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The Exclusive brought drama and spectacular performances to the Drive Nation courts on Sunday.  Here are some of the players that stood out on a fantastic day of basketball. 

A Special Shooter, Word is Spreading

This winter Aidan Kuhl Aidan Kuhl 6'0" | SG Rocky Mountain | 2022 State CO scored 21.5 points a game for Rocky Mountain High School.  In Colorado, Kuhl is well known (top ten 2022 in the state, ranked as the number one shooting guard) so teams gameplan for him every night. However, in the national AAU setting, teams often don’t know Aidan’s story so the early game freedom to create shots is there.  It won’t be much longer. 

On Saturday, Kuhl exploded for a 47 point game that included eight threes made.  Step-back jumpers, quick push transition chances, and pull-ups all went down as well.  Word started reaching college coaches and they wanted to know about this shooter that lit up a team for 47 points.  The next morning Colorado State, Air Force, Northern Colorado, UTEP, Cal Irvine, and a number of others were on the baseline looking on. Could Aidan deliver?

Not only did Aidan deliver, he one-upped himself making nine threes against D1 New Mexico.  At one point Aidan made seven triples in a row!  Defender on him?  Didn’t matter, the step-back was drained.  NBA line?  No problem.  Volleyball line?  That went too!  Not only did Aidan hit nine threes, teammates Joseph Bilello and Elijah Knudsen Elijah Knudsen 5'9" | CG Mead | 2022 State CO each hit six triples in the same game.

Because the score was so lopsided, Aidan only played about 60 percent of the contest so his nine threes made “only” translated to 29 points.  That said, Aidan Kuhl Aidan Kuhl 6'0" | SG Rocky Mountain | 2022 State CO is on a legendary shooter role right now that you have to see to believe.  Aidan and PSB will be at the Prep Hooks 2K21 event in Indy. Their first game will be against the Wisconsin Crusaders at 5:20.  Be there!

Eddrin Bronson – A Developing National Star

Eddrin Bronson

Another Prep Hoops Circuit weekend, another Eddrin Bronson Eddrin Bronson 6'1" | PG Tampa Catholic | 2023 State #243 Nation FL First Team All event performance, another day of several college coaches bringing up the 2023 budding star at their Monday recruiting meetings. 

Eddrin Bronson Eddrin Bronson 6'1" | PG Tampa Catholic | 2023 State #243 Nation FL put three games away this weekend with his late game scoring takeover efforts.  The biggest highlight was the three pointer made to beat Team Buddy Buckets 51-48.  Bronson scored 18 versus Buddy Buckets who is the most physical team defensive unit on the Circuit.  Just as important though was the clutch scoring push that Bronson had against both OWE and Max Levels Elite.  Down the stretch against Max Levels, Bronson had a three, made foul shots, and scored a physical And1 make.  OWE threw a zone at Judah Nation and Eddrin sliced it for 24 points on only 11 shots (made all nine free throws). 

Bronson has an uncanny ability to beat the first man and then score at the second level ahead of the rotating help defenders.  Even when the sizeable bigs make it to their help position Bronson has mixed the pull-up jumper makes with some hard attacking touch scores against contact.  Bronson, a 250 nationally ranked 2023, is a regular at the foul line where he’s shooting above 70 percent.  

The 6-foot-3/6-foot-4 Judah Nation guard is developing into a national name and his recruitment will look like it very soon. 

Marcel Bryant Puts the Power in Power Forward

Marcel Bryant

Drake, Cornell, Texas A&M-CC, Abilene Christian, and several other schools shuffled from one of the main floors to one of the corner courts after a game.  My first thought was “who are they going to see?”  It didn’t take long to figure out.  Marcel Bryant Marcel Bryant 6'7" | PF Round Rock Cedar Ridge | 2022 State TX , who was listed at 6-foot-5 last winter but is now a certain 6-foot-7, sprinted to the rim for one warm-up dunk.  Seeing that 225 pounds of muscle easily get off the ground, it was clear that Bryant is a prospect to check out. 

But can Bryant play?  Can he put that size and agility to good use?

With 23 points and 14 rebounds in a victory for Nike Pro Skills Black, Marcel not only put his physical ability to good use, he dominated the game. Bryant enjoyed sitting in the post to make the easy catch for a face-up power drive or a quick shoulder turn into a power finish.  He was unstoppable on the offensive glass.  At first, guards and wings tried to rotate down to get a body on him but they quickly gave up.  Then we saw Marcel two hand dunk in aggressive fashion and it was easy to be convinced that this young man has mid-major division ability at the least. 

In need of a big?  College coaches I suggest you look at some Marcel Bryant Marcel Bryant 6'7" | PF Round Rock Cedar Ridge | 2022 State TX film. 

Lowe Playing at a High Level

Cameron Lowe

This 17U season I have seen Cameron Lowe Cameron Lowe 6'5" | SF Lewis-Palmer | 2022 State CO , a 6-foot-5 wing from Lewis-Palmer High School and PLUTO Prospects, play at three different events.  I’ve been waiting to make sure my judgement was accurate but now I feel confident in saying, Cameron Lowe Cameron Lowe 6'5" | SF Lewis-Palmer | 2022 State CO is a division one basketball player. 

Agility? Without a doubt.  All one needs to see is Cameron Lowe Cameron Lowe 6'5" | SF Lewis-Palmer | 2022 State CO drive baseline and finish with a two hand dunk or a finish over a big and you will be convinced. 

Consistent?  When Cameron is healthy he’s a winner.  He had a 12 point, five rebound per game season as a sophomore.  Injuries set him back this winter at times but he still led his team to the Elite Eight in Colorado.  This spring Lowe has been healthy and every weekend he’s leading his team to success. 

