Photo: Matt Reynolds Prep Hoops

Posted On: 07/30/21 1:38 PM

We wrap up our massive Prep Hoops 2K21 Coverage with the Top Ten lists.  A list of everything we could think of from a great weekend in Indy!

Top 10 17u Teams For the Weekend

  1. Midwest Basketball Club (5-0)
  2. Team Loaded VA (5-0)
  3. MPJ Elite (4-1)
  4. Young N Reckless Authentic (3-2)
  5. Iowa Barnstormers (3-2)
  6. PLUTO Basketball (4-1)
  7. Minnesota Fury Wilde (3-2)
  8. Team Buddy Buckets (3-2)
  9. Middlesex Magic (3-2)
  10. Young N Reckless Brim (3-2)

Top 10 College Programs That Made an Appearance in Indy (based on last year’s final ranking)

  1. Gonzaga
  2. Illinois
  3. Baylor
  4. Michigan
  5. Ohio State 
  6. Iowa
  7. Oklahoma State
  8. West Virginia
  9. Virginia
  10. Loyola

Top 10 College Programs That Made an Appearance in Indy (based on ranking of current prestige)

  1. Kentucky
  2. North Carolina
  3. Gonzaga
  4. Villanova 
  5. Virginia
  6. Louisville 
  7. Michigan
  8. Baylor
  9. Memphis
  10. Ohio State

Top 10 Most Recent Offers to Prep Hoops Circuit Players

  1. Jalen Hampton of MPJ Elite from Youngstown State
  2. Aiden Kuhl of PSB Denver from Louisiana Monroe
  3. Jalen Hampton of MPJ Elite from Illinois-Chicago
  4. Joshua Ola-Joseph from D1 Minnesota
  5. Tavari Johnson of YnR from Cal State Fullerton
  6. Justin Mullins of YnR from Brown
  7. Ryan Conwell of EG10 from Nevada
  8. Leo Torbor of Minnesota Select from North Dakota State
  9. Parker Friedrichsen of Tulsa Hawks from Oklahoma
  10. Ryan Conwell of EG 10 from South Florida

Top 10 2022 Prospects at Prep Hoops 2K21

  1. MJ Rice of Team Loaded NC
  2. Jayden Epps of Team Loaded VA
  3. Pharrel Payne of Minnesota Select
  4. Camden Heide of D1 Minnesota
  5. Maliq Brown of Team Loaded VA
  6. Tamin Lipsey of D1 Minnesota
  7. Ahjany Lee of D1 Minnesota Prospects
  8. Dom Campbell of Middlesex Magic
  9. Reggie Bass of Team Teague
  10. Javon Porter of MPJ Elite

Top 10 2022 Stock Risers at Prep Hoops 2K21

  1. Jamar Franklin of Team Speights
  2. Jevon Porter of MPJ Elite
  3. Ryan Conwell of EG10
  4. Joshua Ola-Joseph of D1 Minnesota
  5. Kur Teng of Mass Rivals
  6. Ben Southerland of Midwest Basketball Club
  7. Jalen Hampton of MPJ Elite
  8. Alphonzo Billups of Team Loaded VA
  9. Joshua Morissette of Middlesex Magic
  10. Aidan Kuhl of PSB Denver

Top 10 Concession Items Purchased with that lovely card

  1. Pulled Pork Sandwich
  2. Chips with some of the Pulled Pork sauce on it
  3. Caesar Salad
  4. A Giant Fountain Coke
  5. Pretzel with salt
  6. Hot Dog
  7. Four Dollar Cookie
  8. Orange Fanta
  9. Good ole peanut M&Ms
  10. The Twizzlers the guy found for me

Top Ten Most Memorable Moments for Me at Prep Hoops 2K21

  1. The baselines packed with coaches all weekend and thinking back ten years ago to the first PH event
  2. Jack Janicki game winner vs Wisconsin Crusaders, late game play vs Fury
  3. Jaren Marshall buzzer beater for Iowa Barnstormers
  4. Another game winner for Bryson Dawkins
  5. Minnesota Fury beating Team Loaded NC 3SSB and Ayden McDonald bleeding from his face and not caring
  6. Reed Sheppard taking over the game vs Tulsa Hawks scoring 17 late
  7. Jayden Epps floaters over and over, had me thinking of……
  8. Parker Friedrichsen offer flood after three point explosions
  9. Jamar Franklin scoring 28 hitting six threes vs D1 Minnesota
  10. Max Shikenjanski scoring 91 points in three games vs Adidas teams to start the event

Top Ten Reasons I loved Indy

  1. Seeing all the hard work of Nick Carroll, Matt Reynolds, Scotty B, Jake Perper, Krup, and so many others pay off.  So cool.
  2. Steak houses
  3. Monument Square  Love it.  Could spent 4-5 hours there. 
  4. Peyton Manning statue
  5. The Indianapolis Indians game. 
  6. The art work in town
  7. Indy Convention Center for a hoops layout
  8. Capital building
  9. The love of hoops in Indy from the airport to the hotel
  10. All the places to eat