doesn’t matter how good you are, if you love hoops and know the game, you are seeing it before they do it when you watch great players, almost like it’s supposed to be that easy. Well, it’s definitely not that easy but here is a player that consistently

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