Posted On: 01/21/22 6:09 PM

In case you missed it, Prep Hoops Iowa updated our 2023 Prospect Rankings earlier this week! The rankings now include 200 college prospects with a top five of Pryce Sandfort Pryce Sandfort 6'7" | SF Waukee Northwest | 2023 State #173 Nation IA , Blaise Porter Blaise Porter 6'1" | PG New London | 2023 State #208 Nation IA , Dallas Bear Dallas Bear 6'8" | SF Cedar Falls | 2023 State #250 Nation IA , Drew Kingery Drew Kingery 6'4" | SF Indianola | 2023 State IA , and Brayson Laube Brayson Laube 6'2" | PG Marion | 2023 State IA !

See where your favorite players stack up in the state by viewing the Iowa 2023 Rankings!


We have begun analyzing the rankings updates in the following articles, too:

Things you need to know about our Prospect Rankings

How do you decide where a player gets ranked? Let us tell you.

Prep Hoops Iowa prospect rankings are compiled by our Scouts with input from high school, AAU, and college coaches who watch a ton of Iowa basketball. We put a lot of time and energy into it and we are as diligent as we can possibly be to get it right. We never intentionally set out to bury a kid or leave them off the list. We try not to be biased, other than favoring athletes with talent and a desire to get better. We work hard at being fair.

Most importantly, this list is about college potential, not current performance. Let us repeat that: This list is about college potential, not current performance. This is the big one, the factor that causes the most consternation, the most misunderstanding, especially among keenly interested parents. With that in mind, grassroots ball matters greatly. We are obviously not ignoring the high school season. It is a reality, however, that players who do not play in grassroots events that are highly attended by other collegiate prospects are diminishing their opportunity to get noticed and distinguish themselves as a recruit and therefore make the rankings.