Posted On: 01/10/22 10:09 AM

St. Frances continues to build a resume and prove themselves as a legitimate top 10-15 team in the country with routine marquee wins. Currently sporting a 16-2 record with wins over the likes of DeMatha, Donda Academy, Huntington Prep and Legacy Early College, the Panthers will close out with two more major matchups against Prolific Prep and Ihmotep before getting into the depths of BCL/MIAA play. A large reason for their success has been due to the depth of their backcourt rotation and 2024 Daquan Davis Daquan Davis 6'0" | PG St. Frances | 2024 State MD has been arguably the most consistent producer along the way.

“In practice Coach Nick has been preaching all year how we have to play hard,” Davis told Prep Hoops. “We’re small, so he expects us all to rebound and do the little things to win games. We just came out with a different attitude this year because we felt that we were being overlooked by a lot of people.”

What makes St. Frances’ success even more impressive is what Davis eluded to in his quote about being a smaller team. Their tallest player is 2022 Cortez Johnson Cortez Johnson 6'7" | PF St. Frances | 2022 State MD at 6-foot-7, who along with Davis has been extremely productive and versatile going against other nationally ranked teams with bigs who are 6-foot-9 and taller.

“Really over the summer I worked hard. I just took in what people were saying that I needed to get better at and just came back and improved on all that stuff, so now it’s starting to show in games.”

One of those areas that Davis improved dramatically is with his shooting. While the form isn’t textbook, Davis gets good rotation on the ball following his release. Being 6-foot-1, he gets great lift to make up for a lack of size if there is one between he and his matchup. He also has added the needed arc to his shot in comparison to his freshman season and as a result of all of this, he’s turned into a legitimate threat from beyond the arc.

“5am workouts every morning. 500 shots at 5am every morning. That’s what I give credit for my jumper improving. Just reps early in the morning and putting in the work.”

Another area in Davis’ game was controlling his pace. As usual, freshmen tend to see the game at a 100mph. The quicker they can start slowing the game down mentally, the easier it becomes. We’re beginning to see that be the case with Davis.

“AAU definitely helped me a lot with that. Just being on the EYBL Circuit and having to slow down to run the offense with my team, control the pace and win games. That helped a lot.”

Davis ran with Team Durant’s 15U team last season for the summer.

“I want to get better at just dishing the ball more. I feel like I can dish the ball way more and get more assists, but that all will come with time,” Davis said in regards what what he wants to improve on over the next six months.

At the moment, Davis isn’t being recruited by any program consistently. It’s surprising given his consistent production and mentality he brings from the point guard position. I predict within the next calendar year he will be regarded as one of the top perimeter defenders regardless of class. Davis is a fearless player who takes great pride on that end of the floor. He’s more than willing to give his body up to draw charges or to secure 50/50’s. He also has great anticipation and lateral foot speed to keep shifty guards in front of him and supply respectable contests on jumpers.

Offensively he takes advantage of any slight driving lane that’s available. He’s quick in the open floor and can finish through contact around the rim. Davis has improved his overall IQ the more he gets reps at the point guard position and it shows in his understanding of what shots to take and when to look for others. As stated earlier, his jumper has improved drastically since last February and as that continues to be polished, it’s only a matter of time before A-10 and Big East programs fall in love with him.

With our updated 2024 player ranking set to go live next Monday, you can bet that Davis will see a boost from his current spot at No.10.