Posted On: 07/3/21 10:30 AM

Gabe Seat Gabe Seat 6'0" | PG Edmond Memorial | 2022 State OK | Team Buddy Buckets | Edmond Memorial ’22

Shooters shoot regardless of circumstance, and after his first attempt was blocked on the left wing, Seat scored 8 points in a quick sequence to help TBB gather some separation from Oklahoma Chaos midway through the first half. He first struck on a corner 3, pumped and took the ball to the rack with his left next, then scored a third time on a 3 from the left wing, redeeming his first shot of the game.

Marcell Perry Marcell Perry 6'4" | SG Southeast | 2022 State OK | Oklahoma Chaos | Southeast ’22

Perry was the beneficiary of Chaos’s pick-and-roll on a few occasions early in a match against Team Buddy Buckets as he played, as usual, a stabling role for his team. He finished physically through contact throughout the game.

Caylen Goff-Brown Caylen Goff-Brown 6'2" | PG Tulsa Central | 2022 State OK | Oklahoma Chaos | Tulsa Central ’22

Goff-Brown was cooking from about mid-way through

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