Posted On: 05/24/22 11:11 PM

The Prep Hoops Circuit made its first and only scheduled stop in Michigan. While not the biggest field in terms of quantity of teams. The quality of talent was at a high level. Following are the first and second all tournament teams for the 16 and under age group. 

Jake Stephens Jake Stephens 6'3" | CG Chelsea | 2024 State MI 6-2 Chelsea (MI) DV45 rolled to undefeated record. Earning a top 5 circuit ranking in the process. Those are the numbers. Now I’m going to throw them out. Because numbers don’t do justice to this players well rounded game. Has a game that defies positional categories. I’m going to settle on “point forward.” A pass first player who always has his head up. Has a thick and athletic build that allows to effectively play all five positions at the high school level. Plays a mature throwback style of basketball. The ball doesn’t stick in his hands and he is in constant motion off the ball. 

Brayden Foster Brayden Foster 6'8" | C Highlands | 2024 State PA 6-8 Lands (PA) My “find” of the tournament. One the best parts of covering an AAU tournament is discovering a player you have never heard of that blows you away. This Pittsburgh area post might have been the

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