Posted On: 04/13/22 7:56 PM

Jake Brack Jake Brack 6'8" | PF Omaha Skutt | 2023 State NE Current: 3  Previous: 19

What impresses me most about Brack’s game is the touch displayed in the paint. There were countless possessions this season where he got bumped on his way up, had to contort his body to get square to the rim, and had to shoot from a funky angle to get it to fall, and he sunk the shot while making it look easy. He has good hands on the glass, and while he is not the most physical player, he uses leverage to win those battles inside. The footwork showed improvement, but there is still some cleaning up to do in that department. Brack solidified himself as a top-three prospect in this class over the last 6 months, and it would not surprise me if in this next update he was a solid #2.

Mekhi Marks Mekhi Marks 6'2" | SF Omaha Northwest | 2023 State NE Current: 41  Previous: 94

Marks’ jumper was much improved this season, and he was a more fluid mover with the basketball. Unfortunately, he fell in love with that jumper a bit too much. For a player who has the physical gifts to get to the rim frequently, he settles for pullups far too

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