Versatile?  Lowe is sometimes asked to guard ball handlers, there are assignments against scoring wings, and Cameron has the size and strength to work against some posts if needed.  Lowe has the ball handling skills to push up the floor or even be a multi-possession lead guard at times.  He shot 45 percent from the arc two winters ago and he can certainly put the ball on the deck and get by a guy.

Cameron plays hard and he plays with spirit plus his teams win. What’s not to like?

Max Level Elite Talent

Kiante Williams

Max Level Elite was short a division one talent but two other division one prospects stepped up to have a strong weekend. 

Need a guard that can score for this winter?  Jimel Cofer Jimel Cofer 6'4" | CG Universal Academy | 2021 State TX came down hill at players all weekend and was too physical for players to slow.  In the halfcourt set Cofer’s attacks became contested finishes.  In the open floor Jimel finished above the rim aggressively. The pull-up jumper is quality too.  Had three 20+ games this weekend and has the physical ability to play early in college.

Kiante Williams Kiante Williams 6'8" | SF Lubbock Estacado | 2022 TX of Max Level Elite (Cofer’s teamamte) has big potential.  He’s a face-up 6’9 forward that is really comfortable with the basketball.  Shooting form looks solid and the results of the jumper improved all weekend long.  Williams salivated when opposing bigs stepped out to him because Kiante went around them to score at the rim.  Great handle at his size and moves fluidly with his attack.  Good open floor player as well.  Has high major potential and by the end of the weekend he was putting up good numbers both in totals and percentages. 

The High Majors

We’ve mentioned college coaches previously but wanted to add a few other notes on the high major schools.  Fred Hoiberg and Doc Sadler of Nebraska were in the building watching 2023 Parker Friedrichsen Parker Friedrichsen 6'4" | SG Bixby | 2023 State #92 Nation OK of Tulsa Hawks on Sunday. Oklahoma State had an assistant in to see Parker this weekend as well.  West Virginia assistant Coach Erik Martin was in the building to see Bryson Dawkins of the Alabama Celtics both on Saturday and Sunday.  DePaul assistant Paris Parham got a look at the Young N Reckless talent that includes Tavari Johnson Tavari Johnson 5'11" | PG Lyons | 2022 State #210 Nation IL , Justin Mullins Justin Mullins 6'5" | SF Oak Park-River Forest | 2022 State IL , and Amar Augillard Amar Augillard 6'5" | SF Zion Benton | 2021 FL

Prep Hoops Exclusive Notes

Joey Bilello

Joey Bilello Joey Bilello 6'8" | SF ThunderRidge | 2022 State CO is a 6-foot-8 stretch four from Thunderridge High School in Colorado.  How good of a three-point shooter is Bilello?  He made 54 percent of his triples this winter in the 15 games his team played!  Yes 54 percent.  Those numbers are continuing with PSB Denver too.  When I sat down to watch PSB played a college coach randomly told me “Number four can stroke it”.  Moments later Bilello had three threes on the board and the game wasn’t three minutes old.  He knocked six threes for the game as a dozen division one college coaches looked on.  Teammate Elijah Knudsen Elijah Knudsen 5'9" | CG Mead | 2022 State CO also hit six threes in that win over D1 New Mexico.  

OWE is a balanced team but when they need a score 6’2 guard Donavan Seamster Donavan Seamster 6'1" | SG Woodlawn-Shreve | 2022 State LA is the player the ball moved to.  Seamster scored 18 points against Judah Nation highlighted by four threes.  Seamster shot 47 percent from the arc as a sophomore and while his junior year had some oddities (just about every player had some type of odd 2020-21), Donavan scored 17 a game.  He’s moved into the main scoring role for OWE comfortably. 

Jose Murillo Jose Murillo 6'8" | C Highland | 2022 State NM is quickly becoming a favorite.  He sets some of the best screens you will ever see and he’s relentless.  If Jose misses a dunk or lay-up he attacks his own miss as well as any player I have ever seen.  Loves to go to the other side of the rim to finish but can score off the shoulder bump just as well.  Jose gets great low post position and gets into his move quickly. Jose had 24 points, 10 boards, and three blocks shooting 7 of 13 from the field, 10 of 13 at the foul line against PSB.

Jamari Simpson had a 36 point game earlier in the weekend so his teammate Mason Van Tine must of felt the urge to match him.  Simpson was clutch in an over time win to get his 36 so Van Tine felt the need to grab some drama late as well.  With under 30 seconds to go and his team up only a score, Van Tine could of held the ball, but he didn’t.  With five threes in the book Van Tine released one more, and made it.  It gave him 36 points on 14 of 19 shooting!  In what way did Van Tine one-up his teammate?  Mason paired his 36 with 11 rebounds for a double-double. 

Next weekend Team Teague has dates with Adidas programs Mass Rivals and Team Loaded as well as PLUTO, Team Speights, and Young N Reckless.  We can’t wait to see how the Team Teague grinding frontcourt of Caedmon Bontrager Caedmon Bontrager 6'8" | PF Elevation Prep | 2022 State IN and Isaiah Davis Isaiah Davis 6'9" | PF Zionsville | 2022 State IN compete against that level of competition.  The last time we saw the pair, Caedmon had 18 points and 13 rebounds while Davis put up 13 points and seven boards.  Both players are active off ball players with good size.  

Gary Johnson of NEBC stands 6-foot-9 as a 2023 from Amherst Central High School in New York. Johnson has a pretty touch in a lengthy frame that looks like it will certainly fill out.  With a touch that extends to the arc and is made with regularity, Gary Johnson is a junior-to-be prospect to watch closely the next two years. 


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