Posted On: 04/13/22 4:09 PM

  1. PJ Newbill PJ Newbill 6'0" | PG Creighton Prep | 2023 State NE | 6’1 G | Creighton Prep

Replacing: Senior Martell Evans 

Coming off the bench last season, the junior found himself on the floor in crunch time for some games because of his defensive presence. Already a good defender so he will fit in guarding the opposing team’s best perimeter player next season. Didn’t take many shots from distance last season but has been this off-season in his tournaments. Still need improvement from distance but getting comfortable from outside will be a huge addition for the Jr Jays. Much will be required for the soon-to-be senior, with Crieghton Prep losing a number of guards. Won’t replace Evan’s athleticism but he will become close, he’s already jumping out of the gym. Already can get to the basket and finish. Will be required to take over handling the ball mostly for the Jr Jays so playmaking improvements much come to set other teammates up. Overall, PJ has a lot of upside going into next season for the Jr Jays. He can easily become a big part of the success and getting Creighton Prep over the hump. 

Averages: 5.3

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