Posted On: 05/6/22 11:14 AM

The 3rd Annual Balldawgs A.S Game is taking place on Sunday, May 1st at Spring Valley H.S in Las Vegas, NV. The game will be part of a  series of events showcasing the class of 2022. In addition to the Local Game, the event will feature a 3-point shootout, a dunk contest, a girl’s game, and a National A.S game. I was fortunate to have the best seat in the house for the A.S game as I was the head coach of the Grey Team. The atmosphere was marvelous as the game featured several future college stars. Here’s my takeaway from the game. 

  1. Arterio Morris and Chance Westry Chance Westry 6'4" | SG AZ Compass Prep | 2022 State #47 Nation AZ are Pro’s - I don’t think you’re going to hear many more than 10 names called before hearing Morris’s name in the NBA draft next year. His shot-making ability was elite, but it was his freak attributes that had me shaking my head. Morris buried a ton of threes and had a sick left-hand dunk that I’m still thinking about. Westry is a mix tape waiting to happen, with elite wiggle. He had every defender off-balance, with his hesitations and crossover dribble moves. His flair and ability to score

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