Posted On: 07/13/21 2:14 PM

Best of the Best at the Point Guard position from The Platform in Dallas? Prep Hoops gives you the top performers today (and through the week at the other positions as well). 

Eddrin Bronson Eddrin Bronson 6'1" | PG Tampa Catholic | 2023 State #243 Nation FL of Judah Nation (2023). When it comes to slashers that were in Birmingham, Bronson ranked with the best players at the event.  His ability to turn on his man to get to the rim, to use a ball screen and blitz the help, and Bronson’s ability to split the defenders and pull-up or get to the rim was high level.  He’s a nationally ranked 2023 and after this weekend his position in those rankings should have a giant arrow next to his name pointing up.  Bronson put 21 on Team Teague and had 18 in the second half to beat the Tulsa Hawks. Also had 29 in an earlier game. 

Who should be watching?  I would say start getting to know Eddrin high major programs. 

Ryan Conwell Ryan Conwell 6'3" | PG Indianapolis Pike | 2022 State IN of EG10 (2022). Conwell is one of the most heavily recruited mid-major players in the nation and whatever school lands him will get one of the most punishing attacking players I have seen this 17u season.  Conwell is playing the combo role for his team at the moment as EG needs him to playmake for himself and others. Conwell’s strength in getting to the rim as well as his body control to finish against positioned help defenders ranks with the best. Add in the consistency of his pull-up jumper or catch and hit shot at the wing and we are talking about a player that I could see be recruited at an even higher level very soon. Each day a new opportunity seems to come his way (offer wise) and I expect that will be a month long trend.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see more Missouri Valley, A10, and Mountain West level schools start sniffing around as well. 

Who should be watching?  All mid-majors and that fringe major should be looking on as well. 

Colby Garland of Old School Wings (2022). Colby Garland’s ability to create space and get to his pull-up jumper led to a 26 point per game average in Birmingham.  The Garland touch after separation needs little space and Colby looks to be a master of creating that space to life into a pretty release.  What made him even more special this weekend was Garland’s knowledge of when to lift into a shot, and when to move the ball to the wing to keep the position going.  He created jumpers on the wing and shots at the rim for teammates throughout the weekend, but also knew when his team needed him to create his own offense.  He was the stock riser and the surprise of the weekend. 

Who should be watching?  If you are a low major call Colby immediately. 

Tavari Johnson Tavari Johnson 5'11" | PG Lyons | 2022 State #210 Nation IL of Young N Reckless (2022). Few if anybody passed the ball better than Tavari in Birmingham. His speed of attack mixed with the perfect ball to his teammates on their hands for an attempt led to an impressive three wings against a tough slate of opponents. Love his open floor push as retreating defenders had no chance to stop the ball and his first step off an attack ranks with the quickest I’ve seen. His 28 assists certainly ranked with the leaders at The Platform.  

Who should be watching? Low majors are on him as are some mid-majors. Any low or mid in need of a point guard should track Tavari down this month. 

Drayton McGauley of North Florida United (2022). Drayton first caught my eye with his ball pressure and pursuit to the defensive angle.  After the guards tired he started forcing turnovers and once turnovers came, transition chances seemed to follow.  McGauley had double figures for several games this weekend and when we looked on he was scoring with quick bursts to the rim.  Drayton is a new name that we will continue to track but love how hard he plays. 

Who should be watching?  Bit early to tell but if I am a D2 school down his way I would look on. 

Leo Torbor Leo Torbor 6'4" | SG Park Center | 2022 State MN of Minnesota Select (2022).  Leo’s athletic potential as a guard is very high.  More and more schools are starting to get in contact with Leo and his coaches as he continues to improve every week.  Torbor is a bit of a late bloomer as he played his first year of varsity this winter on a really good team.  He was a defensive specialist at times and with his explosive lateral ability (explosive off his feet, explosive up and down the floor, explosive every place) Leo could be come an elite defender at the college level.  Torbor is playing lead guard for one of the best teams in Minnesota and becoming more comfortable with the change of direction and initial reads every day.  He’s a top rebounder as a guard, a double figure scorer, and a player just starting to understand what he could be. 

Who should be watching?  Schools at the low and mid major level need to look on as there are only so many explosive athletes like this at their level.  As Leo continues to get coaching he will become better and better. 

Randy Woolf Jr of Beast Up (2022). Few players in Birmingham did as much as Randy.  In fact I would say he ranked with the top five on-ball defenders, he was likely top five in 17u assists, and surely top five in 17u guard rebounders.  Throw in 4-5 buckets a game and you had a constant producer.  Forget all the stats as well, Woolf just works as hard as anybody on the floor.  The type of guy that I feel like kids love playing with because he can be trusted to defend next to them, and trusted to put them in a position to score. 

Who should be watching? I know if I was a D2 assistant I would be bringing Randy up at meetings.