Posted On: 03/8/22 9:30 AM

With the release of the top 200 rankings and an expanded watch list for the class of 2022, it is time to take a look at some of the top players in the biggest areas of Indiana. We will start in the Northern half of the state and work our way down to Southeastern Indiana, so we will start with The Region. We currently have 24 players from The Region in the Class of 2022 database with 17 from our top 200, 8 from our top 100, and 4 from our top 11. All of the other players are listed in alphabetical order with no ranking order whatsoever. The Region is led by the number one player in the state, Jalen Washington Jalen Washington 6'9" | PF Gary West | 2022 State #32 Nation IN , a power forward from Gary West, who is committed to North Carolina. The next three spots in the top 11 belong to La Lumiere players with J.J. Starling, Chisom Okpara Chisom Okpara 6'7" | PF La Lumiere | 2022 State #122 Nation IN , and Kebba Njie Kebba Njie 6'8" | PF La Lumiere | 2022 State #152 Nation IN . Then, Travis Grayson Travis Grayson 5'10" | PG Chesterton | 2022 State IN , A.J. Dixon A.J. Dixon 6'5" | SF Merrillville | 2022 State IN , and Kaden Manna Kaden Manna 6'6" | PF Marquette Catholic | 2022 State IN round out the top 75 in the Region. Now, let’s take a look at the entire list from The Region.


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