Posted On: 02/22/22 2:07 PM

With the release of the top 150 rankings and an expanded watch list for the class of 2023, it is time to take a look at some of the top players in the biggest areas of Indiana. We will start in the Northern half of the state and work our way down to the Ohio River, so we will start with The Region. We currently have 24 players from The Region in the Class of 2023 database with 13 from our top 150 and 8 from our top 40. All of the other players are listed in alphabetical order with no ranking order whatsoever. The Region is led by its lone top-10 player, Ashton Williamson Ashton Williamson 6'2" | PG Gary 21st Century | 2023 State #289 Nation IN , a point guard from Gary 21st Century. The four other players from the Region that found their way into the top 25 include Mason Jones Mason Jones 6'7" | PF Valparaiso | 2023 State IN (Valparaiso), A.J. Lux A.J. Lux 6'4" | SG Crown Point | 2023 State IN (Crown Point), Kamari Slaughter Kamari Slaughter 6'2" | SG Portage | 2023 State IN (Portage), and D.J. Moss D.J. Moss 6'4" | SF Gary 21st Century | 2023 State IN (Gary 21st Century). Let’s take a look at the entire list from The Region.



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