Photo: Hunter Reeves Hunter Reeves Photo

Posted On: 06/21/22 8:06 PM

The class of 2025 in the state of Washington is really stacked, in our eyes. There’s many, many players who could’ve made this top 5, let alone the top 25. Here’s the 1-5 that our team came up with for the class of 2025!


#1 Cam Hiatt Cam Hiatt 6'4" | CG Kings | 2025 State WA -Kings HS

Cam is one of the most polished 25’s in the state, maybe regardless of class. His games doesn’t have  many holes in it. Cam has a very long wingspan so he can easily get his arms in the passing lanes, creating turnovers. Offensively, he can get to the bucket almost as effective as anyone. Hiatt is a phenomenal shooter, with a smooth stroke. Hiatt scores on all 3 levels and is even more dangerous in transition, as he’s not afraid to dunk on any opponent. As Kings HS made the state title game last year in the 1A class, he was the 2nd leading scorer on that team as a freshman and is poised for an even bigger sophomore year.

Photo: Hunter Reeves Hunter Reeves Photo

#2 Martin Kaupanger Martin Kaupanger 6'5" | SG Annie Wright | 2025 State WA -Annie Wright

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