Posted On: 12/5/21 4:10 PM

The 2021-22 season is off and running across the Commonwealth. Here’s a look at some of the best games in the week ahead. This is not a list of the only good games around the state but rather a list of top matchups. Not all the best games will make the list each week.


Big game in the 13th region as Corbin hosts Harlan County. 2023 Hayden Llewellyn Hayden Llewellyn 6'2" | CG Corbin | 2023 State KY started his season with 32 points for Corbin while 2024 Trent Noah Trent Noah 6'6" | CG Harlan County | 2024 State KY posted a 39 point game for Harlan County last week.

District game in Lexington as Cobi Commodore Cobi Commodore 6'0" | CG Tates Creek | 2023 State KY and Tates Creek host Brayden Mirus Brayden Mirus 6'0" | SG Lexington Christian Academy | 2024 State KY and Lexington Christian.

Could be a shootout in the second region when Travis Perry Travis Perry 6'2" | PG Lyon County | 2024 State KY and Lyon County take on Bradin Nelson Bradin Nelson 6'3" | PG Webster County | 2023 State KY and Webster County.


Good early season matchup in Bowling Green as Turner Buttry Turner Buttry 5'11" | PG Bowling Green | 2022 State KY and the Purples host Alandre Murphy Alandre Murphy 6'2" | SF Elizabethtown | 2022 State KY and Elizabethtown.

Two of the top players in 2023 lock horns as Ohio State commit George Washington III George Washington III 6'3" | CG Christian Academy Louisville | 2023 State KY and CAL tangle with Dallas Roberts Dallas Roberts 6'1" | PG North Oldham | 2023 State KY and North Oldham.

Good game in the 11th region when Jack Gohmann Jack Gohmann 6'3" | SG Lexington Catholic | 2022 State KY and Lexington Catholic take on Kai Simpson Kai Simpson 6'3" | CG Frederick Douglass | 2023 State KY and Frederick Douglass.

Early season showdown in the 6th as Evan Frederick Evan Frederick 6'9" | C Southern | 2022 State KY and Southern go up against Isaac Garang Isaac Garang 6'7" | C Fern Creek | 2022 State KY and Fern Creek.


Gavin Salva Gavin Salva 6'5" | PF West Jessamine | 2023 State KY and West Jessamine matchup with Parker Payne Parker Payne 6'1" | PG South Laurel | 2023 State KY and South Laurel in the opening night of the Toyota Classic.

Damone King Damone King 6'0" | PG DuPont Manual | 2024 State KY matches up against Cole Sherman Cole Sherman 5'10" | PG St. Xavier | 2022 State KY as DuPont Manual takes on St. Xavier.


The Toyota Classic continues with some good matchups. Jacob Meyer Jacob Meyer 6'2" | PG Holy Cross | 2023 State KY and Covington Holy Cross take on Tyson Barrett Tyson Barrett 6'8" | PF Frederick Douglass | 2023 State KY and Frederick Douglass.

Brant Smithers Brant Smithers 6'1" | CG Walton-Verona | 2022 State KY and Walton-Verona travel to Cooper to face Caleb Brooks Caleb Brooks 6'9" | C Cooper | 2023 State KY and the Jags in an underrated northern Ky matchup.

Tough western Ky guards battle it out as Grant Whittaker and Murray face Gavin Grubbs Gavin Grubbs 6'1" | CG University Heights | 2024 State KY and UHA.


A shootout is likely in the 7th region as Gabe Sisk Gabe Sisk 6'5" | SG Ballard | 2023 State #186 Nation KY and Ballard take on GW3 and CAL.

9th district action gets underway when Kenyatta Carbon and Owensboro make the trip across town to face Devonte McCampbell Devonte McCampbell 6'5" | SF Daviess County | 2022 State KY and Daviess County.

Good one in the 11th as Robby Todd Robby Todd 6'8" | PF Madison Central | 2022 State KY and Madison Central go head to head with Jaden Biggers Jaden Biggers 6'6" | PF Bryan Station | 2023 State KY and Bryan Station.

Big game in the 13th region when Reed Sheppard Reed Sheppard 6'3" | PG North Laurel | 2023 State #67 Nation KY and North Laurel host Carter Stewart Carter Stewart 5'11" | CG Corbin | 2024 State KY and Corbin.


There are a ton of quality showcases and one day events across the state.

Rylee Samons Rylee Samons 6'7" | SF Pikeville | 2022 State KY leads Pikeville to Mason County where they’ll tangle with a Royals team led by Terrell Henry Terrell Henry 6'2" | SF Mason County | 2023 State KY .

Lyon County makes the trip to Louisville to tangle with Kaleb Glenn Kaleb Glenn 6'7" | PF Male | 2023 State #78 Nation KY and Male.