Posted On: 07/17/21 7:40 AM

So you are a college coach or a college basketball fan and you are looking to watch talent in Texas who should you look for at the Prep Hoops Exclusive?  Here’s your 17U list! 

It’s 7:15am and we got games to get to this morning so we have to scoot through this quickly, in top five fashion (Yes I list six sometimes).  Need a PG?  A shooter?  A big?  Check our lists! Oh, and if I missed you on this list, let’s see what you go today at The Prep Hoops Exclusive!


Point Guard

  1. Leland Walker of Team Teague
  2. Tavari Johnson of Young N Reckless
  3. CJ Luster of Max Levels
  4. Romeo Bell of NEBC
  5. Orlando Thomas of Fundamental U
  6. Jah Quinones of Judah Nation

Shooting Guard

  1. Parker Friedrichsen of Tulsa Hawks
  2. Eddrin Bronson of Judah Nation
  3. Reggie Bass of Team Teague
  4. Bryson Dawkins of Alabama Celtics
  5. Caleb Young of Judah Nation

Bigger Wings

  1. Justin Mullins of Young N Reckless
  2. Cameron Lowe of PLUTO Prospects
  3. Rasheed Jones of Team Teague
  4. Jaivon Seat of Team Buddy Buckets
  5. Reid Neumann of BTI


  1. Caedmon Bontrager of Team Teague
  2. Amar Agillard of Young N Reckless
  3. Joel Speckman of PLUTO Prospects
  4. Ryan Renfro of Fundamental U
  5. Marvin Hines II of Pluto Prospects
  6. Ethan Ivan of HIT


  1. Ahjany Lee of D1 Minnesota Prospects
  2. Kiante Williams of Max Levels
  3. Charles Williams of Team Teague
  4. Carter Bjerke of D1 Minnesota Prospects
  5. Fred Criqui of SSA

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